Is Fasting Healthy For You

Is fasting healthy for you might be crossing your mind, we are going to explore this to help you understand more about this.  Since weight loss is a popular new year resolution, I really feel this is important for us to research to begin the new year.

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Fasting Health Benefits

Let us begin with the health benefits that you could expect, I am pretty sure this is what you are here to learn the most. Before we go any further, know that intermittent fasting is what we are referring to.

  • Weight loss
  • Lower risks of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Heart Health
  • Brain Health
  • Reducing your risks for cancer
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Now that we understand just a few of the health benefits possible with this type of fasting, I feel it is important to include the possible side effects you might experience as well.

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Fasting Health Risks

Knowing the side effects possible is another important factor before fasting, we want to understand the risks before beginning this. Always consult your physician before fasting to be safe, depending on any health problems you might have you should ask your doctor first.

  • Hunger
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Struggling to remain focused
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Headaches

You will be happy to know this usually are short-term for the majority of people, so now we are aware of the health benefits and the side effects. Ready to move on to learn even more, and remember there are always freebies and resources included in every article that I write.

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Recommended Reading

The following recommendations are absolutely free to read, Gizmo always goes out of his way to provide you with useful resources. You will find a variety of them throughout every guide, so you can be sure this is something to watch out for.

  • Preparing for Fasting
  • Intermittent Fasting Diet
  • Body Cleansing
  • How to Fast
  • Dealing with Hunger
  • Lowering Your Fasting Blood Sugar
  • Christian Fasting
  • How Long to Fast
  • Breaking a Fast
  • Lose Weight Fasting
  • How to Lose Weight Fast
  • Fasting Blood Sugar During Pregnancy
  • Browse n Explore Fasting Articles 

With the following publications, you are ready to do your own research. There are many more articles than listed above available and imagine all of these and more located in one place.

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Healthy Fasting Guide

Using fasting as a health tool is safe according to medical experts, but we must understand how to do this without risking harming ourselves. That is what this paragraph is going to provide us, whenever you are ready to learn how to fast safely begin reading below.

  • Beginning gradually to introduce this to your lifestyle is important, maybe this is new information, but we could put our body into shock by not slowly fasting.
  • Cut back on your sugar consumption to prepare your body, if you don’t do this most people will experience the feeling of being hungry and weak.
  • Staying hydrated is a must during this time, as people experience fewer side effects and less severe by drinking plenty of water.
  • Avoiding strenuous exercise workouts is recommended by medical experts, when your not providing the nutrients, you can’t expect your body to be able to function at such high impact.
  • Consulting your physician is a must, especially for those of us on prescription medication. As you are aware, some require you to eat before taking them.
  • Just as you gradually started fasting, you need to do the same as you are about to return to your normal routine.

“Overall, fasting can be a healthy practice that I recommend for many people,” says Dr. Zein.  Studies have shown intermittent fasting  can benefit your heart health, help with weight loss and improve your cholesterol.

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Free Weight Loss Resources

Gizmo is super serious about providing you with resources, you will find way more of these in my content than affiliate links. Any commissions that this website receives are a bonus, what is important is helping people like you to accomplish your goals.

  • My Fitness Pal
  • My Plate
  • Nike Training Club
  • Jullian Michaels
  • Fitness Blender

You now has several free weight loss programs to consider, but be careful there are no hidden fees before you sign up. Even though when  I wrote this they were free, you never know when they are going to start charging you for their services.

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Watch Some Videos

Videos are another awesome asset to researching anything, what I have done is included doctor-approved fasting videos for you to watch and learn from. Let me know in my comments how you like my changes for the new year, and if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

The four videos is from licensed physicians, so you can be sure that you are receiving reliable information from watching them. Due to the lack of interest, I have discontinued my auto-notifications. I am sorry for anyone who signed up, but this is something I felt was not worth keeping on my website for the new year.

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To be completely honest with you this new year, I will be providing the merchants in Gizmos Deals from now on. This will help you decide whether to pass them up or take advantage of my providing them.

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Fasting Apps

Another regular section this year will be my apps, so being these are so popular among most people, I feel you will benefit from knowing about them. Remember to share this guide with your family and your friends, you can be sure I really appreciate you spreading the word.

  • Start Fasting Lose Weight wiith No Diet or Exercise
  • Lose Weight Feel Great
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Body Fast
  • Zero
  • Simple
  • Do Fasting
  • Window Fasting Tracker
  • Fast Easy Tracker
  • Get a Healthier Life
  • Fast Habit
  • Lose Weight App
  • My Fast
  • Start Wellness
  • Fasting for Women
  • Healthy Weight Loss with Fasting
  • Track Fasting
  • Weight Loss, Recipes, and Coaching
  • Simple Fasting Tracker
  • Browse n Explore Fasting Apps

You will even find more than listed above by clicking on the link provided, I receive zero commission by sharing these with you. I know how many of you love your apps, so this is strictly for your convenience.

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Amazon Books

Before anything else, I want you to know Gizmo is not an associate of Amazon. Knowing this is one of your favorite merchants, I thought this would be helpful for any of you book lovers.

  • Never Binge Again
  • Fasting for Women Over 50
  • Walking Your Way to Weight Loss
  • Fasting Transformation
  • The Complete Guide to Fasting
  • Fast, Feast, and Repeat
  • Fasting for Dummies
  • Women Over 60 Fasting
  • Fasting for Beginners
  • Unlocking the Secrets to Weight Loss
  • Fasting Made Easy
  • Browse Amazon Fasting Weight Loss Books

As you know these is just a few examples of what you will find, now that you have some idea of what is available in books on Amazon, we are ready to move on to even more valuable information.

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Support Groups

Being a member of a support group has helped many people, we are going to get access to a variety of groups related to your help problems. Even though this article is focusing mainly on fasting and weight loss, I want to provide you with information to help you to improve your health.

  • Anorexia
  • Binge Eating
  • Celiac Disease
  • COVID-19
  • Crohns Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Eating Disorder
  • Food Allergy
  • Heathy Eating
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Nutrition
  • PMS
  • Sugar Addiction
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Weight Loss
  • Visit SG Support Groups

SG Support Groups was an unexpected find, how many of you are familiar with this website? Maybe you know other resources for groups as well, we would all benefit from you sharing them with us in my comments section.

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Hungry During Fasting

We all are going to more likely experience being hungry as one side effect, what we are going to address now is what can we do about this. Providing you with this is going to save you much anxiety, and the last thing we want is to cause you to become anxious during this time.

  • Water is your very best friend when fasting, so drink plenty of it to ease your hunger while fasting to lose weight.
  • Black coffee is an appetite suppressant, now if you like this hot beverage consider using this to curb your appetite.
  • Not into coffee, what to substitute instead is herbal teas.
  • TV is your worse enemy at this time, so instead find other things such as hobbies to keep your mind off of your tummy.
  • Yoga and meditation help many people while fasting,   both of these are worth learning more about.
  • One more thing is that fasting also will benefit you even if you are not overweight.

Coming up with a simple plan before you get started is a must, Preparing yourself before you take that first step is the key to success, even with this self-help guide there is more to research on your own to be prepared.

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Health Chat Rooms

Another option for free help is health chat rooms online, and if you are single, and live alone, you might not have anyone you feel you can talk to. Many times our family and friends just don’t understand us, but often strangers experiencing the same struggles are actually our best support systems.

  • Eating Disorders
  • Men’s Health
  • Obesity
  • Senior Health
  • Women’s Health

Visit Healthful Chat Organization for chat rooms online, why not give this a try if you are struggling on your own? Even though I have never tried this myself, many people tell me these have been an awesome support for them.

Herbal Fasting Teas

Shopping Tips

Herbal fasting kits are available for anyone interested, this is my shopping tip for you today. Gizmo is not promoting any of these to you, but he does think this might be of interest to some of you. Let us see what was found using Google,  if you ever used any kits please share your experience with us.

  • Para Kit
  • Nature’s Secret Ultimate Fasting Cleanse
  • Detox Full BodyCleansing Kit
  • Prolon Fasting Kits
  • Fast 5-Day Cleansing
  • Herbal Weight Management
  • Her Detox Drink for Weight Loss

Honestly, I would never recommend using any fasting products without consulting your physician. We just are not sure how these will interact with our prescription drugs, so be safe talk with your doctor first.

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This website is steadily growing with more topics, no matter what you are struggling with, one day you will find possible solutions right here. That is my long-term goal, and you can make it happen by sharing on your social media pages.

  • Exercise n Fitness
  • Home n Garden
  • Mental Health
  • Pet Care
  • Relationships
  • Seniors
  • Weight Loss

What other categories would you like me to add this year, I really am dedicated to helping you solve your problems with possible solutions and resources. Never hesitate to leave me a comment, that is the reason that section is a part of this website.



















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