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What Causes Newborn Constipation

what causes newborn constipation

What causes newborn constipation is focusing on helping new mothers and expecting women, even if you are a grandmother this might interest you to read and learn from good old Gizmo.

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What Causes Newborn Constipation

This can be a concern, especially for new mothers with their first bundle of joy. Many times physicians share that infants often have not developed a regular bowel movement right away. Switching from breast milk to formula can contribute to this problem,  there have been rare cases the cause has been from the nerves to the intestines not working properly.

Is Your Baby Constipated?

What Can Mothers Do?

Never give your baby laxatives, baby mineral oil, or enemas without first talking to your doctor. This basic guide was provided by the Nationwide Children’s Organization, we are now ready to move on to learn more about newborns in the following paragraphs.

Hirschsprung’s Disease

This disease is the missing nerve cells in the muscles of the baby’s colon, what will happen is their poop can back up causing a bowel blockage.  Surgery is required to solve this problem, if you have any thoughts this could be happening consult your physician immediately for testing.

What to Watch For in Newborns

According to the Mayo Clinic Organization, there is no known cause at this time. What happens is the infant’s nerve cells in the colon don’t form completely. This is a very good resource to add to your favorites, now let us learn more.

Is Your Baby at Risk?

Now that we know more about this disease, mothers can get their newborns tested earlier. This will be a great asset in caring for them, so even if this is not the case ask your physician about testing them if you are worried.

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Expecting Mother Tools

This paragraph is dedicated to all you expecting women, what you are going to get access to are some tools. The internet is an awesome resource for anything that you are dealing with, and that is what this website is all about. Finding them and sharing them with you is a priority, you will find this is not your ordinary self-help guide pushing merchandise for you to purchase.

Where can you get access to these tools might be on your mind, and that is what I am going to help you with. All of them are located on one website, not just any site but one that is highly recommended for what to expect during pregnancy. The name is What to Expect, and Heidi Murkoff is a nice lady devoted to helping you.

What to Expect

Since I shared the tools and a little about this resource, it feels only right to tell you a little more about what you will find by visiting Ms. Heidi. If you would like to know her even better, you can read more about her by clicking here.

Gizmo has no association with Ms. Heidi, so by sharing her website I am doing it only to help you. There is no financial gain by my promoting this lady and her blog, this is a very good resource for women expecting.

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Healthy Pregnancy Guide

Children are so precious, we need to be more careful during our pregnancy to bring them into our lives healthy. Below there are some basic suggestions on how to accomplish that goal, I want to thank you for reading “What Causes Newborn Constipation”.

Alcohol and smoking addiction during your pregnancy can be a stressful time, if you just are not able to avoid them completely, do your best to cut back as much as you possibly are able to.

Maternity Clothing Deals

Shopping Tips

Another important feature I include in my guides is shopping tips, maybe not in every single guide will you find them.  Gizmo does try to provide them for you whenever the opportunity arises, but they are not always appropriate for all of my self-help guide topics.

Expecting mothers might not think of everything if they are without guidance, every woman does not have a mother or grandmother to aid them in preparing for what they and their baby will need. This list will get you started on the right path for being prepared, think of this as a bonus for reading “What Causes Newborn Constipation”

Where To Shop

As an extra bonus, here are some stores online that you might want to consider browsing. These are just a few that you could find the best deals, Gizmo also tries to save you money as well as information and resources.

Now you have some stores to start shopping, many of them might already be on your favorites list. Some could be brand new to you as well, no matter what I am more than happy to provide them in this article.

Baby Clothing Deals

What About New Moms

We have been focusing more on what your new addition will need, I would like to include in this section what new mothers might need. Often women will spend quite a bit on their unborn child, but they don’t think about what they are going to need until after their newborn is home.

  1. Postpartum recovery kit
  2. Comfortable clothing and bras
  3. Bedside rolling cart
  4. Postnatal vitamins
  5. Relaxation activities
  6. Prepared meals
  7. Helping hands
  8. Healthy boundaries
  9. Household support
  10. Handpicked resources
  11. Postpartum therapist
  12. Lactation consultant
  13. Pelvic floor specialist
  14. Sleep plan
  15. Community support

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Christian Pregnancy Podcast

Pregnancy can be a scary time for first-time mothers, since I just stumbled upon this Christian Pregnancy Podcast, I thought that this was something to share. Below you can view some of the examples available, and if they interest you, please let me know in my comments section if you have the time.

Being a Christian myself, I know the value of resources that are Christian-related. This is included for anyone interested, you don’t need to be a Christian to benefit from this awesome resource. Next on my list is the best budget-friendly gift ideas for new moms, if this was inspirational please let me know.

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Best Gifts For New Moms

Maybe you know a new mom who you are shopping for a gift, and you have hit the jackpot today. Gizmo is going to provide you with the best-selling gifts that will cost you under $25.00, who says we need to spend a lot for nice gifts for new moms?

I am positive if you start browsing some of the online stores, you will find even more budget-friendly gift ideas. Remember it is not how much you spend that matters, but instead how thoughtful of a gift that you give. Some of the most inexpensive keepsakes can be the most treasured by moms, now we are ready for my resource paragraph.


Every guide includes resources to conclude whatever topic I am writing about, this has really become an important part of my website for me. It is another way for me to thank you for reading “What Causes Newborn Constipation” today.

Another self-help guide to aid you to solve a problem, and by the way, this is my first article in my new category of “Children’s s Health”.  That means more will be coming very soon focusing on the health of your little boys and your little girls, I am dedicating this to helping new parents.


















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