What Women Look For In Men

Many guys are confused about why they have bad luck with ladies, we are going to research what women look for in men. By knowing this you might desire to improve yourself to what appeals to them, so let us see what we can find out to help those of you going crazy trying to figure this out on your own.

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Men and women have been driving each other crazy forever, as much as they need and want a loving relationship, they often argue more than get along. You can find books on this subject that can help you and resources simply by reading this guide.

what women look for in men

How Women Drive Men Crazy

My first guide on relationships might interest some of you, I began this category with why younger men like older women, for any ladies reading this you are more than welcome to read this to learn what I found out. Young ladies might have been curious about this, so now is your opportunity to learn the answers to this question.

  • Asking him what is on his mind
  • When something is troubling you and you say all is fine
  • Guys become upset plus confused when their emotions take control of them, mainly because they become overwhelmed by what they should do
  • Sometimes you might be in a talking mood, but at times you go on and on without allowing him to get in a word
  • One of the biggest relationship problems that arrive is when a woman uses sex to their advantage, often this drives a man crazy and possibly creates a distance between the two of you
  • Avoid overdoing the cosmetic products that might surprise you as a turn-off to some men, going for just a little makeup will be a much better strategy to catch his eye.
  • Never ever discuss the past partners in your life, that is no way to create a healthy relationship with a man
  • Checking up on him all the time really drives guys crazy, you really must refrain from watching all his posts on social media sites such as Facebook as an example
  • Treat him like your boyfriend and not one of your girlfriends, there are topics that you should keep for your girlfriends and topics for your man
  • Questions like do I look fat really overwhelms him and makes him uncomfortable, of course, he is not going to tell you that you are fat.
  • What outfit should I wear when we go out tonight, how many guys do you know that have the knowledge of the fashion trends of ladies
  • There is no reason to ask him do you think I am pretty
  • Dating Advice Guru supplied this advice in one of their blog posts, for more feel free to visit their website with the link provided

This can ease much of the relationship anxiety between men and women, I really feel using sex to their advantage is not a planned strategy but comes naturally. We are going to look at the red flags if this is happening between you and your partner, knowing this can allow you two to talk about this.

what women look for in men

Relationship Red Flags

Over the years, I have talked to many people who have shared that sex has created major problems between them and their partner, now to help you understand if this is happening to you here is what to consider.

  • The mutual feelings of emotional intimacy are a must for making love to happen naturally, when partners begin criticizing one another this turns off the emotional connection.
  • Could this be intentional to prevent sex to happen between you and your partner, often this is unintentional when one or both partners are unhappy in a relationship.
  • Do you and your partner dress down all the time instead of dressing attractively, many times people after being together for a while lose the ambition to look sexy for one another.
  • Old worn out t-shirts and sweatpants are not going to bring intimacy between a couple, no matter how long you are together you need to still make the effort to turn your partner on
  • On the other hand, dressing overly sexy when going out together can cause major problems as well. That is more suited for singles seeking to get the attention of the opposite sex, when you are with someone using better judgment can ease the anxiety in a relationship
  • Using sex to get your own way is often common for both sexes, when you get your way you reward them by having intimacy in bed
  • Do you agree or disagree with what is in this paragraph, you can leave us to know by providing what is on your mind in the comments section at the end of this guide.
  • By the way, these red flags were found on Yahoo LIfe just in case you are curious

Women do seem to naturally drive men crazy in good and not-so-good ways, we are going to find out now how ladies do this in a positive way. This could clear up what is going on for both men and women, ready to learn more?

what women look for in men

What Attracts Men To Women

We are going to find what many men have shared that drives them crazy in a good way, why they crave them might help both sexes understand the attraction of the opposite sex even better.

  • Again how ladies use cosmetic products such as perfume can seduce men, how many of you don’t notice the scent of a person when in closed quarters with them?
  • Appearing beautiful and attractive yet natural is going to catch the eye of more guys, when you kiss for the first time too much can actually be a less positive experience for many men
  • A lady’s figure is often the first thing that they notice after the face, so choosing outfits that compliment your body is a real turn-on.
  • Many older ladies have a thing about wrinkles, but actually, this is attractive to many younger guys. This gives them the feeling of a mature, beautiful experienced lady.
  • Breasts are well-known to be noticed by every man, what might surprise even the guys reading this, large breasts are not always what all men are attracted to.
  • Another thing older women worry about is stretch marks, this is very rarely a problem for the majority of males.
  • A few extra pounds actually attract more men than women realize, every guy is not searching for a barbie doll. So don’t take losing weight to an extreme, this is not as much of a turn-off as you might think
  • Many ladies will eat less on a dinner date, but most men really could care less how much you eat and drink while dining with them
  • This might really change the way you shop for shoes, men have shared that footwear that shows a lady’s feet is more attractive to them. Possibly this gets their imagination dreaming what the rest of you looks like, whatever the case these are the shoe types men like the most.
  • A warm and caring personality really means more to guys than ladies realize, and this is especially true for the ones that are seeking a future wife and starting a family
  • Sexy lingerie always gets a guy into the mood for intimacy, even married men still share that when their wife wears this type of clothing she appears younger and more beautiful than ever.
  • Super-tight jeans still turn heads even today, if you are going out choose these instead of those comfy sweatpants
  • Throwing back your hair still draws a guy’s attention, men really do adore women with beautiful hair. Longer hair still is preferred, even though many women now are going with short hairstyles instead.
  • Biting the lips is another thing that attracts you to him, this draws attention to your lips that really makes him curious about how sweet your kiss might be
  • Wagging your hips while walking has never failed to get attention, so practicing your walk could get the guy of your dreams
  • Touching men casually is almost always a big attraction strategy
  • Not sure why this is, but ponytails give a lady a cute appearance, and men seem to really like this look more than women understand
  • Woman Fitness Magazine is where this information was found, even though this is about what women look for in men. This can help guys understand why they are drawn to specific ladies, and at the same time help, women attract more men.

Ready or not, we are now going to discuss what you came here to find out. I do hope the information so far has been interesting, relationships involve both men and women so my guides will try to include both of them with valuable information.

what women look for in men

Women Partner Guide

This can benefit both men and women, you can never learn too much when shopping for the perfect life partner. Gizmo does provide an auto-notification publication for your convenience, you might only wish to read some of my guides. What you receive are my guides as they are published, and this will save you time reading only the ones that really interest you.

  • Confident with high self-esteem
  • Positive attitude
  • Happy and comfortable with who he is as a person
  • She can trust him with her heart
  • Is a man of his word
  • Lives by his heart
  • Responsible plus she can rely on him
  • Extremely strong morals and values he lives by
  • Behaves like a real gentlemen
  • Treats others with kindness
  • Easy to share what is in her heart and on her mind
  • A good listener and understands her feelings
  • Openly shows his feelings to her
  • Supports her dreams and goals
  • Respects her as a person and admire her accomplishments
  • Appreciates her and never takes her for granted
  • Knows how to treat a lady
  • Accepts her friends and family as his own
  • A good sense of humor
  • Grown up and mature
  • A good problem solver
  • Works with her to solve their problems rationally and calm
  • Brides shared this in one of the blog posts on their website, if you liked what you have read maybe visit them to read more of their posts.

It all comes down to most ladies being attracted to a man who would make her a good partner, if you are just looking for a fun time this guide really is not for you. We are focusing on serious relationships that last long-term and with any luck a lifetime.

what women look for in men

Could He Be The One

Let us consider some things to find the right partner, this can be confusing for many people no matter a man or a woman. Before you read what I found for you, you are invited to Visit Gizmo on Pinterest, I created a board with all my guides to make it super easy for you.

  • Your happiness is a priority to him
  • Goes out of his way just for you
  • He really is sincere about your needs and wants
  • Shows his appreciation for having you in his life
  • Does little things for you just because he wants to
  • Treats you with kindness and cares about you
  • Shares his true feelings and how much he loves you
  • Openly share things he would never share even with his friends
  • Often asks how you are doing and feeling with sincere interest
  • Discusses the future together long-term
  • They trust you with their feelings without any hesitation
  • Never question where you have been and who you have been with
  • Finds ways to spend quality time with you as a priority
  • This also was provided by the Brides website, so possibly even more now you will want to add this to your browser favorites.

Gizmo mentions where the information comes from in the guides, if you like what you are reading, here are some of my resources that might become your favorites. Finding a person with the qualities above would be a dream come true for many men and women, remember no one is perfect, and have some faults you must accept as well as positive qualities.

what women look for in men

Coupons For Men

What Gizmo has for you today are some coupons, every guide will provide you with some freebies as a thank-you gift. Some will have more than others, it all depends on what I am able to find as researching information to help you. Let us see what I have for the guys, and then for the ladies in the next paragraph.

Every so often you will find coupons available as my gift to you for visiting my website, you can’t go wrong saving money on any of the ones above. The flower of the month club would make a great gift for your lady, every month she will receive a reminder of your love delivered right to her door.

what women look for in men

Coupons For Women

It is the lady’s turn now for coupons, you might be anxious to see what I have chosen especially for you. Gizmo also is on Twitter if you happen to be into hanging out there, I also am on Linkedin as well, so you can find me online in a variety of places.

Here you go ladies, with both men and women taken care of we can move on with what is coming next. One day this might be one of your favorite websites to share with your family and your friends, until then I plan to keep working hard to make this one of the best websites online.

what women look for in men

Relationship Books For Men

Curious about what books might be good buys for guys, that is what you can find out next. Of course, I can only provide you with a small example. I just don’t have enough time to share all the best ones with you here, below are a few that might be helpful to you.

  • Shoot Her To The Moon and Back
  • Relationship Realities an Emergency Survival for Men
  • Heavenly Ever After
  • The Five Love Languages for Men
  • Dating Advice for Men
  • 52 Wows a Relationship Guide for Men
  • What Women Want Men to Know
  • Out of the Dog House
  • Explore and Browse Relationship Books for Men

Just what I have shared with you above is recommended to be good choices to consider, now women also can benefit from books as well. In my next paragraph, there are good ones recommended for the ladies.

what women look for in men

Relationship Books For Women

Here we are exploring some of the best books for you ladies, I am also limited on how many I can share with you as well. Just like the guys, you can browse the ones listed and more with the link I will provide.

  • Before You Commit
  • The Relationship Playbook for Women
  • Why We Didn’t Choose You, a Relationship Handbook for Women
  • Relationship Advice for Women
  • Handle with Care
  • How to Attract Men
  • A Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships
  • Explore and Browse Relationship Books for Women

I feel awesome being able to provide books for both the men and women reading this guide, what is next is access to my other self-help guides by categories. This is just another convenient way to save you time, whenever you are ready feel free to check them out below.

what women look for in men

Gizmos Guide Categories

Sharing my other categories might allow you to address other problems, I make it a point to provide you with a variety of ways to get access to my guides. Saving you time and easy access is important to me, now when you are ready feel free to browse my other categories.

Thank you for your patience in reading what women look for in men, it really means a lot that you read my entire guide. Are there any categories you would like me to add, this is your website and I am writing to help people just like you? Let me know if you have any ideas, you can leave them in my comments section at any time.


















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