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Why Did My Parents Abuse Me

why did my parents abuse me

Many children ask this question, why did my parents abuse me? We are going to see what we can find out to help anyone who experienced child abuse, providing you answers to your questions also is important to Gizmo.

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Today we will be addressing a much too common issue, which is child abuse. Before we get started here are some bargains and deals, feel free to browse them or go to my next paragraph.

No matter if you are interested in my bargains and deals or wish to pass them by, what matters is you are here to address child abuse in families. My next paragraph will begin by providing you with what you came here for, thank you for visiting my website.

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Abusive Parenting Signs

The first thing we are going to address is the signs a child might be abused, you never know there might be a family right next door which is guilty of this terrible crime. Knowing what to look for can save a child’s life, so that is what we are going to learn in my very first paragraph.

If you or a loved one is affected by domestic violence or emotional abuse and need help, call The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. Even if you are not positive abuse is taking place, for the child’s sake report your suspicions to the authorities.

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Child Abuse Facts

Let us get some facts and statistics just so you understand how serious this really is, you might be surprised once you read what I have found for you below. Child abuse is more common than many of us realize, so now read the facts to learn more.

Why Parents Abuse Their Children

Why did my parents abuse me is something I have asked myself many times, it was my father who was the abusive one in my own family. My mother took many beatings protecting my brothers and me, did you ever ask yourself are men more abusive than women?

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Why My Father Was Abusive

When I was just a little boy, you would find me most nights crying myself to sleep. I was terrified my father was going to come into my bedroom and physically beat me, this happened quite often growing up in my childhood years.

Now, this is just my own father, everyone is different in why they might be abusive. My dad never showed any affection or love towards his family, and we never were good enough for him, no matter how hard we tried.

State Child Abuse Contact Information

Border Personality & Abuse

This disorder is known to cause many people with it to become abusive, some are completely unaware that they are even abusing their family. We are going to learn a little more about this for you to understand it better, I have listed some facts that might interest you.

The Mental Health Center provided the information that you just read, this is a reliable source that you can trust. Below there is a link to the blog post, so if you want to learn more about this disorder and abuse just click on the link.

The Mental Health Center

Child Abuse Help Resources

Resources are a very important part of my website, so we are going to get access to the ones that I have found for you. There is a very good chance you are reading this for a reason, and knowing about these websites will be valuable for you to get help.

With these resources, you can get help for any child being abused. Many family members are so terrified of the abuser that they hesitate to ask for help, but if you don’t take the first step that child might not survive. We must stand up to protect our children, even if it means taking the risk of angering the abuser.

How Child Abuse Affects Children

It took me much of my life to overcome the abuse that I grew up with, how it affected me was extremely high anxiety. In school, I rarely spoke a word, and when my teachers confronted my parents they used the excuse I was just extremely shy. Really my mother has no idea this was from my father’s abuse, until many years later as an adult I finally explained it to her.

Everyone will not experience all of these from child abuse, I struggled most of my life with anxiety issues which prevented me from being happy and as productive as I might have been. Digestive issues and eating disorders also are a part of my life even today, really this kind of experience can ruin a child’s entire life.

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Child Abuse Treatment

Remember neglectful parents are also abusive, whenever a child is not provided what they need that is still abuse on the parent’s part. I went through many years of therapy and medications to overcome my own childhood experience, now medication is no longer required, so using them while you are healing is not a bad thing.

Today, there is much more assistance than when I was a boy. In my day, you never told anyone about what was going on at home. We are much more open to talking now than at that time, so never be afraid to reach out for help.

Dealing With Abusive Parents

Protecting Your Child From Your Abusive Partner

Many times both parents are not abusive, but the other parent might be afraid to do anything about it. in this paragraph, we are going to get some advice on how to handle this situation, and often the parents are divorced and living separately with visiting privileges.

The information above is what you can do legally, many times that is what you must do to solve this problem. You must do whatever it takes to protect your child from the abusive parent, now taking the legal steps will provide you with the best protection for your child and for yourself.

Child Abuse Guide

To complete this article, we are going to end it with the different types. Maybe you are already aware of them, but for anyone that is not this is very valuable information I feel you need to know.

Any of these alone can cause permanent damage for the rest of their lives, I was lucky enough to find a good counselor after years of working with bad ones. If you start counseling and it is not working for you, never give up just search for another one until you find the right person that can help you overcome the damage that you have experienced.

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