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Why Is My Period Late

why is my period late

Do you ever ask yourself why is my period late, I am sure the majority of women have asked themselves this from time to time. That is what we are going to address for the ladies, so if this has been a mystery to you, let us get started with some answers.

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Why is My Period Late

Without wasting any time, let us find out right off the bat what might be causing your periods to be late. It is possible for ladies to even miss their period altogether for the reasons listed below.

Many times this could just be a hormone imbalance as well, so usually, this is not something to become anxious about unless it is happening frequently. If this is the case, consult your physician or gynecologist for testing.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Since the majority of the reasons listed are well-known by women, we are going to focus on polycystic ovary syndrome. This might be brand new to you, so by providing you with information, I am providing you with useful content instead of the same old stuff in most other guides.

What Might Be Causing This

More You Need to Know


The Mayo Clinic is a resource I have used for many years to manage my own health problems, with my positive experience with them, I highly recommend you consider them when researching your own health issues as well.

Deals n Steals

 Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Deals

Some people prefer to shop for books to learn more about their health problems, we are going to see what are some of the best-sellers that people are purchasing on the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. If you are not into shopping for books that is fine, you can just move on to my next paragraph.

With the examples of the best-selling books people are buying, you can get an idea what you will find. Whenever I am shopping for anything, I go right to the products that are the best sellers first. If others are purchasing them regularly, this to me is a clue they are helping others with the same problem.

What About Birth Control Pills

Gizmo is extremely concerned about birth control pills, we are going to look deeper into these to see if they could be another contributor to your menstrual cycle problem. Many women’s first response when asking themselves “Why is My Period Late” is am I pregnant.  Could birth control pills be causing this problem is something I am concerned about, so let us see what the experts tell us next.

According to this information it is possible that your birth control pill could be the reason, you will be happy to hear that for most ladies this only happens the first few months after going on the pill.

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Birth Control Side-Effects

Even though the majority of ladies take birth control pills without any serious complications, that does not mean it is right for every woman. There are some who have experienced terrible side-effects, and that is what is listed below.

If you are experiencing any of these side-effects that really are affecting your life, please don’t hesitate to contact your physcian right away. There are more options than you might realize to prevent getting pregnant, now we are going to learn about them in the next paragraph.

Find an Ob-Gyn

Birth Control Options

Since we know that birth control pills can affect your periods, maybe another option would be a better choice. My neice had nothing but problems with taking the pill, so she talked to her doctor about other options instead. She missed periods regularly which only made things worse by her worrying, no sense stressing out every month when there is other things you can try instead.

Why I included birth control methiods in this self-help guide is because of my own neice’s experience with missing her periods. I am sure she is not the only young woman that has had this experience, so by sharing this I am helping anyone who reads “Why is My Period Late”.

Natural Birth Control

If you are interested in natural birth control that is what I have for you now, you might be surprised when using this properly it is 99% effective. This is referred to as natural family planning, so let us learn more about this option.



We now have the pros and the cons of using the natural birth control method, you will have to consider if this is right for you. Many young single ladies with careers might find this not really convenient, but for mature married couples this could be a problem-solver for missing your periods.

Natural Family Planning

Women’s Health Resources

My section with a few resources in every guide is a bonus for visiting my website, you can browse them and decide which ones are the most useful for you and your family. This is an important part of this site, so every guide will include them just for you.

Did you find this helpful, and if so please feel free to share it with your family and your friends. If you are on social media, I would appreciate you sharing it there as well. Together we can reach more people than me doing it on my own, thank you once again for reading “Why is My Period Late”.











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