Why Men Date Younger Women

We are going to discuss why men date younger women today, many ladies might be interested in knowing the answer to this question. How women feel about this would interest me and my other readers, so why not share in my comments section at the end of this guide?

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Why Men Date Younger Women

Many times older guys are attracted to younger ladies, now let us solve the mystery of why this is. Could it be their beauty that draws men to them, you can learn what I found out by reading below.

  • Many times it has nothing to do with their beauty or even their figure, this might surprise you, but most older guys share that dating a younger lady makes them feel younger themselves.
  • Encourages them to get involved in activities they might have not done since they were younger.
  • Older men feel emotional security with a younger partner, you see many of these ladies actually look up to them as father figures.
  • Physical attraction is a factor of course, but most older men claim this is not the main reason they are attracted to younger partners.
  • Less stress and anxiety are experienced by men with younger ladies, they feel less pressure than with women their age or older. The majority of these women are just seeking fun, so with nothing serious guys just feel calmer with them.
  • Older men with younger women also give the man a huge self-esteem boost, and self-confidence as a ladies’ man.

Every guy is different of course, but according to relationship experts, these are the most common reasons older men prefer younger ladies. What about the women, let us explore their side of this type of relationship.

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Why Younger Women Date Older Men

As promised in my first paragraph, we are going to look at the ladies’ side of this type of relationship. Understanding both genders will help us know more about why this happens with such an age gap, now let us see what I found out for you.

  • Financially older men often are in a better situation than guys their own age, but the main reason isn’t money. Instead, it is the emotional maturity that draws these ladies to men older than them.
  • Women share that older men appreciate them more than guys their own age, they feel more respected and cared about which is important to them.
  • Men older in age play way fewer mind games with younger partners, they appreciate them wishing to treat them better than guys that are younger.
  • Often well-mannered with kind gestures when together, you will find more men older in age naturally do the things such as the simple act of opening doors for them.
  • Physical affection and intimacy experience often make younger women feel extra special. These men understand women much better than younger men, and this can be a huge factor in relationship satisfaction for both people.
  • Maturity is a turn-on, many younger guys are still acting like immature teenagers instead of responsible adults.
  • Older men love them for who they are, and more often they will not try to change them which is appealing to these ladies.
  • Communication is the key to any relationship, and mature men are able to communicate more effectively.
  • The majority of ladies share that mature men they have dated didn’t try to get them into bed on the first date. No matter, if you are a guy or lady, respect and maturity, is the key to a healthy relationship.

We now understand the ladies’ side of this type of relationship, every young woman with an older man is not only after his money. Every older man is not only after sex with younger women, so let me know if you have anything to share on this in my comments section.

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Older Men Younger Women Relationships

Many people think this type of relationship is not going to last long-term, but actually, age-gap relationships have been more fulfilling to couples with less stress and anxiety issues.

  • Trust is much higher between both partners, which is often a problem in most relationships.
  • With older men being established in their careers, you will find there will be less financial stress. Financial stress is one of the main reasons couples separate, this is even more often the case than cheating on one another.
  • Men often live longer with younger partners, and this is mainly because of less stress and anxiety.
  • The percentage of breakups in age-gap relationships is a surprising low of only 3%, you have to admit this is quite low with so many divorces in our society today.
  • Couples that marry young often experience divorce in their 30s, so maybe we are marrying way too young today. Guys especially younger than 30 often experience bad relationships leading to divorce, are we too young to really be in true love younger than 30?

Even though every age-gap relationship is not going to be successful, more of them are than people realize. It really depends on each person and their age, maturity, and relationship skills.

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Relationship Tips

Maybe some relationship tips on age-gap relationships will be of interest to you, so that is what you are going to find in this paragraph. Age really is not a key factor if a couple is going to be compatible or not long-term, when I was a boy this was looked down upon, but now it is not nearly as a big deal.

  • Focus on your mutual interests, what will you be doing when spending quality time together?
  • Separate time and interests are healthy between couples of any age,  couples should make this a priority just as much as the time they are spending together.
  • Sharing the expectations of your life together, when both people have the same or similar expectations they will work together more effectively.
  • Ask yourself if your differences are going to cause conflict between you, and if so how can you both compromise your differences?
  • Make time to communicate with one another regularly, as time goes by the lack of sharing often leads to less intimacy and more conflict.
  • Do you and your partner have the same priorities, many times couples with different priorities experience being unhappy and unsatisfied?
  • Raising a family is something very important in this type of relationship, many older men might not be wanting children. On the other hand, many younger women might want a family.

No matter your age, being on the same page about what you want as a couple is the key to a fulfilling relationship. Couples don’t grow apart naturally, this only happens when one or both people stop putting in the work it takes to keep the relationship strong and happy. It takes both people no matter their age difference, if the information you have read in “Why Men Dat Younger Women” has been helpful, please share it on your social media.

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Another informational guide for couples for older men and younger ladies, I chose this topic because it is a very common relationship type in our society. I thank you for taking the time to visit my website and reading this article, if you have any requests please leave them in my comments section.











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  1. I prefer older men just because they are easier to connect with for me. I definitely agree with your points and I think as you said sometimes men just want to be reminded of their youth which has a lot to do with it.

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