What Causes Anxiety

We all experience being nervous from time to time, but how many of you are curious about What Causes Anxiety? That is only one of the things you can learn from reading my guide today, so if this is a problem for you, here are some tips that you don’t want to miss.

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What Causes Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural body response from our nervous system, but when it controls our lives then it becomes a very serious problem. Gizmo understands anyone living with this struggle, I experienced this firsthand for most of my life.

  • Trauma
  • Stress due to an illness
  • Stress buildup
  • Personality
  • Other mental health disorders
  • Having blood relatives with an anxiety disorder
  • Drugs or alcohol

According to the Mayo Clinic, the list above can contribute to anxiety disorders. Since I experienced this myself, I am going to share what I learned that triggered my own disorders most of my life.

Gizmos Story

It was not until my mid-thirties that this destroyed my life completely, after much research on my own and counseling the truth finally came clear to me. It all started as a little boy living with an abusive father, he used to physically and verbally abuse my mother. My mom took this abuse to protect my brothers and me, so child abuse was the trigger for my anxiety disorder according to medical professionals.

  • Afraid to speak in fear of saying something wrong become normal for me in my childhood home, this was even more severe whenever my father would be home.
  • Social anxiety developed by the time I started kindergarten, since living in the country with no close neighbors, social skills were something that I lacked confidence in.
  • Going to new places alone also controlled my life, I was too uncomfortable to attend school activities after school. These are only the main issues that were controlling my life, rejection was also something I avoided by not befriending anyone.

As a boy, I cried myself to sleep many nights when my father was on a rampage. He would be breaking things in the house taking his frustration out, and then sometimes come into my bedroom and beat me as well. My mother took many beatings to protect me as a child, so there is nothing stronger than a mother’s love for her child is not a fairy tale.

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Anxiety Signs in Children

As a child this is an extremely scary and dramatic experience, we have no idea what is going on inside of us. I used to ask myself what is wrong with me, and in fear of being put into a mental hospital, I kept this to myself during my entire childhood.

  • Finding it hard to concentrate as a child makes getting good grades in school impossible, and many of us are labeled as lazy students when that is not the case at all.
  • Not sleeping well contributes to your symptoms becoming even more severe, many nights I lay in bed most of the night overthinking and worrying about everything.
  • My interest in eating was almost non-existent at times of stress, I was always fearful of eating in front of my classmates as well.
  • Some children become angry and defiant, but for me, it was safer for me to remain quiet so as not to cause any trouble. Speaking in class was impossible as well, so I would accept a failing grade rather than talking.
  • Constantly worried me to death over what might or could happen, and this also stole sleep from me many nights.
  • In need to go to the bathroom often caused me many accidents, you see I was even too fearful to tell my teacher that I needed to go to the potty.
  • Crying much of the time, especially during the night was common for me. I just hated my life and often wished I would never have been born.
  • Sticking by my mother’s side for protection became a habit of security, when I had to leave home to start school this was a very emotional time for me that I really never got over.
  • Feelings of being unhealthy were almost an everyday thing, many nights I would spend vomiting. Child abuse destroys many people’s lives, so if you had a healthy childhood thank God in your prayers.

This guide is being written from my heart to help you, no one should have to experience the life that I did. Many times parents are not aware of how the little things can affect our lives, and this is true for young teenage mothers without the experience or family to support them.

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Parenting Tips

Let us learn about some ways to help an anxious child, now that you know what to watch out for from the list above. There are many different anxiety disorders, way too many to discuss in one article. Here are some parenting tips that might ease your little boy or girl’s symptoms.

  • Talking to your children about what they are experiencing is the first step, many kids are not able to communicate their feelings and thoughts when they don’t understand them themselves.
  • Supporting and encouraging your child in managing their symptoms is our next step, being parents without experience in this you might be wise to take some classes.
  • Regular routines ease many kids who are anxious, and this is especially true with ones who are experiencing autistic symptoms. The majority of these kids are naturally more anxious, so if you have a child with autism focus on anxiety relief techniques.
  • Toxic relationships at home are major contributors, I know this from my own childhood experience. Finding ways to ease the stressful relationship problems in the home can be a great strategy, even children are sensitive to extreme stress day after day.
  • When major changes are in the future, gradually prepare them for this change slowly. Divorce can be one of the biggest stressors for kids, and it is not uncommon to be a trigger for developing anxiety disorders.
  • The most simple relaxation technique to teach children of any age is breathing techniques, every child should be taught at least this type of coping skill by their parents.
  • When difficult situations arise find a way to distract them with something fun to do, when our minds are on other things, new things and places are not nearly as scary.
  • If my parents would have known about these suggestions, I might have coped so much better with my own symptoms. Just knowing what is going on inside of you can make a dramatic difference, but when you are not able to talk to your parents without fear what is a child to do?


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Anxiety Symptoms in Adults

Anxious children grow up to be even more anxious adults, you can take it from me this is very true that our symptoms only become more severe as adults. Many people are not even aware what is going on with them, so we are going to learn what to look for once we grow up.

  • Many times in the past, I was anxious and feeling fearful for no apparent reason that I was aware of, once you get to be like this all the time, you just think this is the way we are always going to be.
  • Some of us might always be feeling danger is just right around the corner, and when this becomes too severe, we avoid anything that makes us feel this way.
  • Many people share they feel as if they are having a heart attack, so really if this is the case you should consult a physician right away to be safe.
  • Increased breathing or feeling you can’t breathe might be a symptom you are experiencing, this can be scary for sure and another reason to see a doctor.
  • Extreme sweating for no apparent reason
  • Do you ever feel extremely shaky on the inside?
  • The feeling of being very weak.
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Constantly worrying about things that really are not important.
  • Experiencing overeating or no appetite at all.
  • Your brain just will not stop thinking and worrying keeping you from being able to fall and stay asleep.
  • Avoiding anything that gives you the symptoms listed above, I used to live a very sheltered life because of my own anxiety controlling my life.

It all comes down to asking yourself this question, are you missing out on the things you would really love to do or places to go because of your fears? If you have any things that have helped you, we would love for you to share them in the comments section.

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Anxiety Coping Skills

Finding the coping skills that work for you is the key strategy, I spent years experimenting until finding the best ones for me. There just is not a direct solution for everyone, we are all different and need to try a variety of techniques until we find how to control our symptoms effectively.

  • Learning to play a musical instrument has natural relief for many of us, I use my love for playing the guitar to ease my symptoms during flare-ups. Anyone can use this technique, so don’t talk yourself out of trying it because of the fear of failure.
  • Just simply listening to relaxing music is a very effective coping skill for many people, you might wish to choose relaxing music instead of hard rock for the best results.
  • Another one that works wonders for me is blogging, something about writing to help you motivates me and boosts my own self-esteem.
  • Nature walks are very relaxing, and how can we be anxious when observing all the beauty God has provided us?
  • Of all the exercise choices, yoga is one of the better choices for most people. It naturally calms our bodies, and if you add meditation you can calm your mind as well.
  • Why not put your energy into being creative, even if you are not the most artistic person, you can find many arts and crafts that anyone can do.
  • Adopting a pet is never a bad idea to consider, you will want to first research what is involved before rushing to the nearest animal shelter to adopt.
  • Flowers and houseplants are an awesome hobby to ease your symptoms, I am very well rewarded with my own plants with their beauty and their health benefits.
  • The best I have saved for last, why not focus on doing something for someone else every single day? Whenever you are helping others, you naturally will be calmer and less anxious.

You can find plenty more ideas by researching on the internet, what you might want to do first is search for relaxation techniques if this interests you. Deep breathing and meditation are highly recommended by medical professionals to get started, so why not start with these next time you are online?

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Resources of the Day

Today Gizmo has more resources to share with you, and I really make it a point to include this in every guide on my website. Many of you might lack the knowledge of how to find them on your own, and others might just not have the time. That is why every article provides you with a few of them, let us see what I have found for you below.

Gizmo receives much pleasure and rewards by writing these guides, before we part ways, I want to thank you for reading “What Causes Anxiety”. You are what motivates me to keep writing day after day, so know that you are an important part of my managing my own anxiety.















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  1. As someone who has an anxiety disorder, a lot of what you said made so much sense to me and was relatable. Walks in nature help a lot and blogging helps me relax too. I also practice yoga and meditation daily.

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