Safe Pregnancy Ab Workouts

Safe Pregnancy Ab Workouts is for ladies that are expecting, but even though you are in the family way does not mean that you should not exercise.

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The exercises in the next paragraph are recommended by the Mayo Clinic Organization, now that you know where I found what you are about to learn, let us go to the next paragraph.

safe pregnancy ab workouts

Safe Effective Pregnancy Exercises

The first resource that you might trust with your unborn baby’s life might be the Mayo Clinic Organization, and if this is so here are the exercises that they recommend. Think of my self-help guides as a messenger to reliable sources, that is the intention of this website to help you by providing the best information possible.

  • Wall Pushups
  • Squats with Fitness Ball
  • Leg Lifts
  • Step-Ups
  • Side Planks
  • Supported V-Sits
  • V-Sits with Balance Trainer
  • One-Leg V-Sits
  • Seated Rowing with Resistance Tubing
  • Seated Deadlifts with Resistance Tubing

Watching the slide presentation available on the Mayo Clinic Organization website is something that you might experience useful, often visual gives us a much clearer picture of how to perform specific exercises.

safe pregnancy ab workouts

Mayo Clinic Diet

Before we learn about the Mayo Clinic Diet Program, I want to make one thing very clear. Consult your physician before starting any type of exercise program or diet during your pregnancy, we never want to take any chances of harming your unborn baby.

Voted as the best weight loss program by U.S News and World Report, now if you value these two recommendations, you are sure to have faith that this is a safe program to consider. Again consult your physician before doing anything else, I can’t express in words how important this is for you and your unborn baby.

safe pregnancy ab workouts

Best Prenatal Programs

The first fact you need to know is exercise is an important part of your pregnancy care, this has been proven to improve the majority of women’s and their baby’s health. Very Well Family did the research for us, now I am going to share what they found with you.

  • Popsugar Fitness
  • The Sculpt Society Mama
  • Prenatal Yoga Center
  • Babylove Mamas
  • Peloton
  • The Bump Method
  • Melissa Wood Health

We can find all of these programs on the internet, so feel free during your spare time to visit any of these websites that interests you. According to the blog post, we have just been given the very best ones to consider by Very Well Family.

safe pregnancy ab workouts

Pregnancy Apps

For you technology fans, I have the very best pregnancy apps recommended. Even though this is not something I use myself, that does not mean I don’t feel they are not worth sharing with you. Being old fashion is one of the things I need to work on, let us just see what are the best ones to consider.

  • Pregnancy Exercise-Fitness
  • Music for Pregnancy Relaxation
  • Prenatal Yoga Poses
  • Baby 2 Body-Pregnancy Wellness
  • Pregnancy Workout Program
  • Prenatal Yoga-Down Dog
  • Pregnancy Diet
  • Expectful-Wellness for Moms
  • Preggers-Pregnancy and Baby
  • Woman Log-Pregnancy Calendar
  • Losing Weight After Pregnancy
  • LactApp-Breastfeeding Expert
  • Pregnancy Day by Day
  • Flow Yoga Asana-Yoga Poses for Beginners
  • Fertility Friend Ovulation
  • Yoga Download-Yoga App
  • Kegel Exercise-Pelvic Floor
  • Move Your Bump
  • Gentle Birth Pregnancy
  • Vita-Pregnancy Diet Plan
  • Safe Delivery
  • Browse and Explore Pregnancy Apps

With all these to choose from, you have a nice variety no matter what your interest might be. The link above will take you to Google Play, and that is where all of them were found by my research.

safe pregnancy ab workouts

Pregnancy eBooks

eBooks are extremely affordable to educate yourself before and during your pregnancy, while on Google Play I happened to notice these as well. Here are some of them that I found, we should take advantage of these inexpensive resources as well.

  • The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy
  • Healthy Start for Your Pregnancy (Free)
  • Baby, I Am Yours
  • Substance Abuse During Pregnancy (Free)
  • Healthy Pregnancy-A Survival Guide for Expecting Parents
  • The Mama Natural Week by Week Guide
  • Healthy Pregnancy Guide
  • The Pregnancy Project
  • Baby Be Mine (Free)
  • Praying Through Your Pregnancy
  • Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy
  • Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy
  • Pregnancy for Dummies
  • Childbirth and the Newborn
  • Before Your Pregnancy
  • The Pregnancy Test

Here is a good example of the types of eBooks you are going to have access to, now we are going to take a peek at the audiobooks that are available at the very same place.

safe pregnancy ab workouts

Pregnancy Audiobooks

Some people love these and others don’t, once you give them a try they are very relaxing to listen to. At first, I had difficulty staying focused as many people do. With patience and persistence, I now look forward to relaxing and listening to audiobooks all the time.

  • A Mindful Pregnancy
  • Expecting Better
  • The Shit No One Tells You About Pregnancy
  • From Dude to Dad
  • Pregnancy-The Ultimate Guide
  • Healthy Pregnancy
  • The Healthy Pregnancy Month by Month
  • Pregnancy Meditation Yoga
  • Be Prepared for Pregnancy-2 for 1 Bundle
  • Your No Guilt Pregnancy Plan
  • The Modern Midwife’s Guide
  • Pregnancy Nassau Management Plan
  • Blissful Pregnancy
  • Browse and Explore eBooks and Audiobooks 

Google Play is not affiliated with Gizmos Self Help Guides in any way, no matter, if you purchase or pass them up, is totally up to you. Knowing these exist is my intention by including them in this guide, no financial gain to this website will happen by any purchases that you might make.

safe pregnancy ab workouts

Maternity Clothing Shopping

My shopping tip today is where to shop for maternity clothing, and this comes from several website recommendations. We want to get the best information possible, so by researching on more than one site we are accomplishing that.

  • HATCH Collection
  • PinkBlush Maternity
  • Beyond Yoga
  • A Pea in the Pod
  • ASOS
  • H & M
  • Seraphine
  • Nordstrom
  • Motherhood Maternity
  • Storq
  • Old Navy Maternity
  • Rachel Paley
  • Isabella Oliver
  • Rent the Runway
  • Stitch Fix
  • Thred Up
  • Target
  • Tiffany Rose

Maybe you are wondering why Amazon and Walmart are not included in this list, maybe those two stores just are not on the top of the list for maternity clothing? It all depends on your taste and your budget, so don’t count these two out if they are two of your favorites.

safe pregnancy ab workouts

Expecting Mother Support Groups

Never think you have to go through your first pregnancy alone, there are groups and forums online that provide great support. The majority of the members are expecting moms just like you, and some might be experienced to help you get through your first time.

  • Natural Parent Helpline
  • Motherly
  • Blossoming Mothers Online Support Group
  • Baby Center
  • Hand to Hold NICU Family Support Groups
  • Working Moms Support Group
  • Mommies of Miracles
  • The Motherhood Center
  • Facebook Groups
  • Google Groups
  • Forums

With the groups and forums listed above, you should be inspired, now you have some support online whenever you are in need.  Women just like you are members of groups and forums, so don’t be shy you are among new friends.

safe pregnancy ab workouts

YouTube Pregnancy Videos

Whenever I am searching for delicate information, YouTube is one of my favorite resources to use. Many times watching videos are way more useful than reading guides and articles online, so I try to include videos for those of you who learn the best by watching instead of reading.

  • Doctor Answers Exercise During Pregnancy
  • Exercise Do’s and Don’ts
  • Cleveland Clinic Exercise During Pregnancy
  • What Are the Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy
  • Nine Safe Pregnancy Exercises
  • Strength Training During Pregnancy
  • Five Best Pregnancy Lower Back Exercises
  • How Not to Gain Weight During Pregnancy
  • Five Minute Pregnancy Workout
  • Watch Videos on YouTube

Feel free to use the link provided to visit YouTube, this will save you the time searching for them on your own. You can’t go wrong by spending your free time watching videos, and these can make it easier for you to manage your pregnancy.

safe pregnancy ab workouts

Pregnant Teenage Girls

With teenage pregnancy increasing instead of declining, we need to be sure they understand where they can get help. There are organizations and programs for teenagers, and that is what I have included in this article below.

  • Kids Health Organization
  • Center for Young Women’s Health
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Birthright International
  • Child Welfare Information Gateway
  • Medicaid
  • TANF
  • WIC
  • YWCA
  • GED Testing Service
  • American Pregnancy Organization
  • Child
  • Healthy Children Organization

Here are some places for getting started to get help, we must not abandon our teenagers for making this huge mistake. Remember they are still extremely young, and many think they will never become pregnant. Consider talking to your daughter before that happens to her and if she is going to be sexually active consult her physician about what her options are to avoid pregnancy.

safe pregnancy ab workouts

Pregnant Women Resources

Safe Pregnancy Ab Workouts is an important issue for women, and this guide provided you with much more than just exercise during your pregnancy. There are many good sources in this article for more information, and you will find they are budget-friendly or even freebies.

That completes what I have for you at this time, feel free to leave me a comment in my comments section if you wish to share with my other readers. I also have a free auto-notifications form, you will be notified whenever a new guide is published. If you know anyone pregnant, feel free to share this with them. You are my best resource for more people to learn about Gizmos Self-Help Guides and thank you for visiting my website.


















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