Homemade Indoor Plant Bug Spray

Homemade Indoor Plant Bug Spray is my secret recipe today, we must stop using so many chemical-loaded products. Many of you might not realize how these can add up to triggering autoimmune diseases, and even possibly be a factor with so many of us experiencing cancer.

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homemade indoor plant bug spray

Three Ingredient Plant Spray Recipe

We are going, to begin with, this easy and simple recipe provided by Well + Good. Gizmo always gives credit where it is deserved, so you could always visit the websites where I get the information in my self-help guides.

What We Need

  • 1/4 cup of vegetable oil
  • 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap with no bleach, I suggest you consider the brand Dawn. Even though Gizmo does not promote specific brands, this is the only brand that I use myself.

How to Use

You just need 1/4 cup vegetable oil, 1 Tbsp liquid dish soap (one that doesn’t contain bleach, degreaser, synthetic dyes, or fragrances), and water.  After putting the vegetable oil and dish soap into a spray bottle, fill it to the top with warm water and shake up all the ingredients. Then, you can spray the mix right onto your plants weekly until you are pest-free.

homemade indoor plant bug spray

Best Indoor Houseplants Guide

Another sure way to repel those nasty pests that sneak into your apartment or home is with special plants, you see some houseplants naturally repel insects naturally. Over the years, I have found the ones below that are great additions that bugs just don’t seem to care for.

Now you have received your first freebie from Gizmo, now by adding a few of these those pain in the butt house pests is not going to drive you crazy. A bonus recipe for pet fleas and ticks instead of those nasty chemical products is another free tip, and all you do is add 20 drops of lavender oil and water into a 16-ounce spray bottle. No more fleas or ticks will bother your pets from now on, and this works on insects as well.

homemade indoor plant bug spray

Neem Essential Oil Insect Spray Recipe

Ready for another easy recipe to rid your houseplants from those pests, This easy-to-do essential oil solution was found on Mother Living Earth, I am big on using these before store-bought products, and not only do these work naturally they are budget-friendly as well.

What We Need

How to Prepare

Add the three ingredients in a clean spray bottle, you can find these at your local dollar stores. Now just spray your precious houseplants once per week, and this simple concoction will do the job without using harmful chemicals.

homemade indoor plant bug spray

Homemade Bug Spray Guide

One of my favorite resources with tons of information and freebies is Pinterest, and for any of you who are interested, I have listed a few of them below for your convenience. Another bonus is my guide on preparing essential oil perfume, feel free to read this one if you have the time.

  • Homemade Bug Spray for Houseplants
  • 28 Ways to Use Dawn Dish Soap
  • 10 Amazing Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide for Plants and Gardens
  • How to Make All Natural Bug Spray
  • Eco-Friendly Bug Spray
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  • 11 Amazing Remedies for Gnats
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  • Browse Pinterest  

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homemade indoor plant bug spray

Insect Repellant Essential Oils

Since essential oils are such a major part of caring for my own indoor plants, I want to share some of them with you in this paragraph. Knowing this information is like money in the bank, so let us start learning which of these you can use for your own plant care.

  • Witch Hazel
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Mints
  • Cedar
  • Citronella
  • Tea Tree
  • Lemongrass
Fill an 8-oz spray bottle halfway with distilled water, and fill the rest of the way up with witch hazel, leaving a ½ head space. Add in your mixture of essential oils about 25-50 drops approximately, what I suggest is to start with 20 drops to be safe. I have found this amount is plenty for my own houseplants, and often less can be better than more.homemade indoor plant bug spray

Simple Green Insect Control Recipe

Hawaii Horticulture wrote a blog post with a recipe using the product Simple Green, this is a general insect control that they highly recommend. You must admit you are getting quite an education from this guide, and so many good resources have been used to provide you with the best information.

This is really an easy way to protect your indoor plants, now you simply add the two ingredients and you are ready to spray your plants. All the recipes in this guide are extremely affordable and easy to use, even if you are on a busy schedule these will not take much of your time at all.

homemade indoor plant bug spray

Shopping For Essential Oil Guide

Maybe you are new to essential oils, and since these are the secret ingredient in many of the recipes. Gizmo is going to provide you with shopping tips on where you can get these online. I did a search for you on Google, so these are not my own recommendations but from this highly respected search engine.

  • Vitacost
  • Thrive Market
  • Plant Therapy
  • Walmart
  • HSN
  • The Healthy Place
  • Amazon
  • My OTC Store
  • eBay
  • Swanson Health Products

What Google has suggested gives us a good variety of stores to choose from, and no matter what your budget might be one of these is sure to be a perfect fit.  Some of these might be your favorite places to shop, and some might be new for you to explore. Learning from my guides is my main purpose in writing them, now let us move on to my next paragraph.

homemade indoor plant bug spray

The Most Pest Resistant Tropical Plants

Possibly you are into tropical plants, they are the most popular for indoor gardening everywhere. My Tasteful Space has five that are our best choices, so these would be the ones that are the best for beginner indoor gardeners.

  • Snake Plant
  • Jade Plant
  • Cast Iron Palm
  • Dragon Tree
  • Chinese Evergreen

Amazing to me that I only have one out of the list of plants above, someone gave me the snake plant which I am not crazy about. I must admit it seems to need very little care, but for me, it just isn’t interesting enough to be one of my favorites.

homemade indoor plant bug spray

Eight Facebook Groups Recommended

Thursd.com recommends the following Facebook groups listed below, they state these are the best for anyone who is a plant lover. If you are into groups on this social media website, here are the ones you might want to explore.

  • The Houseplant Enthusiasts
  • Houseplant Addicts
  • Philodendron Monstera Aroid and Other Tropical Plants Worldwide
  • Houseplant Hoarders
  • Plant Begonia
  • Houseplant Growers
  • Calathea Lovers
  • Variegated Monstera

If you have an account on Facebook, you can just type any of these into the group search to read about them. If you don’t have an account, you can create one at no cost to you. This is another freebie provided by this website, even though most of you reading this more likely already are familiar with this social media website.

homemade indoor plant bug spray

Natural Store Bought Insect Sprays

If you prefer to purchase natural insect sprays in stores instead of making your own, I have decided to include a paragraph with these as well. This will be from another search from the top search engine online, being honest with you is very important to me where the information comes from.

  • Wondercide
  • Ecosmart
  • Neem Max
  • Spectrum
  • Hello Bello
  • Mighty Mint
  • Repel
  • Garden Safe
  • Browse and Explore 

We have a nice variety of natural insect sprays you can shop for in stores, you will find these brands listed above are all available on Amazon. I am sure Walmart more likely is another budget-friendly source to check out, and there also is eBay that will save you money as well.

homemade indoor plant bug spray

Tropical Houseplant Care Videos

In this paragraph, we are going to have access to tropical houseplant care videos. Sharing these is one of my favorite parts of writing these guides, watching them can teach you so much in such a short time. Of course, they are totally free on YouTube.

  • Tropical Plant Care Made Easy
  • How to Seal Terracotta Saucers
  • Repotting the Thanksgiving Cactus
  • How to Care for Indoor Plants
  • Bring Your Houseplants Back to Life
  • Surviving Your First Winter with Houseplants
  • Ohio Tropics Houseplant Care
  • Healthy Houseplant Tips and Basics
  • Tropical Plants Made Easy
  • Croton Plant Care
  • Five Tips for Indoor Palm Care
  • Watch Videos on YouTube

Gizmo loves to help you in any way that he can, you can help him by leaving comments in the comment section. What do you like and dislike about the guides, how can we change them to help you even more?

homemade indoor plant bug spray


It is time for my free resources once again, you might find videos, blog posts, articles, social media pages, and almost anything that you can imagine. This is probably the most difficult part of my entire article, and that is because I take more time trying to find you the best resources that are online.

There are some good ones for you to learn from in the list above, I try to share a variety of topics related to my guide. There is so much we can learn online costing us absolutely nothing, but many of you lack the time so that is why I am doing this for you.



















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