What Makes Women Fall In Love

Relationships can be a complicated thing for many people, what makes women fall in love is a mystery to many guys. Sometimes a man does everything within their power they think, but still they feel frustrated wondering if the lady loves them. Possibly even a lady is confused about her feelings, so we are going to explore this question that complicates relationships.

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Love Signs For Men

Mom Junction wrote this blog post describing the signs your girlfriend is in love with you, many men just don’t know how a lady feels when they don’t come right out and make it plain in words. Let us hear from a real woman what to watch for, this will help many of you confused guys reading this guide.

  • You catch her watching you and smiling very often is one sign she is intently interested in you, another sure giveaway is if there is a twinkle in her eyes.
  • This lady is super supportive and always cheering you on, she might even offer to join in to help you accomplish your goals.
  • A real postive factor is when you know for a fact this is not something that really interests her, but she is willing to make the sacrifice to make you happy.
  • Goes out of her way to do things for you without you ever asking her, this really shows that you are very important to her.
  • Always finding ways to spend time together is a sure sign she is really into you, whenever anyone puts another person before themselves this tells you there is something special between the two of you.
  • How does she respond when another lady shows you attention, when she become jealous in this situation she really is not wishing to share you with anyone.
  • When a lady is happy and smiling all the time when with you, there is a very good possibility her feelings are serious. Many women in love will poccess this amazing shine when you are together, are you starting to understand a little better now, guys?
  • This woman intently listens to every word that you say, whenever someone is not that into you, they don’t listen to what you are saying nearly as attentive as when they really care about you.
  • Does this lady always look extremely dressed up, we don’t care nearly about our appearance with people who we are not seriously interested in looking our best for.
  • Close contact in person, caling you via phone, and even texting several times per day tells you that she is thinking about you.
  • You are lucky enough to hear everything that is on her mind and in her heart, she shares things with you she would not share with just anyone.
  • Asks you questions about your family, how is your mother doing for example. Being interested in everything and everyone that is important to you, also tells you that she wants to become even closer.
  • Likes you exactly the way you are, when someone tries to get you to change things about yourself, they are not totally into the relationship.
  • She not only talks about you to her best friends, but she also introduces them to you. This lady is letting you into her personal world, now that is something to be happy about if this is happening between you.

Tamara Green is an individual and couples psychotherapist and an international best-selling author, speaker and trainer. She wrote the blog post that this information came from, so you can be sure this woman is a very reliable resource.

What Women Look For in Men

Love Signs For Ladies

To be completely fair, we are going to assist you ladies to understand the man that you are dating. Guys are often even less obvious than gals when it comes to understanding what they are feeling, why this is, they are more vulnerable to being emotionally hurt than you might realize.

  • If this man really has serious feelings, he will be bringing up the subject of your future together often.
  • You are his priority before anything else, there is no doubt when he puts his own interests second to your needs, this really means you are extremely important to him.
  • When you are feeling blue, he does everything within his power to cheer you up. Men in love will do just about anything to keep their lady happy, this is really something to watch out for.
  • Being comfortable and himself around you is a good sign as well, once he feels he doesn’t need to try to impress you constantly, being who he really is will happen naturally.
  • Does your guy often speak of “We”, instead of “Me”? This is a sure sign he has no plans of allowing you to get away, already he is thinking about a future with you and no one else.
  • This fellow goes out of his way to improve your relationship every single day, men don’t do this very often until they actually are falling in love with a lady.
  • Opens doors for you, he becomes more of a gentlemen than he ever has before. The better he treats you, the more important you are to him.
  • He makes himself always available when you need him, also this man will more likely be staying in very close contact with you several times during the day to check on you.
  • Sex becomes secondly to communication with you, he just can’t get enough of learning more and more about you.
  • He wants you to meet his mother and family, this really is one of the most important signs that he is falling deeply in love with you. Men don’t introduce a lady to their mom, unless you are extremely important to them.

The love signs for ladies was found on Marriage.com, another worthy resource for couples working on a serious relationship. Even if you are not married at this time, you and your partner can be preparing for the future together with this website.

Is He The Right Man For Me

What Makes Women Fall in Love

There are some things that many ladies find attractive in potential partners, we are talking long-term and true love. Family is very important to the majority of women, so the perfect guy needs to fulfill what a good husband and father would be. Let us see what eHarmony has to say about this, another good webstie for researching and possibly even meeting the right man or woman for a relationship.

  • Being a self-confident person is very attractive plus important, do you have your own life? Independant people are much better potential partners than the needy and clingy types, so naturally this attracts a lady to a man who pocesses these qualities.
  • A healthy balance of spending time together and apart is the key to a relationship that is going to last, even couples in love need separate time apart with their family and their friends.
  • Are you positive and optimistic this is a real turn on to the majority of people, who wants to be with someone who is negative and grumpy all the time.
  • Communication is a real deal breaker with ladies when it comes to falling in love, this is extremely important to women in search of a serious relationship.
  • She wants to be your best friend and lover at the same time, you will want to always be well-mannered. Respect her as a equal is important to her, and couples should be a team not individual players.
  • Patient men who take it slow are more attractive than guys who rush into things, this is the most important decision in her life. She will not want to just take any man who shows her attention, when choosing a mate time is the key to winning her heart and love.
  • Always being a gentelmen goes a long way even today, I naturally am well-mannered always saying Thank You without even thinking about it. Open doors always has been attractive to the ladies, and most of all take the time to really listen when she is talking to you.
  • Make it point to let her know you are always available to assist her whenever she is in need, when she knows you will always support her this means the world to her.
  • Stay healthy and well-groomed is another turn on, pay attention to how you dress and keep up with looking your best around her. Physical attraction is the first step to falling in love, but that will not win her heart if you are not a good potential partner.
  • Men who are open and honest are more attractive, one thing you never want to do is to be dishonest with her. No matter what, always tell her the truth is important to build trust in a relationship.
  • She knows that you like her just the way that she is, no one wants anyone to try to change them. A woman who has a guy who adores her and respects her is going to be more attractive, this breaks up more couples than people realize.
  • Accept her friends, even if you are not really fond of any of her friends accept them is important. When I got married my wife pushed all of my friends away, and this really caused conflicts between us and eventually was a contributor to our marriage ending.
  • Everyone loves to hear compliments, so don’t hold back what you love about her. Show her off regularly by taking her out, and tell her that you are very proud and lucky to have her.
  • Be romantic with romantic dates and gestures, not only women enjoy the excitement of romance. Romance is not about sex, you want to create intimancy even without it leading to  making love with your lady.

Men and women need to treat one another as they would want to be treated, if you just follow this strategy you will always be well-thought of. Even if it doesn’t lead to a serious relationship, just by being this kind of person, one day you will meet the right person as you life partner.

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Relationship Tools

Every relationship has its ups and downs, one of the major contributors is financial stress. There are other stressors as well that can cause problems between couples, what we are going to get access to are communication tools. When two people stop communicating effectively, that causes problems in their relationship.

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Resources For Couples

It is once again time for my resources, you can gain access to these if any of them interest you. If this guide was helpful, please share it with your family and your friends. Do you have any relationship tips for couples, we would love to hear from you in my comments section.

Did you enjoy reading “What Makes Women Fall in Love”, and if so please spread the word for more people to have access to read this guide. Remember relationships take much patience and time, so take your time really getting to know a person before you rush into a relationship that might end up being toxic.








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