Why Is My Testosterone Low

Are you asking yourself why is my testosterone low, this is what many men just like you ask themselves. We are going to see what we can find out about this health problem, and what possible solutions we have to consider.

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What is Testosterone

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone and anabolic steroid in males. In humans, testosterone plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues such as the testes and prostate, as well as promoting secondary sexual characteristics. This is the definition found on Wikipedia, if this interests you, and if you want to learn more feel free to click here to read more about this.

Abnormal High-Level Complications

  • Low sperm counts, shrinking of the testicles, and impotence seems odd, but this comes from a reliable source.
  • Heart muscle damage possibilities
  • Increases your risk of experiencing a heart attack
  • Prostate enlargement with difficulty urinating is a common symptom many men are experiencing.
  • Liver disease
  • Acne
  • Swelling of the legs and feet
  • Weight gain
  • Increased appetite
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Increased  blood clot risks
  • Stunted growth in adolescents
  • Uncharacteristically aggressive behavior
  • Mood swings
  • Euphoria
  • Irritability
  • Impaired judgment
  • Delusions

Not always, but often this can be experienced more by athletes taking testosterone supplements and steroids. Now, what about non-athletes with low levels, let us see what symptoms we can expect.

Low-Level Complications

For the majority of men lower level symptoms are what you can expect, we now are going to learn what these symptoms are.

  • Reduced body and facial hair
  • Muscle mass loss
  • Low libido
  • Impotence
  • Small testicles
  • Reduced sperm count and infertility
  • Increased breast size
  • Hot flashes
  • Irritability
  • poor concentration
  • Depression
  • Body hair loss
  • Brittle bones
  • Increased risk of fracture

If you are experiencing these symptoms and are concerned, Gizmo recommends you consult your physician for testing and treatment. We now know more than we did before coming on my website I am sure, let us move on to learn even more.

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What Causes Low Testosterone

Why is my testosterone low is frustrating many men of all ages, in this paragraph, we are going to discuss what possibly can cause this health problem. The most common symptom that causes anxiety in guys from this is the lack of sex drive and ability to perform for his lady.

  • It is natural for you to begin losing this once you hit the age of 30 or older, but for most men, this is not a problem when it happens naturally as you age.
  • Medicine side effects
  •  Chemotherapy treatment
  • Testicle injury
  • Cancer
  • Hypothalamus and Pituitary gland problems
  • Low thyroid function
  • Obesity
  •  Chronic diseases

By any chance do any of the contributors above fit you, if they do and you are experiencing the symptoms talk to your physician about testing your levels. This usually only requires a simple blood test, so why not get tested just to be safe?

Natural Treatment Plan

Gizmo rarely will recommend any type of medication before going with a natural treatment plan, as my own health has declined, and I have experienced more problems with taking prescription and over-the-counter drugs. if you feel the same as me about this, you will want to add this website to your favorites.

  • Over the years my diet has improved my health dramatically, so this is the first step I recommend.
  • Vegetables and fruits, whole-grain carbohydrates, moderate amounts of healthy fats, and lean protein, such as chicken and fish are a good place to begin.
  • Avoiding refined, simple carbohydrates in your favorite processed junk food is something to really consider. Even though I have not eliminated them completely, cutting back is what I recommend.
  • Begin being more active physically is always a good strategy, for those of you into exercising a combination of cardio and strength training is what is your best workout plan.
  •  I do use 3mg of melatonin every night which has improved my own sleep, you can gradually increase this if you need to up to 10mg and still be safe. This came from my own physician, so you can be sure this information is from a professional source.
  • Most of us live with way too much stress, and it is important we find a way to reduce our stress. I use meditation and relaxation techniques, now these are not for everyone, but why not give them a try?
  • Type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, and metabolic syndrome are also conditions that can put you at high risk for experiencing this health problem in men.

Simply making some changes in your lifestyle can make a dramatic improvement, I am on very few prescription medications and I rarely use any over-the-counter products as well. Please go for natural lifestyle changes before giving in to drugs, I am now living with chronic kidney disease due to possibly the inflammation meds I was on many years ago.

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Free Diet Plan Guide

Since mentioning how my diet has improved my own health, I just feel obligated to provide you with a free diet plan guide. This will get you started on the right path, and that is very important to me.

  • Healthy Fat
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates

Healthy Fats

  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Fish oil
  • Whole milk


  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Legume
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Fish


  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Bussel Sprouts
  • Turnips

Foods That Sabotage Your Diet

  • Processed Foods
  • Soybeans
  • Vegetable Oils
  • Alcohol

This is just a guide to get you on your way, I strongly suggest you consult a dietician for a personal diet plan. They can provide you with an even better variety than you have here, so finding yourself a good dietician is always a good idea.

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Online Testosterone Test

There is the option of being tested without going to a physician, I understand many guys avoid this as much as possible. If you happen to want to know how your levels are without making an appointment with a medical professional, there is another way.

This at-home lab test can serve as a first step in helping you understand if the symptoms you are experiencing, such as fluctuations in body fat or muscle mass, mood, or libido changes may be connected to high or low testosterone levels.

Costs $69.00

Other Tests Available

  • Food Sensitivity Test
  • Men’s Health Test
  • Women’s Health Test
  • Metabolism Test
  • STD Women’s Test
  • STD Men’s Test
  • Thyroid Test
  • Food Allergy Test
  • Total Testosterone Test
  • Celiac Disease Screening
  • Cholesterol and Lipids Test
  • HbA1c Test
  • Colon Cancer Screening
  • Vitamin D and Inflammation Test
  • Indoor and Outdoor Allergy Tests
  • HPV Test for Women
  • Heart Health Test
  • Lyme Disease Test
  • Vitamin D Test
  • Sleep and Stress Test
  • HIV Test

If you are impressed with the tests available online, there are even more than I have listed above. No sense in boring you with too many if you are not really interested, so this gives you an idea of what you can get access to by visiting this website.

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Hormone Optimization Treatment

This is what is your next option recommended if changing your lifestyle isn’t enough, you really don’t want to just ignore your symptoms. As time goes by you will most likely experience even more severe symptoms, let us talk a little about this type of treatment next.

Health Benefits to Expect

  • Increased libido
  • Experience improvement in your sexual performance
  • More energy
  • Strengthens your  bones
  • Improved emotional health
  • A better quality of sleep
  • Skin health
  • Hair health
  • Weight loss
  • Manage your weight more effectively
  • Stronger muscles

Men who have had this treatment share that they experience a better quality of life, this is another option to consider if using lifestyle changes is just not enough. You really should not hesitate to talk with a specialist about this, even if you are not ready to take that step having the information is never a bad idea.

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Health Risks for Men

How many of you actually know what your health risks are, many of us think these will never be a problem for us. When we are younger with good health we think we are not vulnerable, now actually this is the time in our lives we need to be taking care of ourselves. By focusing on these now, we can often prevent or prolong them. So now while you are healthy you should be making positive lifestyle changes.

Cardiovascular Disease

  • Knowing your cholesterol numbers
  • How is your blood pressure
  •  150 minutes of moderate activity per week or more is recommended for men
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables is always a good lifestyle change
  • Stop smoking or at least cut back
  • Stop or cut back on your alcohol consumption

Lung Disease

Lung disease is still one of the biggest health risks for many men, if you smoke do your best to kick the habit. Addiction is extremely difficult to overcome, so starting out by gradually smoking less might work best for you.

Sexual Health Diet Plan

Leading Cancer in Men

Prostate cancer is the second leading cancer in men after lung cancer, as many as 200,000 men could be diagnosed with this type of cancer this year alone. One in six men will experience this type of cancer, one positive factor is it is slow growing and not a life threat for most men.

Depression and Suicide Risks

We often think of women with depression more than guys, and that has changed dramatically over the years. What medical professionals are thinking is more men are seeking help today than in the past, and depression in either gender can lead to suicidal risks. What can you do if you know someone in this condition, below are some tips on how you can help another person.

  • Call 911
  • Stay with the person until help arrives
  • Remove any objects or items that they may harm themselves with
  • Listen, don’t judge, argue threaten or yell

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255

Diabetes Risks

This might surprise you that more men than women are diagnosed with diabetes, and we can have this without knowing it until our symptoms become severe. Frequent trips to the bathroom are a sign not to ignore, another is being extremely thirsty all the time. These two signs don’t mean that you are diabetic, they are enough that you should make an appointment with your doctor.

  • Possible nerve damage is a possibility if you don’t start treatment before things get out of hand.
  • Another risk of diabetes untreated is kidney disease
  • Hearth disease
  • Strokes
  • Vision risks as severe as losing your sight  completely

Erectile Dysfunctioning

Probably this one is every man’s nightmare to experience. and since sex and performance is important to us this can really cause us emotional problems as well. Something you might not know this can lead to cardiovascular health risks also, even though this is embarrassing it is important to consult a specialist as soon as possible.

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You have just been educated on your top health risks being a male, now ask yourself what am I going to do to stay healthy? Why is my testosterone low is only one of our possible problems as men, if this has been helpful please leave me a comment in my comments section.

Resources for Men

Thank you for visiting my website, now we are ready to get access to some resources for men that I have found for you. Every guide provides you with a few of them to help you, even if these are not of interest to you, check my other guides for more is never a bad idea.

Anything you wish to share with us today, we would all love to hear if you have any health tips for men of your own. Leave them in my comments for us all to learn from you, one day this website just might end up being a community thanks to all of you.























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