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Songs About Cats

songs about cats

Music and pets are used regularly in therapy to improve our health, we are going to discuss these in today’s guide.

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For those of you who are pet owners, this will be educational, some of the songs about cats might be to your liking and make you feel good.

Music Therapy Physical Health Benefits

The Peterson Family Foundation wrote an exceptional blog post on this very subject, we are going to review what they shared with their own readers. This might surprise many of you reading my guide, but learning is an important part of writing for you.

The physical health benefits are very impressive don’t you agree, but that is not all that the Peterson Family Foundation included in their article. You will want to keep reading each paragraph, I promise you it is well worth your time.

Music Therapy Mental Health Benefits

Most of us realize how much improve our mental health, let us see what this organization has shared that we might not be aware of.  You are invited to visit me on my Pinterest page, all my self-help guides are waiting for you there.

We are going to look at the audiobooks recommended to parents that benefit teens and children with cancer, I highly recommend this organization for families experiencing this terrible disease in young people.

Recommended Audiobooks

Again these were recommended in the blog post on the Peterson Family Foundation website, and this topic focused on teens and children experiencing cancer. Now let us see what they suggested to the parents, it is such a shame young people are suffering from this terrible disease more now than ever.

You know are aware of the audiobooks that were beneficial to these young people, and as a parent or grandparent, this I feel is very valuable information. Gizmo listens to books regularly to help relax before bedtime, so from my own experience these do provide me to be more relaxation and sleep better.

Free Ebooks

Freebies are nothing new when you visit my website, every opportunity I provide you with them.  For anyone into eBooks here are some focusing on cancer, below you will find some examples. is where you will be taken if you use the link provided, many people either are not aware of these freebies or just forget about them. Would you be interested in my Tweets on Twitter, you are invited to visit me at any time.

Pet Therapy  Health Benefits

Being a pet owner, I know how my pets over the years have improved my own health problems. If it was not for them, I might not be here today. That is a fact, so you would not be reading my self-help guides otherwise.

Dogs are thought of more as pet therapy animals than cats, but living in a low-income housing apartment building many of the tenants live with cats instead of dogs. Actually, any animal can be a good choice if they bring happiness to its owner. This brings me to the songs about cats that you came here for, let us check them out next.

Songs About Cats

Before writing this guide, I really never thought about songs about cats. This brought something new for me to learn from as well, so by choosing this topic we both are going to be educated about music and kitty cats.

Surprised there are so many songs about cats, I must admit this was an unexpected surprise to me. Next, we are going to consider the best breeds to add to your apartment or your home.

Recommended Cat Breeds

Emotional Support Animals are extremely popular and accepted today, and the reason they have made such a dramatic impact on people of all ages. Now let us see which breeds are recommended, and if you are thinking about adding one this will be extremely helpful.

Just so you know an emotional support animal is not considered a pet, so that means even if your landlord forbids pets that do not include them. Once you have your animal legally documented your landlord must allow them to live with you, they could try to fight it in court but that seldom ever happens.

Songs About Cats Videos

Let us now visit our old friend YouTube, watching videos with songs about cats can be entertaining. Many of you are more likely to spend some of your time on this website, now here are some examples that Gizmo has found for you.

The list goes on and on, if this has gotten you in the mood to watch and listen to kitty cat song videos YouTube is the place that you want to go. Just a few more paragraphs for us to go, and then you can visit the links that interest you in this article.

How To Choose The Right Cat?

Maybe you are brand new to kitty cats, if you are like me I have never owned one myself. The reason for me is I am highly allergic to them, but oddly dogs don’t give me the same experience. Let us see what we should consider adding the best one to our homes, and this was provided by The American Veterinary Medical Association.

You might be curious about which websites are your best resources, and that is what is coming up next. No sense in wasting your own time searching blindly, I am more than happy to do the work for you.

Earn Points for Workouts, Fasting, Meditation, Sleep Tracking, and More

Best Websites For Cat Lovers

Here we are ready to reveal your best places to add to your favorites, before I do share them with you I do provide auto-notifications. This is just an email alert of my most recent published guide, and this is so you don’t miss any that interest you. No promotional marketing will ever be included, so relax Gizmo will never push any merchandise by signing up.

Love to hear how this guide has helped you, I encourage feedback and request by leaving them in my comments section. You will find this section at the end of the content, and Gizmo always cares what his readers think.

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Pet Care Self-Help Guides

As a tradition, I end my content with some of my guides related to the topic you are reading about. This is to save you time searching on your own, below are just some that might interest you, and thank you for visiting my website today.

Being an animal lover providing pet care guides means the world to me, I also am very sensitive to children suffering from health problems. This is a problem-solving resource of the future, as long as my own health allows this is my purpose for the rest of my life.














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