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Puppy Shot Record Template

puppy shot record template

Puppy Shot Record Template is your answer to keeping track of your pups’ healthcare, you will find all kinds of freebies in this guide for raising a healthy dog.

Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link.

You always come first whenever I am writing each and every one of my articles, which is very important for me to make clear. This is a website that is to be known one day as a great place for information, and now with that said let us get to helping you.

Free Puppy Shot Templates

Freebies are always a huge part of my self-help guides, and every article includes as many of these as I can find to share. Tiffany Ferguson receives the credit for providing you with the following below, now let us see exactly what you will find Tiffany is giving away.

Tiffany provides puppy training-related content, now if you have or are thinking about getting a puppy this is a free place for information. Right below Tiffany’s, you can have access to more like the ones in the next paragraph below.

More Puppy Goodies Right Here

The following below are extremely similar to what Tiffany provides her followers, so I thought why not share these with you as well to give you, even more, to choose from.  Use the link above to browse these and other useful sources of information, consider this a bonus for visiting Tiffany from Gizmo.

We must admit these are extremely helpful for new puppy owners, and also for those of you with older dogs can benefit from reading these as well. If this is your first time here, by now you are getting an idea of what to expect in all my guides.

Puppy Owners Shot Guide

Maybe this is your first puppy ever, and you have no idea what is involved in the vaccination of your new best friend. That is what is coming up next, and this we owe to the website The American Kennel Club, no matter if your pup is a pure breed or a mixed breed, this is one of my favorite resources for researching the care of my own dog.

Don’t allow this list to overwhelm you, what you want to do is to find a good veterinarian that will ease all of your anxiety. He or She will take extremely good care of your fur baby, and this will be the best for you and your puppy.

Veterinarian Guide

Now we are going to learn how to find our new addition a personal physician of their very own, think of this as your fur baby’s primary physician. We all need one when we are babies, and it is no different for your puppy. This information was provided by My Pet, and below is just a little about them.

My Pet is more than a place to search for a doctor for your pup, as you can see above they provide pet owners with many more benefits. Guess what, you have just found yourself another hidden resource to care for your new best friend.

Puppy Shopping Guide

Shopping tips are another benefit Gizmo is high on providing, and today we are going to find better places to shop for our new puppy. The first step is going to adopt or purchase from a breeder, both have advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Awesome, now we have the information about the best places to begin shopping. This is extremely important today to be sure you are receiving a healthy pup, be aware of buying from people online. Puppy mills are way too common, so I highly suggest you stick with one of these.

Adopting Advantages

Shelters are full of puppies and dogs just waiting for someone to love them, so why should we consider one of these instead of buying from a breeder? Below is what the ASPCA shared in a blog post, and now I am going to share this information with you.

Shelter pups and dogs are way less of a financial expense than purchasing from breeders, now if you have your heart on a specific breed, a breeder is the answer to your dreams. Consider those recommended by The American Kennel Club, if you want to go this route, why not be sure you are getting a healthy purebred.

Puppy Breeder Guide

I want to warn you just because you purchase from a breeder does not mean you are receiving the perfect pup, just over three years a breeder contacted me about a Miniature Australian Shepherd he had. This is one breed extremely difficult to pass up a good deal on, and even though I love this little guy with all my heart. He did come with quite a lot of issues, this pup from day one was scared to death of almost everything. Many people would have given him back, put him in a shelter, or given him away.

The American Kennel Club wrote the blog post that this information came from, and I highly recommend you visit their website if you are shopping for a breeder before buying off of some stranger online.

Puppy Training Groups

Joining online groups can be a hit or a miss, so to give you a good start I am going to provide you with a list of ones that you might want to check out first. Always take your time before becoming a member of any group, since our time is limited, you only want to spend your free time on the best ones.

If you do a search on Google these are on the first page, so these are not in any way associated with Gizmo. I make it a priority to use this search engine to supply you with the best sources of information, now if you trust this search engine, you can have faith these are your best groups to consider first.

The Best Training Apps

Since apps are very popular since smartphones came into our lives, many of you might be interested in what are the best ones to train canines. This was found in a blog post written and published by Rover, now when you are ready here is what they recommend.

If you are into apps these are what Rover recommends, being I am not big into technology, you will have to research these on your own.  I must admit basic phones are more to my liking than smartphones, so I suppose you could say Gizmo is old fashion.

Naming Your New Puppy

One thing I do love about the internet is there are so many cool things that I can share with you, another thing that can be important to new puppy owners is coming up with the perfect name.  My Dogs Name just might be the answer if you are struggling, below we are going to learn more to help you decide if this is right for you.

  1. Friendly
  2. Cute
  3. Tough
  4. International
  5. Elegant
  6. Classic
  7. Funny
  8. General
  9. Sporty

We are now ready to see our results, whenever you are ready just click the blue button Find a Name. This is an awesome tool to give you some inspiration, and also I thought this might be something fun for you to try if you are not in a big hurry.

Puppy Videos

Most of the time, I will try to include some videos in my guides as well. They might be funny, and they might be educational, they are worth watching if you are into them, and have the time.


At the end of all my guides, you will find my freebie section. Some are articles, and others might be free stuff you can find online. Courses and classes are sometimes included, you just never know what will be in my freebie list below.

Let me know how I did with the Puppy Shot Record Template guide, we all would love to hear from you in my comments section at the end of this paragraph. Interested in auto-notifications of my next guide, it only takes a minute to sign up on my pop-up form. This is an easy way to not miss any of my articles that might interest you, and there are no hidden strings attached, this is not a newsletter.














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