How Do Older Women Flirt

How do older women flirt might be a mystery to younger men, so this article is to help you understand when a lady is flirting with you. Many times after talking with a more mature woman, you might ask yourself was she flirting with me?

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How Do Older Women Flirt

Let us get right to what you are here to find out, many times older ladies will flirt with younger men. That is not always the case, but it is very common just in case you were wondering. These ladies are often referred to as cougars, another word for inexperienced men to know about.

  • Stares right into your eyes as she is talking to you.
  • The lady smiles intently while keeping her attention on your eyes.
  • When her smile is warm and genuine, there is a pretty good chance she is highly attracted and interested.
  • Older ladies are often very high in self-esteem, and many will be the first to start talking to a younger man. Another important clue is she will be listening to every word you say attentively.
  • Women are extremely selective about who they flirt with, so just the fact that they made the first move is a sure sign she is seriously interested.
  • Touching you naturally really is a positive sign, ladies rarely touch someone they just met unless they are flirting with them.
  • Physical interaction between two people is the surest sign there is something serious happening, this can work both ways by returning to touching her to assure her you are interested in her as well.
  • Complimenting a man is another way older women flirt with them, but a serious lady’s compliments will be sincere.
  • Did she go out of her way to let you know she is available, remember in casual chit chat people rarely tell one another their relationship status?
  • Even better is when she goes out of her way to ask you about your own relationships, this is a sure sign never to ignore.
  • By any chance, do you keep running into one another?
  • Showing a serious interest in your personal life is her way of telling you she would love to get to know you much better.

No matter your age, these are a few signs men really need to be aware of. Often guys at the time don’t realize they are being flirted with, why this is men don’t pay as much attention to such things as women do.

Flirting Body Language Signs

Understanding Her Body Signs

Being inexperienced with women flirting can be confusing, many times guys just don’t know what to look for when it comes to body language. That is what we are going to talk about next, these are just a few examples to get you on the right track.

  • A sideways glance over raised shoulders is her way of flirting with her body, many times ladies will do this naturally around a guy to whom she is attracted.
  • Casually making physical contact to see how you react, many times men miss this because the lady makes this appear to be by accident.
  • The more times this happens by her is a sure sign this is intentional.
  • Slightly parted lips, also eyelids that are fluttering.
  • Touching her knee is showing her desire to become more intimate.
  • Signs she is totally relaxed and comfortable around you.
  • Sometimes women will begin blinking more often than normal shows she is intently interested.
  • Hips that sway more than normal are another body language to be aware of.
  • Pay attention if she is leaning closer, sometimes without thinking they will puff out their breasts as well.
  • The hair flip has been known for a very long time to be a good sign, women are proud of their hair and use this to get you to notice them more.
  • Raised eyebrows and lowered their lips, as well as licked her lips.

Many of these gestures are natural by women attracted to the opposite sex, now knowing what to watch for can give men a better understanding if this lady is really into you.

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Just Friend Signs

Sometimes guys inexperienced take a lady the wrong way, maybe she really does like you a lot as a friend. Understanding these signs is very important as well, you don’t want to ruin your friendship over a misunderstanding. Flirting and friendliness often is a problem between the opposite sex, so that is why this is included to help you know the difference.

  • She shows very little interest in your family.
  • Shares with you about other men that interest her.
  • Asking for favors such as taking care of her cat while she goes on a romantic weekend with another guy.
  • Leans on your shoulder when things are going wrong in her life.
  • Does she often set you up with one of her girlfriends?
  • When together you are very seldom alone, they most often include her other friends to join you.
  • This woman rarely is dressed up or wearing makeup around you.
  • Comfortable and relaxed without even trying to impress you.
  • Maybe you feel like one of her girlfriends around her?

When a lady really cares about you as one of her best friends, she will confide in you about almost everything. When her heart gets broken you might be who she calls for comfort, even though you are very special to her, there is no serious intimacy between the two of you.

What Women Look For In Men

Women Cougar Signs

Do you really want to date a cougar might be on your mind, but the first thing you need to know is how to know if this older lady is a cougar or not. That is what we are going to discuss in this paragraph, this is important for younger men to be on the lookout for.

  • The majority of these ladies are approximately 40 years old, they can be a little younger or older as well.
  • Very concerned about their appearance, they usually dress in sexier apparel than most women their age.
  • Fitness is a priority to look their best to attract younger guys, they also will be wearing tight-fitting clothing to show off their youthful figure.
  •  Career lady who has the finances to spoil their younger partner.
  • Attractiveness, ambition, and attention are what they are seeking in a younger man.
  • Aggressive in approaching a man that interests her, she knows what she wants and is always in control of the relationship.
  • Some are interested in one-night stands, while others might want long-term sexual relationship.
  • Extremely confident and the life of the party many times.
  • Low-cut tops and short skirts are often their choices of apparel on nights out.

Now guys you have a better idea of the signs a lady could be a cougar, many men like the attention of this type of older woman. Others are turned off by them, so before you ever get involved in this type of relationship, seriously consider if this really is right for you.

Why Men Like Older Women

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Cougar Dating Books

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Here are a few that caught my eye that might interest you, and for your convenience, I included where you could find them. This is my shopping tip today, saving you time is another important part of this website.

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Are You Ready To Be A Cub

Is dating a cougar right for you might be something to consider, if you decide to go with this type of relationship, you will be labeled as a cub. That is what a cougar’s partner is referred to as.

Dating a Cougar Tips

  • Do you and this older lady want the same thing, if she is looking for a fling and you are not, this might not be a good match?
  • Never ever mention her age difference no matter what.
  • Compliment her regularly about her appearance.
  • Engage in activities that will make her feel young.
  • Are you alright with being her boy toy?
  • In the bedroom ask her what she expects from you.
  • She will expect you to be available at her command.
  • Buy her dinner or pay her way even though she more likely has more money than you.
  • Always treat her like a lady.
  • Being extremely polite and respectful is a must when dating a cougar.
  • Like any relationship, honesty is the best approach.

Knowing more about what she is going to expect from you, will help you consider if this is really right for you. These older ladies know what they want from a man, and it is up to you if you can keep her happy and content. It is more than if you can please her in the bedroom, so now think this over before you jump in over your head.

How Do Older Women Flirt Video

Dating Older Women

Maybe you have never had any experience dating an older lady, so if you have your heart on cougar dating here are some tips that might help you. Being nervous is quite common for many younger men dating an older woman, it is more than performing in the bedroom that you need to know.

  • Older women tend to know what they want.

  • They may be able to teach you things about sex, relationships, and life in general.

  • They may have more control over their emotions.

  • They may become more self-sufficient, emotionally and financially.

  •  They may want to have fun with no strings attached.

Just a few things to keep in mind if you are interested in dating an older woman, they are a much different creature than the younger ladies you might have been dating so far. Treating them with respect should always be your priority, if you are still acting more like a boy than a man, this relationship more likely isn’t going to last.

Get Relationship Help

 Support Groups

Being inexperienced you might benefit from support groups, and even if you are experienced and older these can be worth you considering. With the internet there is help just a click away, now here are a few that I found you might want to check out when you have the time.

If you found this helpful, please share it on your social media with your family and your friends. Gizmo is always more than interested in hearing from you, all you do is leave me a comment in my comment section at anytime. Thank you for reading how do older women flirt, love to hear from the younger men what they thought about this guide.
















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