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My new category just added is how-to guides, what we are going to do is educate ourselves on online blog writing jobs. This will be a variety of topics within one category, so this is my educational and training free for you to learn from Gizmo.

Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link.

Experienced Writing Opportunities

We will begin by providing you with where you can earn money online, I am sure that is why the majority of you are reading this article. Gizmo has quite a bit of experience writing and blogging for over ten years, I am going to allow you to pick my brain by reading what I have to share.

  • B.Michelle Pippin
  • Copy Hackers
  • Desert USA
  • Doctor of Credit
  • Earth Island Journal
  • Freedom With Writing
  • Freshbooks Blog
  • Go Daddy Blog
  • Guideposts
  • Income Diary
  • International Living
  • Make a Living Writing
  • Rooted in Rights
  • SitePoint
  • Smashing Magazine
  • Transitions Abroad
  • Truity
  • Upworthy
  • Writers Weekly

Gizmo recommends that only experienced bloggers apply for writing jobs with the resources above, you will find these are extremely choosey on who they approve to join their programs. For those of you with experience, you can earn $50.00 and more for each article published.

Start Learning Free

Free Online Tools For Beginners

Never fear if you are not an experienced writer, if Gizmo could become a successful writer anyone can. There are free tools to assist you with grammar and spelling, with these you have no excuse if being a writer is your dream.

  • Hemmingway Writer
  • Grammarly
  • Power Thesaurus
  • Sharethrough Headline Analyzer
  • Edu Birdie
  • Wordcounter
  • Canva
  • BibMe
  • Trello

I started out with Grammarly and Canva, and even today I am using these tools regularly. Since these are so valuable for beginners and advanced writers, I provided you with links to learn more about them.

Start Making Money Blogging

Beginner Blog Jobs

Online blog writing jobs are not only for experienced bloggers, even as a beginner there are opportunities available. Everyone has to start somewhere, here are some of the better places to get started with your new work from home career.

  • Pro Blogger
  • Blogging Pro
  • Linkedin
  • Flex Jobs
  • Freelance Writing Gigs
  • Indeed
  • Simply Hired
  • Freelance Writers Den

The list above are good resources to get started for beginners, now if you are seriously interested in giving this a try, any of the ones above are good places to get your feet wet. Starting your own blog is another option if you are adventurous, but many lack the confidence, so starting here interests most beginners.

Using Twitter Effectively

Many people lack the knowledge how to use Twitter effectively, we are going to get you started with just a few tips below. This might be something you never thought of on your own, so if you learned something new feel free to tell us in my comments section at the end of this article.

  • Present yourself as a freelance blogger seeking writing jobs. share your niche(s), mention sites you’ve previously written for, and add a link to your website or writer profile.
  • Enter phrases like “writer wanted,”” “blogging job,” . into the search box to find opportunities
  • Follow your favorite freelance writers, keep your eyes peeled for any tweets related to writing jobs.
  •  Hashtags like #bloggingjobs, and #writerswanted, can connect you with possible opportunities.
  • Gizmo is on Twitter Too

Besides using Twitter effectively another source very productive for Gizmo is Pinterest, never overlook either of these websites as free tools to lead you to writing jobs no matter your experience. My last tip for beginners is using Google regularly, and don’t forget about other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

Budget-Friendly Web Hosting For Beginners

Even though much of this article is focusing on beginners, many experienced bloggers just might find valuable information as well. Love to hear from you how this guide has helped you, and if you have any resources to share leave them in my comments section for us all to learn from you.

  • MochaHost: Best overall
  • HostGator: Best for Existing Sites
  • MilesWeb: Best for Simple Websites
  • GreenGeeks:Best for Peace of Mind
  • Namecheap:Best for Hosting Multiple Sites
  • DreamHost:Best for WordPress Beginners
  • Bluehost:Best for WordPress Hosting
  • StableHost:Best for New Businesses
  • Interserver:Best for Unlimited Email Accounts
  • IONOS:Best Introductory Pricing
  • Hostinger:Best Easy-To-Use Website Builder

Beginners and experienced bloggers alike can get the most for their money with these hosting companies, now maybe you prefer a self hosting opportunity such as WordPress. com. That is what this website is using that you are on right now, and my other site “Gizmos Deals n Steals” is using

Affordable Domain Registars

No matter what platform you decide to use, you will want to have your own professional name. This separates you from the others with your own unique URL, even though some bloggers don’t realize this it is very important, and quite a low investment.

  • Name Cheap
  • Go Daddy
  • Google Domains
  • Buy Domanins
  • Hover
  • Host Gator
  • Blue Host

I highly recommend even with a self-hosted website such as invest in a domain name, and I always search for the best one with the extrension dot com. You can go with other extensions if you have your heart set on a specific name, but I have had the most success with dot com than any other extension.

Browse Gizmos Guides 

Free Website Builders

You don’t have to use WordPress if you don’t want to, I am going to share with you some others that might interest you. Providing you with resources is important to me, and if I can save you money that is even better. Let us now take a look at other options that we have, before you do thank you very much for visiting my website today.

  1. HubSpot
  2. Wix
  4. Elementor
  5. Webnode
  6. Jimdo
  7. Mozello
  8. Yola
  9. Weebly
  10. Webflow
  11. Ucraft
  12. SITE123
  13. Strikingly
  14. GoDaddy
  15. Appy Pie Website

As you can see you are not limited to WordPress, with so many others that will cost you nothing to build your dream blog the sky is the limit. Hubspot is really popular among beginners and experienced bloggers alike, so that is the reason you find it on the top of the list provided.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is defined as a mode of online advertising where marketers use banner ads along with other visual ad formats to advertise their product on websites, apps, or social media. Many bloggers with steady traffic can earn a nice income with this strategy, you can focus entirely on your content instead of pushing merchandise to your website visitors.


  • Eye catching ads get your audience’s attention.
  • You can build brand awareness
  • Targeting options that aren’t available through search marketing.
  • You can also reach specific demographics such as gender and age.


  • Lower click-through rate
  • Lower conversions
  •  Ad blocking tools can also stop users seeing your ads.

There is no right or wrong decision when deciding if this is right for you, it really is a personal marketing preference strategy. One thing if you go this route wait until you have steady traffic, the more people visiting your blog, the more income you can generate when using display advertisement.

Best Email Providers For Bloggers

If you choose to allow your readers to contact you through email, you really will want to consider a professional email provider. Below are the better choices I recommend you consider, being professional is important to build trust with your readers.

  • Google Workspace: Best business email provider overall.
  • Bluehost: Best for small businesses.
  • Microsoft 365: Top choice for those wanting advanced business email
  • IONOS:Cheapest business email with a free domain
  • Zoho Mail: Best email provider for small teams
  • DreamHost: Best for businesses wanting unlimited email addresses and a free domain with web hosting
  • IceWarp: Best business email provider for those wanting cheap business email hosting with team chat and video conferencing

Now you are prepared to add a business email if you choose to, above are the better ones that are recommended by bloggers and small business owners. As you can see this website focuses on resources and information, you do have the option to sign up for my mini-self-help guide publication at no cost to you without any marketing promotions.

Free Courses For Bloggers

Interested in some education to get you started, that is what Gizmo has in store for you in this paragraph. You can’t beat freebies, and this website always tries to find some to share with you in every guide. Here are the courses that will cost you nothing below, if you know of any others please share them for us all to know.

  • Digital Marketing
  • WordPress Training
  • Blogging Strategies
  • Writing Course
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Content Markting
  • Inbound Certification
  • Browse and Explore Free Courses

Education is the key to success sooner than later, I spent many years just to get where I am today. Gizmo wants you to experience success sooner than him, and these freebies will give you an awesome start to learning.

Explore Facebook Groups

Blogging Resources

This paragraph will conclude what I have for you, but here you will find even more resources that I could not include in my content. If this was helpful please share with your family and your friends, and if you feel it is worthy, maybe share on your favorite social media sites as well.

  • Site Ground
  • Studio Press
  • Pic Monkey
  • 99 Designs
  • Convert Kit
  • Sumo Me
  • Optin Monster
  • Lead Pages
  • AgoraPulse
  • CoSchedule
  • Edgar
  • Sprout Social
  • Buzz Sumo
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • Zoom
  • ScreenFlow
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Trends
  • Sovrn Platform

Your homework is to do some research on your own, and Gizmo has provided you a nice varity of resources for you to take advantage of. This has been a very enjoyable guide for me to write to help you, remember you learned all of this simpy by reading online blog writing jobs.

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