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Short Learning Style Quiz

short learning style quiz

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Would a Short Learning Style Quiz be useful to help your child learn, every child, especially with autism needs to find what works the best for them. Sadly many teachers don’t take the time with their students to find the answer, we are going today to find our child’s best method of learning. Self-Help Guides are a very good source of information, and that is why all my websites provide this type of content.

Online Learning Style Quizzes

No matter how frustrated your child becomes in an attempt to learn, there is a right style that is right for them. We are going, to begin with, the tests and quizzes recommended by the website Kids Love to Know, this will give parents some good resources to get started.

The tests and quizzes above are perfect for high-functioning autistic children, you also can share this with your family and friends with children without any learning disabilities. For anyone interested read my guide on Free Autism Communication Cards for these freebies, these are proven to be very beneficial for your child’s education.

Autism Learning Style Guide

My oldest son has autism, this has motivated me to focus on helping parents with autistic children. When my son was a boy there were very few resources available, now with this becoming extremely common, parents have access to more information.

Parents will find that many autistic children learn the easiest from less learning methods than other children, so we are going to see in the next paragraph how non-autistic kids learn.

 The Learning Pyramid

The Autism Now Organization provided the information we are about to discuss next,  and by providing this parents can see how other children learn with a variety of learning styles. This most often does not work for autistic children, each one develops with fewer styles than other kids.

My son is extremely high-functioning with an amazing memory, he also tests as above-average intelligence on IQ tests. His main obstacles are his social interaction problems, and being different he was picked on and bullied all through his school days.

Teaching Autistic Children Guide

Many parents and even teachers can become frustrated in an attempt to teach autistic children, thanks to Teach for America Organization, we have some tips which might ease your anxiety.

Even though this is a very basic guide, you will find by using these will prevent as much anxiety and stress for parents, teachers, and the child. What is the best education merchandise for them is coming next, knowing this is going to benefit the child the best to learn without anxiety.

Educational Merchandise Guide

No matter if your child is autistic or not, every child learns the best by playing. Educational games and toys provided at an early age are what parents can do to help them to begin the learning process. Shopping tips are an important part of this guide today, so please don’t skip this paragraph it really will be worth your time.

Depending on the age and the severity of your child’s learning ability, I have provided you with a list of a variety of possible choices. These are only very small examples of what is available today, but these will give you an idea of what is on the market.

Where To Shop Guide

Now that you have a taste of what is available, you are more likely curious about where you can find such unique games and toys. To help you get started, I confided with our old buddy Google, and here is what Google has to say.

As you can see there are many options today compared to when my son was a boy, this list will give you a good start no matter what your budget might be. You might wish to begin with the ones you are familiar with first, and later on, and explore the others as you have the free time.

Autism Support Groups

Gizmo believes support groups are a very good source of information, parents can gain feedback and insight from other parents that are members of the group. For your benefit, I have included some that you might want to consider checking out if this interests you.

Some of these are organizations that will provide parents with important resources, and others are support groups where you can join to read posts and ask questions. All of these are good choices to consider, now let us look at some forums.

Autism Forums

Forums are often forgotten by parents and caregivers of autistic children, we really should make it a point to make this part of our parenting research plan. Groups are only as good as the members who belong to them, so having these as well can be a good addition as well.

Onward to our next paragraph,  we know have covered both groups and forums, what about answers to your questions that you have? Here are some of the ones parents are asking, and you can read the answers if they pertain to you.

Parent Questions Answered

New parents will more likely have more questions than more experienced ones,  but no matter how long you have been parenting there are always new things for us to learn. We are going to see below what people are asking, so let us see what is going on online right now.

How many of you are familiar with Google Groups, since Facebook became so popular you might have forgotten all about them. You really should add this to your favorites for late research, we are going to discuss this more next.

Google Groups

To demonstrate to you how valuable this could be, I took a few minutes to sign in and did a search for you. All you need is a Gmail account to get access to all the groups and messages, now that is so easy to do there is no reason you are not taking advantage of this opportunity.

For those of you who are visual learners, what I have next is right up your alley. Watching videos is what is coming up now, and even I spend my time using these to educate myself online.

Let Us Watch Videos

Just keep your wallet in your pocket or in your purse, none of these are going to cost you anything. YouTube is one of my favorite resources, and if you are not using it for other things than entertainment you are missing out on a whole bunch of information.

We are coming to the end of the Short Learning Style Quiz, and if you know anyone who would benefit please feel free to share this guide with them.  You are my best source for others to learn from Gizmos Self-Help Guides, now let us see what freebies I have for you today.


Free resources are very important for me to share with you, and by doing this I am helping many of you more than possible in my own guides. Please understand that I do my very best to find you the best ones in every article, with that said let us see what Gizmo has for you below.

That is all I have for you today, and I really appreciate you visiting my website more than words can express. Just a reminder that I do have an auto-notification sign-up form. This in no way will benefit me other than being able to send you new posts as they are published, so this way you are able to come to my website whenever I write a guide that interests you. A great time-saver for you, so that is all that you will receive by signing up.












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