Overweight Dog Diet Plan

The overweight Dog Diet Plan is for helping to keep our fur babies healthier, even today you will notice our pets are carrying extra weight.

Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link.

overweight dog diet plan

Pet Calorie Calculator

Vet.OSU.Ed is a great place for us to start, no matter if you live with a fat dog or fat cat this calculator is a good online tool. What are some things that this website considers in calculating your pet’s calorie intake, that is what my first paragraph is going to educate you about?

  • Neutered Adult
  • Intact Adult
  • Activity Level
  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Active Dogs
  • Puppy
  • Estimated Protein Requirements

Self-Help Guides are highly effective at gaining the information we need, and another one of my favorites is Step-by-Step Guides as well. Both of these are recommended by Gizmo, now when you are researching anything consider these two learning types of content before any other.

overweight dog diet plan

Dog Food Brands

Dog Food Advisor published this blog post, especially on this topic, and knowing which brands are better is our next step to taking better care of our best friend. With the resources in this guide, we all can educate ourselves in providing the best weight management meals for our puppies and dogs.

  • Blue Buffalo is what Gizmo feeds his dogs
  • Victor Purpose recommended for older canines
  • Orijen
  • Hill’s Science Diet
  • Merrick Grain-Free
  • Natural Balance

Ask yourself are you feeding your best friend any of the brands on the list above, and if not, maybe you should give them a try?  To help you, even more, we are going to find out what Google suggests as our best places to shop next.

overweight dog diet plan

Weight Management Shopping Guide

If you are on a fixed income as I am, you will value me providing this information in this guide, shopping tips are another source that is often shared to help you save money. Let me warn you these brands are not the least expensive on the market, but ask yourself isn’t my fur baby worth the sacrifice?

  • Chewy
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Target

Tractor Supply is where I do my shopping for my Miniature Australian Shepherd, here I can purchase the larger bags which saves me money and time. That does not mean you should do the same, but I thought it was worth mentioning in case you were curious about where I find the best deals. No shipping costs really are important today, so consider this tip no matter where you decide to shop.

overweight dog diet plan

Best Kitty Food Brands

Gizmo has not forgotten cat owners, so here is where Google suggests your best choices for weight management for felines. now let us compare them to the dog brands listed above.

  • Blue Buffalo
  • Natural Balance
  • Diamond Care
  • Wellness Core
  • Hills Science Diet
  • Purina Pro Plan

We are seeing some familiar brands, and as well some possibly new brands new to you. Blue Buffalo once again is at the top of the list for cats as well as dogs, even though I am keen on this brand, I want to be sure you know that Gizmo never attempts to influence you which brands and companies intentionally.

overweight dog diet plan

Kitty Food Shopping Guide

Now let us just see what Google recommends for where cat owners can get the best prices, and by using this search engine this guide is providing you with the best information that can be found.

  • Amazon
  • Chewy
  • Tractor Supply
  • Pet Meds
  • Pet Flow
  • Walmart
  • Petco

Since I have never owned a feline, I can only share what information I have found from my resources. Feel more than welcome to leave us a comment if you have anything to share, by us communicating with one another we all can benefit. Don’t be shy about commenting, that is why that section is a part of this website.

overweight dog diet plan

Weight Loss Plan Guide

VCA Hospitals is my next resource that is highly respected, let me remind you by mentioning my sources, I am also providing you with even more websites that you should visit on your own. These are hidden freebies that you should be aware of, so I just wanted to mention this to give you a heads up.

  • Avoid using a pet self-feeder to control their portions
  • If this product is something you really feel you need, VCA recommends purchasing one with a timer.
  • Distracting your dog when they bug you for food and treats is the key, and one way is to play with them or take them outdoors for a walk.
  • Providing them with smaller meals throughout the day often works wonders.
  • If they just will not leave you alone, add just a handful of their favorite dog food to their feeding bowl.
  • I find myself often giving mine water instead of food works well, so why not try giving them water instead before giving into food and treats.
  • Substitute treats with vegetables are an awesome alternative, and my dog seems to love his veggies just as much as store-bought treats.

Just like people, pets need to be on a weight management lifestyle. We never want to put either ourselves or our pets on a short-term diet, but instead, change their eating routine with a healthy lifestyle instead.

overweight dog diet plan

Overweight Pet Disorders

There are many red flags that your best friend’s weight is affecting them negatively, and just like people changing their lifestyle can actually improve disorders that they might be experiencing. VCA Hospital has provided us with some of these that are possible results from overweight dogs and cats, I have listed them below for your convenience.

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Arthritis
  • Frequent joint issues
  • High blood pressure
  • Possible types of cancer

Our dogs and cats are not any different than us, now this might even open your eyes to your pets are not the only ones that might need to get on a weight management plan. As addicting as high-calorie foods are for people, you will find it is the same for animals as well. Maybe if you need to lose a few extra pounds as well, some of the tips in this guide could be applied to your own diet plan.

overweight dog diet plan

Overweight Pet Facebook Groups

How many of you spend quite a bit of your time on Facebook, and if so how are you spending your time? Why not do some research on the groups that are rated as some of the best for overweight pets, you can read posts and ask questions to learn from other pet owners just like you.

  • Obese Dogs
  • Slimline Canine
  • Diamond Care Pet Group
  • The Fat Puppy People
  • S. J. Hales Veterinary Group
  • Paragon Veterinary Group
  • Cromwell Veterinary Group
  • Browse and Explore Facebook Groups

By joining groups you can gain so much free information, and the ones included on the list above are ones that you should browse and explore first. Take your time before becoming a member of any group, with your time being limited you want to spend your time on the ones that are going to help your pet and you the most.

overweight dog diet plan

The Best Pet Owner Forums

Feedspot is another awesome place to find forums, blogs, and websites worth visiting. As a bonus, I am going to list a few that they recommend worth your time checking out when you have the time.

  • Pet Forums UK
  • Pet Forums
  • Maddie’s Pet Forum
  • Wamiz Pet Forum
  • Pet Keepers Guide Forum
  • Your Pet Forum
  • Reddit Pets
  • Trip Advisor Forum-Traveling with Pets
  • Dog Forums
  • Paw Talk Forums
  • Browse and Explore Pet Forums on Feedspot

Feedspot is another one worth adding to your favorites, you might be noticing how informational this guide is beside the links inserted? Paying attention as you read this to who I mention is a great source of information alone, but when you consider everything else included how can you not learn from reading my guides?

overweight dog diet plan

Safe People Food For Dogs

I just didn’t feel right leaving you without sharing safe people treats for dogs, if you gave your dog anything that might harm him, I would feel that it could be partly my fault. This comes from Caesar Way, if you are not familiar with him he is considered one of the best canine experts. Another site that I trust with the information it provides us, so let us see what we can feed our dogs and be safe.

  • Cooked chicken
  • Baby carrots
  • Yogurt
  • Salmon
  • Pumpkin
  • Eggs
  • Green beans
  • Apple chunks
  • Oatmeal

These are not only safe but at the same time, healthier alternatives to store-bought treats. My dog looks forward to these with a passion, and they are healthy for them as well as awesome choices for managing their weight.

overweight dog diet plan

Why My Dog Is Hungry All The Time?

How many of you experience your buddy seems to never be able to get filled up, I noticed my Miniature Australian Shepherd can eat and eat without ever getting sick. Of all the canines I have owned over the years, he is the worse that I have ever experienced for being addicted to eating to such an extreme. Let us see what Ceasar has to say about this, and since I am curious about this for my own dog, I thought why not share it with you as well.

  • Aging
  • Bacterial overgrowth in the intestines
  • Cushing’s disease
  • Diabetes
  • Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
  • Reaction to medication

Now, this is what Ceasar has to say about dogs who eat and eat with no end, but in my case, it is caused by extreme anxiety. Even though I added him to my home as a puppy, he has always had high anxiety and phobias. His vet says he craves food because it comforts him, and this really makes sense when you think about how many people also overeat comfort food from the same problem.

overweight dog diet plan

Overweight Pet Videos

How about us watching a few overweight videos on YouTube, we all enjoy visiting this website for different reasons. Many younger people love their music videos, and business owners learn new marketing strategies. These are focusing on more humorous and entertaining than actually educational, while you are there browse and explore whatever interests you.

  • My Big Fat Pet Makeover
  • Thor God of Blubber
  • Overweight Pups That Need to Lose Weight
  • Fit Family, Fat Dog
  • Overweight Sugar Glider Weights Twice the Normal Weight
  • Obesity and Body Scoring Dogs-Vet Tips on Weight Loss
  • Obese Dachshund Loses 50 Pounds
  • How to Put Your Dog on a Diet-Educational
  • Homemade Weight Loss Dog Food Recipe-Educational
  • Browse and Explore YouTube Videos

As you can see some are humorous and others are educational, you can pick and choose the videos that you prefer to watch. We are now ready for my freebie section that concludes Overweight Dog Diet Plan, if you prefer to receive auto-notifications feel free to sign up on my pop-up form.

overweight dog diet plan


Even though I love sharing ways to help you with whatever topic I am writing about each day, this really is my favorite part of every guide that I write for you. Nothing makes my day more special than giving you something that costs you nothing, and that is the reason you will find these in every one of my articles on this website.

My freebies complete what I have for you today, you are very much appreciated coming to my website to read my guide on overweight dogs and how to help them lose weight. We all want nothing more than our pets to live a long healthy life, and being a dog owner my entire life is why I included this in my topics to write for you. Take some time today to spend with your best friend or friends, and thank you once again for visiting Gizmos Self-Help Guides.



















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