Why My Dog Licks Me

Did you ever wonder about the things your puppy does, Why My Dog Licks Me is what we are going to explore? The more we understand our canine companions, the better we can form closer bonds with them. This is dedicated to all animal lovers, so let us begin our adventure right now.

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Why My Dog Licks Me

This might be a question you have been curious about for a long time, since my own dog loves to do this it inspired me to write this guide as I researched on my own. We are going to get started by finding out what this means in doggy talk, read on to find the reasons below.

  • Your dog more likely is showing you affection in their own way, you will find some do this more than others.
  • Welcome home after you have been gone is another reason they might be doing this, they are showing you that they have missed you while you were away.
  • Anxious canines often lick their owners in search of comfort, so think of this as their own natural coping skill.
  • They also might be starving for your attention, maybe you have been busy all day, and have not had as much time to spend with them.
  • Did you know many dogs can tell when you are not feeling well or maybe depressed, this is their way of comforting you to make you feel better?
  • Loving salt is like candy to them, so by licking you they are treating themselves to a salty snack.
  • By doing this simple gesture they are experiencing a calming effect, this is not something that they think about doing, it is totally by instinct.
  • One last thought that might interest you on this subject, animal specialists share your puppy or dog is grooming you.

Every dog has their own personality, and since they are the most common reasons according to animal specialists, these are the most likely reasons they are licking you. Understanding your pet will form a closer bond between you, and isn’t this the main reason we want them in our home?

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How Well Do You Know Your Dog

Being a dog owner my entire life, I can tell you from my experience every doggy is not the same. Getting to know your pet is something you should make a priority, and the more you understand them the better your relationship will be. Below are some articles that can help you get on your way, remember resources are a very important part of this website.

  • Do dogs dream is a question many people are curious about, but do they also have nightmares as people do?
  • How many times have you heard about an owner passing away and their canine companion acting strange, so could this be a sign they become depressed just like you and me?
  • Some breeds howl more than others do, I notice my Miniature Australian Shepherd does this when the fire alarm goes off in my apartment building. Find out more about why howling is a part of being a dog might interest you, there will be a link included to learn this and more.
  • It is a fact that canines are social animals, but some of them require being taught proper social skills, while others seem to have them naturally. Could your best friend use some help with socializing, you can get access to this information as well.
  • This one will probably make you giggle possibly, so is butt sniffing something you might be curious to know? This is very common and natural for them, how many of you know the reason for this action?
  • My mother has a Yorkie that buries her treats in her blanket in her bed, we all know burying things is quite common among these incredible animals. Want to learn the answer to this one, you can find it and more by visiting the website I found these on.
  • Many times we notice our puppies tilting their heads, and as cute as this is, did you ever wonder why they do this naturally?
  • Learning the meaning of wagging tails, now could there be more to this than we understand? Another interesting bit of information that might interest you, by now you might be getting anxious to visit the resource with these answers.
  • My last example is why dogs turn around before lying down, all of these are worth reading about. Just click here to get started educating yourself, and thank you for reading “Why My Dog Licks Me”.

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Puppy Training Guide

For those of you considering adding a puppy to your apartment or home, I am including this beginners guide to training your new addition. For first-time pet owners this can be a challenge on their own, so let us see get started training your new puppy.

What To Do

  • Being patient is my first tip that you really must know, we must think of them as babies instead of animals. They are very much similar to baby toddlers, so by treating them this way you will experience more success.
  • The most difficult part is communicating with your fur baby, we will need to take baby steps in short training periods. Pups have very short attention spans and can get distracted very easy, so spending a few minutes daily instead of longer periods less often is your best strategy.
  • Reward them when they accomplish a goal, once they realize they get something tasty or a new toy they will be more interested in this new game to play with you.
  • Creating a regular schedule or routine will make this much easier on both of you, animals especially do better once they understand what you want them to do. Planning your training the same time each day is a good strategy, they naturally will know when it is time to play with you.
  • Making it a big deal when they accomplish a goal will encourage them to work harder to please you, they can tell simply by your voice when they have done something right or wrong.
  • By doing your research from resources such as this website before beginning is highly recommended, this will help you begin on the right foot and avoid mistakes that might sabotage your training.

What Not To Do

  • The best time frame for training is no more than approximately 20 minutes, and the reason for this is puppies lose interest if you go longer than this amount of time.
  • Avoid places with too many distractions, you are best to find a quiet spot in your yard or even some place else for privacy. Even the simple blowing of a leaf on the ground is a distraction for puppies, this can be one of the most important things to consider for the most success.
  • Never use force such as pushing your dogs butt down to teach them to sit down, this can backfire right away. The key is to make this fun and a game to them, now patience on your part is important.
  • Don’t allow your frustration to get the best of you, if things just are not working take a break and try again later in the day. Even pups have good and bad days, so these are some things to avoid as not to overwhelm yor puppy and yourself.

Was this puppy traing guide helpful, and if so I would love to hear from you in my comments section. Maybe you have some awesome tips of your own to share, we all would be more than interested to hear from you.

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Free Dog Training

With the internet there are so many freebies to share with you, how about free dog training on Udemy? If you just are not able to do this on your own, why not check out some of the free courses available at no cost to you? Gizmo learned many of his skills of writing using this resource, so I am passing this opportunity to you.

  • Welcom home beginning dog training
  • Training your dog to walk on a treadmill
  • Brain games for your dog
  • How to introduce your dog to a new baby
  • Establishing pack structure with the family dog
  • Learn how to start a dog walking business
  • The formation of dog training
  • Good dog in a box

If any of these interest you, I recommend you visit Udemy to check them out better. Since they cost you nothing to enroll and learn from, you have nothing to lose but so much to gain in gaining the skills that you need. Maybe you have something else you would love to learn instead, it would be well worth your time browsing what is available.

Dog Crate Furniture

Are you familiar with dog crate furnitue, you can create a safe place for your puppy or dog by shopping for one of these. They are beautifully designed for apartments and homes, what I love the most about them they are a great addition to your home decor.

  • You will find these much nicer in appearance than a dog cage in your apartment or home, you can’t go wrong for a home decorating appeal plus a safe place for your dog.
  • No reason to hide it in the bathroom or the bedroom, you can place this in your livingroom so your dog can be a part of the family activities.
  • When things become too hectic for your best friend, they can go to their safe place and still be close to the family. Family gatherings might be overwhelming for them, yet they don’t want to be alone, so this is the perfect solution.
  • Provides you with other functions in any room of your home, yet your fur baby can always escape when anxious on their own for some alone time.
  • Awesome for saving space especially in apartments with less room, I would much rather have one of these in my own apartment than an ugly cage, which to me would be unappealing to my guests.
  • A variety of sizes and prices to choose from, and if you watch out for sales you can even save even more. This is my shopping tip for today, if this interests you,  browse and compare them with the link below.

Dog crate furniture is a beautiful piece of furniture especially for pet owners, you can add it to your home decorating plus provide your fur baby with a safe place when they need some alone time.

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Dog Lover Resources

Resources is my favorite part of writing guides for you, and in every article you are going to find them. This has been a trademark of this website, if nothing else these alone are worth visiting Gizmo regularly.

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