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Why Is My Poop Green

why is my poop green

Why is my poop green, could this be a sign of a health problem or not? Should we be more concerned about the color of our stool is the topic, let us see what Gizmo has found out about this.

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Stool Color Guide

It is quite normal according to physicians most of the time a change in your stool color, thanks to the Mayo Clinic we are going to learn more about this to understand it more clearly.

Before you go into a panic, there are other issues such as your diet that can also cause your stool to change color. Why is my poop green isn’t usually a health problem, but it is always best to make an appointment with your doctor to be safe?

Colon Cancer Signs

Since colon cancer affects men regularly, we should know the signs you might need to consult a physician. The reason I am talking about this today is to help you get treatment as soon as possible, many men with digestive diseases and disorders are a high risk for this type of cancer.

Many times these symptoms are not taken seriously by men, they more than women tell themselves it is nothing to worry about. Guys are well-known for putting off going to a doctor until they have no choice, and by that time it often is too late when it comes to any type of cancer.

Men’s Health Deals

Lower Your Colon Cancer Risks

Men are known to not take their health as seriously as women, we are going to look at some ways guys could lower their colon cancer risks. You are never too young to start making lifestyle changes to stay healthy, remember cancer cares very little about your age or even your gender.

Sure making these lifestyle changes are not a piece of cake for most of us, but at the same time, why shorten your life by abusing your body and risking being a cancer victim, if you possibly can lower your risks?

Inflammatory Foods

Physicians are now realizing our diets are the best medicine to remain healthy, and the worse types of foods to put into our bodies are those that cause inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of the majority of our health problems, this also can contribute to cancer.

Everyone should do an elimination diet to find their food triggers, we all are not affected by all the possibilities on the list above. Going with more natural whole-food choices is the key strategy, and eating the ones that cause inflammation in moderation will make a dramatic difference in your health.

Am I Overweight For My Height

Foods That Fight Inflammation

Harvard Health wrote a blog post on foods that fight inflammation, below are what they recommend as your best choices to combat this issue and become healthier. By the way, this is another one of my favorite resources.

Foods to Avoid

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 Self-Help Guides

Best Weight Management Plans

No matter if you need to lose a few extra pounds or just want to manage your weight, we are going to find out what are your best choices of plans available online. Even though you might not need assistance, maybe some of you do. For anyone who does need a helping hand, these are the ones recommended as the best.

Even though these are rated the best plans for men, they also are good choices for ladies as well. Did you learn anything new by reading “Why is My Poop Green” if so, I would love to hear from you in my comments section?

Are You Healthy

We often might wonder if we are really as healthy as we think, and in this paragraph, you are going to learn the signs that indicate that you actually are a healthy man. Just being assured that everything is alright can boost your self-esteem, plus also improve your mental health.

Did you pass the men’s health test, if you have, Gizmo is extremely proud of you. Do you enjoy reading Men’s Health books and magazines, if so we are going to find out the best books for men next?

Men’s Health Book Deals

Best Mens Health Books Guide

To help you with the better books to buy, this section will be focusing on providing you with this shopping tip. Saving money also is a priority of this website, people come before profit here.

With the following above you have an idea of what to check out on your next shopping trip, when it comes to your health, books are a very inexpensive tool to take advantage of.  Our next paragraph will be about apps for men, so if these interest you keep reading to learn more.

Apps For Men

Smartphones and apps are great technology tools we can use each and every day, such an easy way to keep track of our health by using these. Gizmo is not really into apps himself, but I do have a few that I downloaded to monitor my own health.

With the examples shared above you know what is available, there are many more as well. I just wanted to give you an idea with some examples, by using the link below you can browse the apps for men compliments of Gizmo.

Apps For Men


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