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What Foods Are Addictive

what foods are addictive

When we think of addiction, most of us will associate alcohol and drugs. There is something even as addictive as these that you might not even think about, and those are what we are putting into our bodies at meal times.

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What foods are addictive is the subject we are going to discuss today, many of us never think of how these could be sabotaging our losing those extra pounds. When you are fighting your cravings, that is the addiction haunting you.

Weight Loss Guides

Let us try something new today, we are going, to begin with, some of my favorite weight loss guides. No need you wasting your valuable time searching my website, this will provide you with what I consider my best that will benefit you.

The guides on the list above are favorites of my readers, so that is how I chose which ones to share with you. They have received the most shares and likes, if any of these will be of help to you feel free to read them at your convenience at any time.

Food Addiction Signs

Many of us might be experiencing this without even realizing it, Virtua Health shared in a blog post that this is just as serious as being addicted to drugs, alcohol, and even gambling. To help you understand if you are a victim, we are going to learn what are the signs.

Amazingly, these give us the very same feelings as drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Many people find this is even more of a struggle to control, one reason is we all must eat to fuel our bodies. Staying away from the other types might be easier than avoiding the foods we are putting into our bodies, let us move on to the next paragraph to learn what are the most addicting.

Addictive Foods

Hancock Regional Hospital was kind enough to write the article with the world’s most addictive foods, you will find most of these are extremely familiar. Knowing what they are will open your eyes, and possibly be a great asset when grocery shopping next time.

Before you go crazy, we don’t need to eliminate these from our favorites completely. What we must do is learn how to control our consumption of them, one way is self-control when grocery shopping and another is to join a support group.

Least Addictive Foods

One way to control our consumption of these is to add more of the least addictive foods instead, thanks again to Hancock Regional Hospital Organization that is what we will find out next.

Of course, these are what we should be eating to lose weight anyway. What works for me is to eat a big salad first at every meal, and then if I do treat myself to addictive foods, I find that I eat much less of them. Another thing that works is only purchasing one of the bad choices on every grocery shopping trip, you might need to skip certain aisles if temptation gets the best of you.

Food Addiction Guide

There are many more than included in this guide so far to eat in moderation, we are going to learn next how to know which ones to stay away from if temptation gets the best of us while grocery shopping.

To make this extremely simple for you to understand, what you want to avoid are too many processed foods. Now, this should clear up any misunderstandings we might have on what to avoid or eat in moderation, you will be amazed in only a few weeks how your cravings will decrease and the extra pounds will begin to melt away.

Food Addiction Support

For those of you in search of finding food addiction support,  I have included a link that will help you. Let us find out how this works, no use wasting your time if this is not going to be something that you are interested in doing.

  1. The first step is simply to choose the type you are searching for, in in-person, via video conference, or by phone.
  2. Next, what day of the week works best for you
  3. City, state, province, zip code, or even country
  4. Choose your preferred language
  5. What time of the day is the best for your schedule
  6. How far in distance are you able to travel
  7. Click Search
  8. Search for Food Addiction Support by Clicking Here

The Food Addicts Organization provides this service, now you are not alone in your quest to lose weight and overcome your addiction. Here is my first freebie that might interest you, what I have is a free healthy food printable chart. Anyone in need of this is more than welcome to print this out, even if you don’t have a printer you can save this guide in your browser favorites.

No More Crazy Diets

Forget all those crazy diets that promise you the success that you crave, diets are short-term and Gizmo recommends you forget all of them. What works for me is making lifestyle changes instead, once you get into healthy habits you are going to experience long-term success.

Did my lifestyle guide inspire you, and if so please share this self-help guide with your family and your friends. Possibly it is worth sharing on your social media, you can be my best marketing strategy to reach more people.

Recommended Protein Sources

As I mentioned in my last paragraph, here you are going to find the better protein choices. Before we check them out below, I would like to invite you to join my auto-notifications. You will receive every guide as they are published, so this will allow you to read only the ones that really interest you. No SPAM ever will be delivered to your email, that is not how this website works.

We now have some very good protein sources to consider, almonds are a great snack alternative you can have at almost anytime. We also talked about fun activities that don’t involve food, that is what I have next for you.

Make Exercise Fun

In the past, I used to work out regularly 3 to 4 times per week at the YMCA. Many times pushing myself to go was a struggle for me, that might be the same for you as well. How can we make it fun is coming up now, this could change your entire lifestyle and accomplish your weight loss goals.

By now you should be inspired to make some positive changes in your lifestyle, I promise you this will be much easier and more fun than pushing yourself to go to the gym or YMCA all the time.

Weight Loss Product Warnings

Gizmo will never recommend any weight loss products, and the reason why is I would never take them myself to lose weight. There are some things you should consider before using any of them, but the final decision will be your own if you feel safe taking weight loss products.

The information above was found on the National Institute of Health website, there just is not enough evidence that these are safe.  Ask yourself if is it worth the risks to take a chance with weight loss products, the decision is totally up to you and again Gizmo strongly suggests you consult your physician before making your decision.

Free Lifestyle Apps

I must admit free apps are something that is shared with you in many of my guides, with so many people into them these can be very helpful to you. 3.5K monthly views and growing regularly on Gizmos Self-Help Guides Pinterest Board, if you happen to have an account feel free to visit me at any time. Just another way for you to follow me if you desire to, now let us see what apps I have for you.

The four above will give you a good start if you are not using them, you can search for more as well while you are on Play. Google. That is where these are located, I try to be as honest with you as I possibly can.

Dietician Recommended

This paragraph is going to focus on the best low-calorie foods for losing weight, now for anyone struggling this list is recommended by dieticians. Where did I find this you might be thinking, and the answer is the Prevention website.

Any surprises that you might not have known about, I decided to include this because many people struggle to find enough variety in their meals. When you make the majority of your food with low calories, naturally you are going to become leaner in less time than you can imagine.

High-Calorie Foods

Even though most people know these foods, you might not realize how much they can sabotage your weight loss plan. Even more, these contribute to the risk of cancers, and this came from the World Cancer Research Fund. Besides losing weight you are reducing your risk for cancer, so this you could say is a double bonus.

Once again processed foods are our worse enemy, these are loaded with all the ingredients that will cause us to become overweight. Even more important is the risk for many diseases, why they don’t make these healthier is beyond me.

Recommended Reading

For those of you who love to read, we have just a handful of books I recommend that you consider. I do receive a very small commission if you make a purchase, but that is not the main reason these books are included in this guide.

To be honest with you this website is not a business, God has spoken to my heart that this is my purpose in my life. You see being unhealthy with an autoimmune disease my entire life, I have the passion to help you. I earn a very small commission averaging less than one dollar per day, but that is not what motivates me. Money has never been important to me, as long as I have enough to live that is fine with me.

Gizmo Loves Helping You

Self-help guides are possible solutions that you might not know about yourself, and many people lack the time to do the research themself. Weight loss is only one topic provided by this website, and as it grows more will be added as time goes by.

I receive my motivation from all the people that I help, and with my, Pinterest views regularly growing that really inspires me that people appreciate what I am doing. My Twitter followers also are growing which pleases me, and with every new person who wants my auto-notifications that just makes writing so much more worth doing.






















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