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Plants Toxic To Cats

plants toxic to cats

For those of you who love your cat, knowing which houseplants are safe and harmful is what you will learn today.

Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link.

Ready to find out the plants toxic to cats, you also will gain access to the safest plants as well. Decorating your home can really boost your mood, and in turn, will improve your attitude and your quality of life.

Plants That Are Toxic To Cats

Let us begin with some common plants, which will at least rule out many of the ones most of you might add to your apartment or home. Way too many to list in this guide, so before you purchase any new plant research if it is safe for felines.

According to the RSPCA organization, these are the most popular plants unsafe for felines. Many people including myself have some of these plants in my apartment, and my Miniature Australian Shepherd of four years has never bothered them.

Safe Plants For Cat Owners

Before you get depressed, Gizmo has taken the step to include safe feline plants as well. If you just don’t want to risk any harm to your pet, these are your best choices to add to your apartment, home, or even your yard.

  1. Money Tree
  2. Indoor Palm Trees
  3. Spider Plant
  4. Boston Fern
  5. Wandering Jew
  6. Wax Plant or Porcelain Flower
  7. African Violet
  8. Moth Orchids
  9. Cast Iron Plant
  10. Bamboo
  11. Prayer Plant
  12. Christmas Cactus
  13. Swedish Ivy
  14. Gloxinia
  15. Baby Tears Plant
  16. Banana Leaf
  17. Burro’s Tail
  18. Venus Fly Trap
  19. Echeveria
  20. Zebra Plant or Peacock Plant
  21. Friendship Plant
  22. Polka Dot Plant or Freckle Face
  23. Peperomia
  24. Gerbera Daisy
  25. Mosaic Plant or Nerve Plant
  26. Asparagus Fern
  27. Bromeliad
  28. Purple Waffle Plant
  29. Purple Passion Plant
  30. Haworthia Succulent or Zebra Cactus

Never fear, you can still receive the benefits of adding plants into your life even with a cat. Both of these have proven to be awesome for our mental health, this is especially true for folks who are single and living alone.

Safe Feline Plant Shopping Guide

For an extra bonus, let us see what Google recommends for where to shop. This will save you time searching on your own, now below is what this search engine recommends for the best merchants.

The last three on the list are my own personal favorites, I just recently found Hirt’s Garden which I highly recommend. They are extremely affordable and are seedlings instead of large plants, Gizmo will receive zero commission from any purchases from this resource. I am getting more for my money ordering from them, so take a little time and check them out.

The Official US Service Animal & Support Animal  Registry


Plant Poisoning Red Flags

Knowing what to watch out for in your feline can save their lives, many times cats ingest parts of plants that are poisonous. Many while grooming possibly in or near your garden can be infected, one easy way is by the pollen from plants. Anyway, we are going to learn the signs and symptoms that one day might save their life.

Olympia Pet Emergency provided this information, we all should thank them for being so kind. Walk-in patients are more than welcome, you can visit their website to read if you desire with the link above.

How To Find A Veterinarian?

The American Veterinary Medical Association provided what you are about to learn next, this is very useful information for new cat owners. If this guide has been helpful, you might wish to take advantage of my auto-notifications. What you receive is a notice when my new article is published, and the topic it is about. No merchandise promoting or advertisements, just updating what is new on my website.

We really have learned quite a lot so far, but there is even more waiting for you in the following paragraphs. Feel free to leave us a comment about your own experience with cats, this allows us all to learn from one another.

Health Benefits From Cats

Many of us who live with an animal companion experience a happier life, anyone who is single and living alone should consider if this might be right for them. Living with canines my entire life has been such a great asset, many times I would just have given up except a pet will never allow you to.

The following is from research and from my own experience with dogs, so maybe cats are good companions after all. Talking to people who own them, rave about how they have changed their lives, and if neither of these is an option, there are other pets you can consider instead.

Health Benefits From Plants

Since we have been discussing plants, maybe you would be interested in knowing their health benefits as well. That is what you can find out more about in this paragraph, now you can read this or skip to the next paragraph. We are focusing on indoor plants, just so you know before reading on.

Now thanks to the Piedmont Organization, we understand much better the benefits of growing and caring for indoor plants. What has me curious now is if home decorating could be healthy, that is what I am researching next for you.

Home Decorating Health Benefits

Why did home decor come to mind you might be wondering, well being an indoor gardener, I use houseplants to decorate my apartment. This keeps me busy which prevents me from thinking about my problems, so this kind of has a connection with me and maybe with you.

When we have a purpose in our lives we are naturally happier, for me growing and caring for plants along with my dog has dramatically changed my entire way of thinking and feeling. Just from home decorating alone look at all the natural coping skills involved, when you combine this with plants and animals you are getting the most health benefits in your apartment or your home.

Cat Owner Financial Assistance

Even though we love our pets, many people are experiencing financial stress caring for them. Being a pet owner, I am no stranger to this. That is why I included this problem-solver paragraph, you can find assistance without giving up your furry companion.

Here are a few to get you started, and with some research, you can find even more. Many people underestimate the power of the internet, instead of spending as much time on social media take some to search for solutions to your problems instead.

Free Coupons

Gizmo has some free coupons for you today, I try to find a freebie or two in every guide I write for you. We are going to see what coupons are available to save you money, there is no doubt having a cat does cost more than many people realize.

Finding freebies for you is a very important part of my website, I know at times they are not the greatest, but I am doing my very best to get better at this. Remember this website is the new kid on the block, and it does take time to find the best goodies online.

Pet Owner Guides

As always, I share some guides of mine to save you time. We are all very busy without enough time to do everything we want to, so by doing this for you I am saving you the time of searching on your own.

Time for us to part ways once again, I do hope you will return again to read more of my self-help guides. You are my main priority in writing on this website, anything I earn is just a bonus to help me with my own medical expenses. If you like this please share it with your family and your friends, and if you are on social media that would be much appreciated as well.













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