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Why Is Gardening Good For You

why is gardening good for you

Guess what home and garden lovers, Gizmo just added a category just for you. We are going, to begin with, why is gardening good for you, and then provide you with possible solutions to home and garden problems in future guides.

Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link. Providing you with information and resources is the priority of this website, with that said let us begin researching the benefits of gardening.

Solving Problem Guides

Researching to solve problems is what this website is all about, and at the same time sharing my resources helps you be aware of new sources to visit on your own. Below I have listed what you can find, this will save you time searching on your own.

With my links above you have access to all my guides in several ways, I am providing this for your convenience and to save you time. We are now ready to get to the topic we are going to research together, and there will be some freebies included as in all my self-help guides.

Gardening Benefits For Kids

Gizmo really feels our children’s health is so important from an early age, so that is the reason we are beginning with the benefits of gardening for kids. This could be an awesome family time activity, you can do outdoor gardening in the summer and indoor gardening in the winter months.

Next, we are going to get access to gardening for kids on Pinterest, let us go straight to my next paragraph to find out what I found for you there. If you happen to have any tips you wish to share, please don’t be shy and post them in my comments section at the end of this guide.

Exploring Pinterest

You can’t go wrong exploring all that Pinterest provides access to, and the best part you can open up an account without costing you anything at all. We are ready now to see what gardening for kids on this website has for you, this is one of my favorite places to hang out, and maybe yours as well.

You will find many more than the ones that I shared above, I did provide you a link to go directly to the page that I found them on. Remember if you don’t have an account, you can create a free account in only a few minutes.

Gardening Benefits For Seniors

Another important age group is seniors, you will find this is one of the most popular activities this age group loves to do. Everyone needs a hobby or two, and gardening is one of the better ones for older folks. This is especially common among those who have retired from their careers, what benefits older people receive from this is listed below.

We now have covered both children and seniors, if this has motivated you to get interested in this hobby, let us find out some places to get more information. There are many resources just waiting for you online, and I know providing them for you is really going to help you get started.

Gardening Resources

This paragraph will be some resources that I have found for you, and you will find even more in future home and garden guides. If you would be interested in my auto-notifications it is free to sign up, and you will never receive anything except my most recent publication.

Here are a few organizations that can get you started, Gizmo prefers sharing organizations that are dedicated to helping people just like you. Supporting them can be a great reward if your budget allows you, being on a fixed income myself, I am limited on how many of them I can support.

Gardening Videos For Kids

Almost everyone enjoys watching videos, so how many of you think about using them to learn something new? There are much more than movies available online to watch, and I am going to share just a few with you to get you motivated.

No need to fret, Gizmo has not forgotten you older folks. We are going to see what videos are available for you as well. By the way, these are free to watch and learn from by visiting

Garden Videos For Seniors

Here we are ready to learn what videos I found for you, there are tons more than what I share with you in this paragraph. Be sure to use the link to go directly to, and I would love to hear from you in my comments section if you have the time.

What is next hopefully will please you, recently I started providing you with free coupons. They are not only for the topic we are discussing, you will find a nice variety in every guide that I write from now on. If you have any specific ones you would like me to search for, again leave me know in my comments section.

Who Loves Coupons

Coupons are great ways to save money for more plants and garden supplies, anyone who loves coupons will love me adding this to my self-help guides. If you are not into them, you are more than welcome to skip this paragraph.

Remember every publication from now on, coupons will be waiting for you. Maybe that alone is enough to inspire you to visit my website more often. Don’t forget there are other freebies as well from time to time, now that you have your coupons let us move on to what is next.

Garden Plants For Kids

Maybe you are curious about which garden plants are your best choices for kids, we want to make this enjoyable and interesting for them. Choosing the better ones for them will accomplish our goals, and really keep them interested to keep gardening as they grow.

Why are these good choices might be on your mind, you see these sprout very quickly which will excite young gardeners. Children are impatient at times, so by planting these you will keep them interested and excited about their new hobby.

Children Garden Tools

Your children will enjoy gardening much more with their own tools, these are made especially for their little hands. Regular-size tools will be too hard for them to use, so investing in kids’ garden tools is a good plan. Where to shop is what is listed below, the stores are recommended by Google.

Quite a list of stores that carry gardening tools for children, so what Gizmo would do is compare prices before spending more money than you need to. This website is not intending to push expensive merchandise on you, If money was my intention my content would be filled with product reviews.

Gardening Tools For Seniors

Just like children, seniors often need special tools to make gardening easier for them. We are going to explore what the website has to say, they specialize in helping senior citizens, so they should be experts that we can trust.

Kari Smith is a frequent contributor to the Seniors Guide, helping to keep those in the senior industry informed and up-to-date. We must thank Kari for providing this blog post on garden tools for senior citizens, now you have a better understanding of what you will need to pursue your hobby easier.

Free Kids Books

I really am happy that this organization exists for me to share with you, reading is a very special way we can help our children learn in a fun way. The more parents encourage and provide them the better for them, now let me share some of the books you can read online or download for free.

This is a goldmine for parents and grandparents, you can provide the children in your family with books without spending a dime. There is no excuse for not taking advantage of this free education through books, I am super happy to stumble upon this organization while researching why is gardening good for you.

Gardening Classes

Try Skillshare for Free to browse and explore the classes available, you will also find many types of classes that might interest you. This is one of my favorite websites for learning new skills, you also might be interested in trying it out at no cost to you. If not, no hard feelings just move on to my last paragraph.

Since I shared Skillshare with you, we are ready for my last paragraph. If you enjoyed this guide please share it with your friends and your family, if you are active on social media, I would appreciate you sharing there as well. This is not something you must feel you need to do, but it would help this website grow.

Why Gizmo Started This Website

To end this publication, I wish to explain why this website is so important to me. You see being retired with no purpose in my life got me praying to God, after much time he finally talked to me about helping people just like you. This is my purpose in my life as long as I am able to do this, struggling most of my life myself, I realize how maybe my guides can improve other people’s lives. Now you know my story, and I thank you for reading what I am writing with all my heart.















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