• Fun Indoor Youth Group Games

    Fun Indoor Youth Group Games

    Fun Indoor Youth Group Games is full of inspiration for young people, now let us begin learning from Gizmo.

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    fun indoor youth group games

    Most Popular Youth Group Games

    Let us begin right away with the most popular games to consider, and these were found on a blog post from the website Group Games 101. If this is new to you don’t be surprised, I must admit this was my first time on this site as well. It is highly recommended by Google, so read below to learn which games are the most popular according to them.

    • Sardines
    • On The Couch
    • Heads Up Sevens Up
    • Quack-Quack
    • Signs
    • World Records
    • Truths 1 Lie
    • Detective
    • Caterpillar Race
    • Museum Guard
    • Tap It Out Telephone
    • Scavenger Hunt
    • Scatterball
    • Marshmallow Tower
    • Draw It
    • Tug of War
    • Escape Room
    • Human Table Football
    • Paper Telephone
    • Captain Ball
    • Clue Lifesize
    • Penny Chinny
    • Tennis Ball Tights
    • Magic Carpet
    • Oven Mitt
    • Monkey in the Middle
    • Hot Potato
    • Click Here for More Game Ideas

    Quite a list to get you started on putting together youth group games, we are not going to stop here. next, we are going to research even further. Games are a fun way for children to learn, so that is why choosing the best ones is important.

    fun indoor youth group games

    Educational Youth Group Games

    This paragraph will provide you with some inspirational educational games for children, there are different types for all learning styles. To learn more about these, you can take this short quiz if you have the time.

    • Up-Front Games
    • Screen Games
    • All-Play Games
    • Team Games
    • Bible Games
    • Outdoor Games
    • Socially Distanced Games

    Now we are going to give you some in each of these to inspire you, we really need and want to provide access to a variety to help the most children. Every child does not learn the same ways, so by doing this everyone in the group can benefit.

    fun indoor youth group games

    Up-Front Games

    We might as well begin with the first one on the list above, and then we will work our way down until all of them are covered. This will give you access to a nice variety to choose from, as a bonus for reading my article today I have Free Autism Communication Cards as a free gift.

    • What’s Behind Me
    • TP Dash
    • Name That Tune Meow
    • Moose, Meese, Moosen
    • Dear Mom, I’m Fine
    • Bad Bible Translator

    The benefits children will receive from playing these are to be in front of an audience, how many of us as kids hated going in front of the class to read book reports? By exposing them this early in life, they will be prepared to speak in front of a crowd in the near future.

    fun indoor youth group games

     Family Time Activities

    Before we move on to our next type of game, Gizmo has Easy Preschool Cooking Recipes to share with you. This not only prepares them for taking care of themselves as they become older, but this is an awesome family time activity for the entire family to join in.

    All of the above are awesome ways to create fun yet educational activities, and parents today often become so busy with their careers, that there is not enough time spent together as a family. Two-week vacations are great, but that is not nearly enough time to bond with your children.

    fun indoor youth group games

    Screen Games

    Our next type to learn more about are screen games, besides these being extremely fun choosing the right ones can be educational as well. Below is a list of a few for you to be aware of, and there are many more available.

    Screen games are played on devices and televisions the most, but you could play them on a wide screen using a projector machine as in the olden days. Remember this when you were in school, well believe it or not this still exists today.

    fun indoor youth group games

    All Play Games

    Next on our agenda are all play games, so these might be brand new to some of you. The ones I have for you allow everyone in your group to play at the same time, and as they say the more the merrier.

    • Balloon Tower
    • The Floor is Lava
    • The 25
    • Ping Pong Ball Frenzy
    • Two Sport Ball
    • Chairball

    Another all play activities for the entire family could be Homemade Soap Making, and this would really be something new for everyone to learn even mom and dad. Just something else that came to my mind as writing this, so this might and might not be right for your family.

    fun indoor youth group games

    Team Games

    Working together as a team is an educational experience every child needs to learn, one day they might be working for a company on a team. Not knowing how to get along with others could sabotage their success, what are some team games we are going to learn about next?

    • Everywhere Volleyball
    • Three Legged Dodgeball
    • Bucketball
    • Competitive High Five Games
    • Traffic Jam Knockout
    • The Cup Game

    These types are just as important as the up-front games for a child’s future, so these are two that every family and youth group should include in their game nights. Making Your Own Perfume would be an interesting youth group activity, and a great way to introduce working as a team.

    fun indoor youth group games

    Outdoor Games

    As another bonus outdoor games are included in this article, who wants to spend their time indoors when the weather is warm and sunny? We have some for you below, and we are really getting lots of ideas to choose from.

    • The Bucket Brigade
    • The Happy Meal
    • Boot Soup
    • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    • Best of the Mess
    • Ducks Away

    Here we have some outdoor options for youth groups and family nights, remember the most simple activities can be the most precious childhood memories for many children.

    fun indoor youth group games

    Bible Games

    Bible games are a fun way to teach us the word of God. Even if you are not a religious person, knowing about this special book and what is inside is an education of its very own. I am not a religious person, but I have read the entire bible several times. It has made me a better person, so it was well worth my time.

    My own family growing up never had a family night, and at that time I was not involved with any youth groups. Now as a grown-up, I feel like I missed out. Even with my own sons, this never was a part of our life. Today my family isn’t close, and now I realize how much we missed by not including this in my son’s life.

    Socially Distanced Games

    With COVID this could be a very important section to read and learn from, even though most of us are vaccinated. People are still experiencing COVID symptoms, so it does not appear it is going away in the near future.

    • Emoji Bible Stories
    • Reverse Charades
    • Andy’s Coming
    • Speed Carving
    • How Do You Doo
    • Bible Wrap Roulette

    Are you craving more information about the educational youth group games, all of these can be found by clicking here? I could have never tempted you will all these possibilities without sharing where to learn more about them, and we have just a little more left so don’t run off quite yet.

    fun indoor youth group games

    Game Shopping Guide

    Gizmo now has a Shopping Tip for anyone ready to shop for the best youth group games, by saving you the time searching on your own, I am happy to provide this special section.

    • The Christian Party Game
    • Christian Culture
    • Road Trippin
    • Talkin Point
    • So You Think You Know The Bible
    • Off-Topic
    • Bible Trivia Bingo
    • Beat That
    • What Are The Odds
    • The Action Bible Guessing Game
    • Let’s Have Church
    • Incohearent
    • Give Me Three
    • Freedome of Speech
    • Jumbo Junior
    • Glow Battle
    • Hoover Ball
    • Skyjo
    • It’s in the Bag
    • Confident
    • I Should Have Known That
    • Memo Bible
    • Hot Seat
    • Mindfulness Therapy
    • Find and Seek
    • Sounds Fishy
    • Brain Freeze
    • Dear Smart Girl
    • Explore and Browse Best Youth Group Games

    Fun Indoor Youth Group Games are full of games, and all of these are educational which is important for young people’s future. Children who attend youth groups tend to be emotionally healthier, and with mental health at its highest ever we need to do all we can to keep our children healthy.

    fun indoor youth group games

    Gizmos Resources

    Time to provide you with some resources that can be beneficial to you once again, without taking any more of your precious time here is what I have to share with you today below.

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  • Best Weight Loss Home Workout

    Best Weight Loss Home Workout

    Everyone is asking what is the Best Weight Loss Home Workout to be doing, and that is what we are going to discuss in today’s article.

    Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link.

    Let us explore in the next paragraph just what are our best choices, and whether there is one size that fits everyone that might be on your mind at this time. That is just one of the questions being discussed, so read on if you dare.

    best weight loss home workout

    How To Choose The Best Exercise Workout

    We will begin by learning from what myDr.com has to say, this website wrote us a guide on this particular subject. This really should be our first step before anything else, so let us get started with the doctor’s suggestions. For your convenience, I have listed them below.

    • Ask yourself what you enjoy doing more than anything else, and by us making exercising fun, we are going to stick to it more than something we just don’t enjoy.
    • Gizmo prefers cycling, walking, and hiking nature trails. Now those are activities I love to do daily, so these are enjoyable for me to be doing regularly.
    • The doctor recommends a variety of exercises or activities, and by doing this we are going to lose more weight which is why most of us are doing this in the first place.
    • Cardio and strength training will provide us with total body workouts, but if you are like me weight lifting is not an option with my age and health problems. In this case, consult your physician to assist you in what are your best options.
    • The intensity is another factor the blog post recommends, I do this by walking on my easy days, hiking nature trails for a more intense workout, and cycling as my most intense of them all.
    • If you are wondering what the better weight training choice might be, you will find Kettlebell Workouts are considered you most affordable plus best for at home.
    • Consider your schedule as well as your lifestyle, many people older in age now are into swimming. By being a member of the YMCA or a pool, you can stop by at your convenience to work out in the pool. I like walking because it is the easiest to fit into any schedule, you can even do this during coffee breaks and lunchtime.
    • By the way, no matter your budget there is a membership available at your nearest YMCA. So if you are living on a tight budget, there are financial assistance programs that you can apply for.
    • Speaking of the YMCA, we have another option to sign up for an exercise class, even though this is not our topic today, I just wanted to mention this so you are aware of this option as well.
    • Remember the weather always is not perfect for outdoor activities, so we need to have indoor options planned to stay on our schedule. For many, a treadmill or stationary bike is a good choice, but there are many others you can find by shopping online.
    • Stationary bikes are a much better option for anyone with balance problems, and that is what I use myself because it is safer for me than using the treadmill.
    • If endurance is an issue splitting your routine up works for most people since I walk my day several times per day. I go for shorter walks more often that works out very well for both of us, try for twenty minutes at least is a good starting point.
    • Whenever possible try to stick to a specific schedule, and by doing this in as little as two weeks it will become a regular part of your day.
    • Do you have any friends or family who have the goal to lose weight, why not join up together? The more people the better, maybe even talk to some of your church members. Everyone needs to be more active if they are able to, we are getting ourselves into the right state of mind before starting our new lifestyle.
    • Consult your physician for any health issues you or anyone in your group might be experiencing, we don’t want you to do anything that is going to harm you.

    With the doctor’s guide, we are ready to explore some home workouts in my next paragraph. As you noticed, I did add some of my own experience along with the guide to allow you to know more about how I manage my own weight management.

    best weight loss home workout

    Women Exercise Workout Guide

    If you are a younger lady with no serious health problems, Shape.com has some exercise workouts to share with you. Always consult your physician before you start any of them, it is better to be safe than sorry.

    • Step It Up Plyometrics
    • Tabata Home Workout
    • 20-Minute Weight-Loss
    • No Equipment Cardio
    • Stretching
    • HIIT Bodyweight
    • Hard-Body Meltdown
    • Interval Running Workout
    • Ultimate Weight-Loss 
    •  All-Terrain Cycling
    • Metabolism Booster

    Pregnant women should never start any type of exercise workout without talking with their doctor, there are good choices and bad choices whenever you are pregnant. This is very important to take seriously, but you should be active with good judgment even when carrying a little one.

    best weight loss home workouts

    Best Weight Loss Workouts Over 50

    Livestrong.com provided what we are going to learn next, and this is especially for anyone male or female over the age of fifty. Being we are not young roosters and hens any longer, we must consider our age when choosing the best home workouts.

    • Walking is safe for this age group as long as you have no mobility issues
    • Strength Training only if your doctor approves
    • Yoga
    • Interval Training

    Livestrong suggests these are your best choices at this age, but of course, you will need to consider if you have any prior health issues. Walking and Yoga are your safest alternatives on the list, no matter your age both of these are considered relatively safe for beginners.

    best weight loss home workout

    Best Weight Loss Workout Videos

    Video workouts are an awesome method to exercise from home on your own, and there is a wide variety of them that you can find online. Consider this list as my shopping tip for you today,  now here are the betters ones to check out.

    • Cardio Abs: HIIT Cardio Interval Training
    • Walk On: 21-Day Weight Loss Plan
    • Feel Good Fusion: Pilates, Barre, and Yoga
    • Cathe Perfect 30 Perfect HIIT Exercise
    • HIPSHAKE Strong and Sexy Cardio Dance
    • Strong by Zumba High-Intensity Cardio
    • Ballet Beautiful-Barre Dance-Inspired Fitness
    • Shop Amazon for Weight Loss Videos

    We can find these and many more to get started exercising at home, but maybe you are not interested in investing in this option at this time. Everyone might not be able to afford to invest in them due to high prices, and in that case, we are going to see what YouTube has for us instead.

    best weight loss home workout

    Free Weight Loss Exercise Videos

    Off we go to YouTube to see what we can find, and this website is not only interested in earning a commission from any purchases that you make. I make providing you solutions to solve your problems my priority, so for those of you who prefer free resources that is what is below.

    • 30-Minute Home Workout to Burn Fat
    • 14-Days Weight Loss Challenge
    • Home Workout to Lose Inches
    • Exercises to Lose Belly Fat
    • Extreme Fat Buring Home Workout
    • 30-Minute Fat Burning Workout for Beginners
    • 10 Simple Exercises to Lose Weight at Home
    • Cardio vs Weight Training
    • Free Home Workout Guide
    • Explore and Watch YouTube Videos

    Feel free to take advantage of the free videos on YouTube, why pay for something you can get for free? I go to this website before ever purchasing online, and I am sure many of you would appreciate me sharing this with you in all my articles.

    best weight loss home workout

    Best Weight Loss Exercise Guide

    In this paragraph, we are going to gain excess from several sources that ranked on Google’s first page, now by sharing all the exercises these websites recommend you are getting the best weight loss home workouts right here.

    • Walking once again is at the top of our options from the number one ranked blog post on Google.
    • Jumping Rope
    • Planks
    • Push-Ups
    • Pull-Ups
    • Squats
    • Lunges
    • Yoga
    • Burpees
    • Frog Jumps
    • Side Box Jumps
    • High Knees
    • Mountain Climbers
    • Alternating Jumping Lunges
    • Jogging
    • Cycling
    • Swimming
    • Weight Lifting
    • Kettle Bells
    • Interval Training
    • Hiking Nature Trails
    • Free Home Workout Plan Printable

    To help you, even more, to get started, I included above a freebie that you can print out for your convenience.  When I come across anything that might help you, you can be sure that it will be included. That is my main purpose is to help you in any way I possibly can, so if this home workout plan suits you just print it out.

    best weight loss home workout

    Best Weight Loss Home Equipment

    For anyone who finds exercises boring to be doing at home, you might be interested in the best weight loss home equipment to consider. Be sure to talk with your doctor before investing your money, why take the risk that what you choose is only going to cause you pain instead of health benefits?

    • Treadmill
    • Rower
    • Stationary Bike
    • Stepper
    • Elliptical
    • Kettle Bells

    Before you get your credit card out, you really need to seriously consider which of these if any are right for you. Even though I love to walk and hike the treadmill according to my own physician is a bad choice for me,  with my endurance limitations and balance issues this could be very dangerous for me to be using at home. If you are healthy the best fat-burner is elliptical, so that is something you might find useful to know.

    best weight loss home workout

    Resources And Deals

    We are ready for our resources and deals, let us see what old Gizmo has found for you today. I really make it a point to do my best to find you the lowest-priced merchandise, and freebies are an important part of this website as well.

    Before you take off, I just want to remind you that you can sign up for free for my auto-notifications. Every time I publish a new article, you will be notified of what my topic is about.  My way of saving you time visiting my website for guides that really don’t apply to you, and at the same time prevent you from missing any that will be of interest to you.















  • Healthy Food Chart Printable

    Healthy Food Chart Printable

    Healthy Food Chart Printable can really be your answer to understanding your diet, with so many claiming to be healthy, no wonder so many people are confused.

    Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link.

    Gluten is one of the most recent discoveries that are actually not healthy for some of us, and I just happen to be one of these people who are intolerant to them. Another one is dairy products,  I also am intolerant to those as well. You might think you are eating extremely healthy, but your immune system might have other ideas.

    healthy food chart printable

    Free Printable Healthy Food Charts

    You will experience all the self-help guides written by Gizmo are located in one place, and this is for your convenience provided as a thank you.  We are now going to go straight to the freebie you came here for, so below are some that I have found especially for you.

    • The Free Printable Food Tracker
    • Low Carb Food List
    • Printable Healthy Eating Chart and Coloring Pages
    • Easy Printable Healthy Eating Chart for Kids
    • Behavior Charts to Track Healthy Eating
    • Healthy Eating Printable Materials and Handouts
    • Health, Food, and Nutrition Printable Worksheets

    Gizmo recommends Pinterest as a good website for free printables, so this just might be one that you will want to keep in mind when searching for these types of sources.

    healthy food chart printable

    Select Health Organization wrote a blog post that you might find helpful, and this includes the seven foods that will help you burn belly fat. It is a fact that this is the most common body part we store excess weight, and I am going to provide the list from this blog post below.

    • Beans
    • Salmon
    • Yogurt
    • Red Bell Peppers
    • Broccoli
    • Edamame
    • Diluted Vinegar

    The best belly fat foods that burn the excess fat are listed above for you, even though these are not the only options to choose from. They are a good basic start to losing those extra pounds around your mid-section, with more weight loss tips remaining so keep reading to learn more.

    healthy food chart printable

    The Ultimate Weight Loss Food List

    Being this article is focusing on weight loss and food, I have taken the time to include a more extensive list in this paragraph. You will find even more good choices than in the best belly fat foods, let us learn more by reading the list of foods below.

    • Asparagus
    • Avocado
    • Beans
    • Blueberries
    • Cardamom
    • Chili Peppers
    • Cinnamon
    • Coffee
    • Eggs
    • Fish
    • Grapefruit
    • Grapes
    • Greek Yogurt
    • Green Tea
    • Leafy Greens
    • Milk
    • Nuts
    • Olive Oil
    • Vinegar
    • Watermelon

    Yard Barker provided these in their fat-burning blog post, now here is another good resource besides the Select Health Organization to add to your favorites. Combine exercise with your diet, and you have a winning strategy. Another important tip people often overlook is portion control, even the healthiest foods can sabotage your plan if you are overeating them.

    healthy food chart printable

    Weight Loss Fruit Guide

    You might wonder what fruit contains the lowest calories, so that is what I have for you next.  We all love that natural sweet taste of this food group, but this can actually sabotage our diet depending on our portions and how many calories they contain.

    • Strawberries
    • Peaches
    • Cantaloupe
    • Honeydew Melon
    • Grapes
    • Blackberries
    • Papaya
    • Raspberries
    • Apples

    With the knowledge of the better fruit to be eating, we can cut back on our calories. This in turn will assist us in making a good diet plan, now let us just see what veggies are the best for us to be eating regularly.

    Lowest Prices Online-Health Products

    Weight Loss Veggie Guide

    As promised, we are going to gain access to the lowest-calorie vegetables.  Even though all of these are good choices, some of them are better than others to be eating regularly. By any chance do you have a picky eater in the family,  many families with autistic children experience this to be a problem?

    • Watercress
    • Arugula
    • Lettuce
    • Alfalfa Sprouts
    • Nappa Cabbage
    • Cucumber
    • Celery
    • Radishes
    • Bok Choy
    • Cabbage

    The fruit and veggie guides were found on the website My Food Data, now this is yet another good resource that you might want to remember.  By mentioning where I am getting the information you are reading, I am providing you with resources that you just might want to keep in mind.

    healthy food chart printable

    Weight loss Protein Guide

    Our bodies need protein to stay healthy, but is all of them good for managing our weight?  The website Healthline recommends which ones are the best, we are going to find this information out next.

    • White-Fleshed Fish
    • Plain Greek Yogurt
    • Beans
    • Peas
    • Lentils
    • White Poultry Skinless Meat
    • Low-Fat Cottage Cheese
    • Tofu
    • Lean Beef
    • Powered Peanut Butter
    • Low-Fat Milk
    • Pork Loin
    • Frozen Shrimp
    • Egg Whites
    • Bison

    Healthline has done an extremely good job providing us with protein choices,  We are really receiving quite an education from Healthy Food Chart Printables, and there is even more in the remainder of the self-help guide.

    healthy food chart printable

    Gluten-Free Diet

    Many people are going gluten-free, but who benefits the most from this especially difficult diet to follow? That is what I would like to provide you now, there is no evidence that you will lose weight, but there is the possibility you will begin to experience fewer digestive problems.

    • Celica Disease
    • Gluten Sensitivity
    • Gluten Ataxia
    • Wheat Allergy

    For more information on going gluten-free, I recommend you read the blog post written by the Mayo Clinic. This is one of the first websites that I go to for health-related answers to my own health questions, so you also might want to use this for your own research as well.

    healthy food chart printable

    Non-Dairy Diet

    Medical News Today provided us with non-dairy high calcium foods, and for anyone who can’t consume dairy, this can be very important for you to know. Another one of my favorite when researching, and possibly you will want to add this one to your list.

    • Chia Seeds
    • Soy Milk
    • Almonds
    • Dried Figs
    • Tofu
    • White Beans
    • Sunflower Seeds
    • Broccoli Rabe
    • Edamame
    • Kale
    • Sesame Seeds
    • Broccoli
    • Sweet Potatoes
    • Mustard Greens
    • Collard Greens
    • Okra
    • Oranges
    • Orange Juice
    • Butternut Squash
    • Arugula

    Amazingly there are more alternatives to getting calcium than we realized, you also can supplement which many people on restricted diets opt to do. These could also be considered shopping tips as well as health tips, which is a double bonus you are receiving by reading this today.

    The App that monitors your rate of aging.

    Recipe Videos

    Videos are an extremely easy method to learn just about anything, and today I am including gluten and dairy-free recipe videos. For those of you who are like me, these can really spice up your meals. I know before finding recipes I was eating the same thing day after day most of the time, but now there is a nice variety in my diet without tummy pain.

    • Five-Day Gluten-Free Meal Plan
    • Budget-Friendly Meal Prep for Your Week Gluten and Dairy Free
    • Gluten and Dairy Antiflammaroty Diet
    • Gluten-Free Plus IBS Friendly Recipes
    • Gluten-Free Dairy-Free on a Budget
    • Gluten Early Intolerance Symptoms
    • Recipes That Will Satisfy Your Hunger
    • Explore and Watch Videos on YouTube

    YouTube is my place to go for video education, and this can also be your go-to place also. You can learn just about anything your little heart desires, why not use the link above to explore what you can find and learn at no cost to you?

    healthy food chart printable

    Health Resources

    We are on my last paragraph which I provide you with some resources, if you notice any that might benefit you feel free to click on them to gain more information. Don’t forget about my auto-notifications signup form, this costs you nothing and just notifies you when I publish a new article and what it is about. Awesome time-saver for my readers, and never any promotional mail will arrive in your mailbox.

    Time for us to part ways, for now, feel free to leave me any comments in my comments section at any time. Have any requests health-related, I would love to research them for you to be your problem solver. That is what Gizmos Self Help Guides is all about, so don’t be shy to tell me how I can improve your health.

















  • Safe Pregnancy Ab Workouts

    Safe Pregnancy Ab Workouts

    Safe Pregnancy Ab Workouts is for ladies that are expecting, but even though you are in the family way does not mean that you should not exercise.

    Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link.

    The exercises in the next paragraph are recommended by the Mayo Clinic Organization, now that you know where I found what you are about to learn, let us go to the next paragraph.

    safe pregnancy ab workouts

    Safe Effective Pregnancy Exercises

    The first resource that you might trust with your unborn baby’s life might be the Mayo Clinic Organization, and if this is so here are the exercises that they recommend. Think of my self-help guides as a messenger to reliable sources, that is the intention of this website to help you by providing the best information possible.

    • Wall Pushups
    • Squats with Fitness Ball
    • Leg Lifts
    • Step-Ups
    • Side Planks
    • Supported V-Sits
    • V-Sits with Balance Trainer
    • One-Leg V-Sits
    • Seated Rowing with Resistance Tubing
    • Seated Deadlifts with Resistance Tubing

    Watching the slide presentation available on the Mayo Clinic Organization website is something that you might experience useful, often visual gives us a much clearer picture of how to perform specific exercises.

    safe pregnancy ab workouts

    Mayo Clinic Diet

    Before we learn about the Mayo Clinic Diet Program, I want to make one thing very clear. Consult your physician before starting any type of exercise program or diet during your pregnancy, we never want to take any chances of harming your unborn baby.

    Voted as the best weight loss program by U.S News and World Report, now if you value these two recommendations, you are sure to have faith that this is a safe program to consider. Again consult your physician before doing anything else, I can’t express in words how important this is for you and your unborn baby.

    safe pregnancy ab workouts

    Best Prenatal Programs

    The first fact you need to know is exercise is an important part of your pregnancy care, this has been proven to improve the majority of women’s and their baby’s health. Very Well Family did the research for us, now I am going to share what they found with you.

    • Popsugar Fitness
    • The Sculpt Society Mama
    • Prenatal Yoga Center
    • Babylove Mamas
    • Peloton
    • The Bump Method
    • Melissa Wood Health

    We can find all of these programs on the internet, so feel free during your spare time to visit any of these websites that interests you. According to the blog post, we have just been given the very best ones to consider by Very Well Family.

    safe pregnancy ab workouts

    Pregnancy Apps

    For you technology fans, I have the very best pregnancy apps recommended. Even though this is not something I use myself, that does not mean I don’t feel they are not worth sharing with you. Being old fashion is one of the things I need to work on, let us just see what are the best ones to consider.

    • Pregnancy Exercise-Fitness
    • Music for Pregnancy Relaxation
    • Prenatal Yoga Poses
    • Baby 2 Body-Pregnancy Wellness
    • Pregnancy Workout Program
    • Prenatal Yoga-Down Dog
    • Pregnancy Diet
    • Expectful-Wellness for Moms
    • Preggers-Pregnancy and Baby
    • Woman Log-Pregnancy Calendar
    • Losing Weight After Pregnancy
    • LactApp-Breastfeeding Expert
    • Pregnancy Day by Day
    • Flow Yoga Asana-Yoga Poses for Beginners
    • Fertility Friend Ovulation
    • Yoga Download-Yoga App
    • Kegel Exercise-Pelvic Floor
    • Move Your Bump
    • Gentle Birth Pregnancy
    • Vita-Pregnancy Diet Plan
    • Safe Delivery
    • Browse and Explore Pregnancy Apps

    With all these to choose from, you have a nice variety no matter what your interest might be. The link above will take you to Google Play, and that is where all of them were found by my research.

    safe pregnancy ab workouts

    Pregnancy eBooks

    eBooks are extremely affordable to educate yourself before and during your pregnancy, while on Google Play I happened to notice these as well. Here are some of them that I found, we should take advantage of these inexpensive resources as well.

    • The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy
    • Healthy Start for Your Pregnancy (Free)
    • Baby, I Am Yours
    • Substance Abuse During Pregnancy (Free)
    • Healthy Pregnancy-A Survival Guide for Expecting Parents
    • The Mama Natural Week by Week Guide
    • Healthy Pregnancy Guide
    • The Pregnancy Project
    • Baby Be Mine (Free)
    • Praying Through Your Pregnancy
    • Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy
    • Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy
    • Pregnancy for Dummies
    • Childbirth and the Newborn
    • Before Your Pregnancy
    • The Pregnancy Test

    Here is a good example of the types of eBooks you are going to have access to, now we are going to take a peek at the audiobooks that are available at the very same place.

    safe pregnancy ab workouts

    Pregnancy Audiobooks

    Some people love these and others don’t, once you give them a try they are very relaxing to listen to. At first, I had difficulty staying focused as many people do. With patience and persistence, I now look forward to relaxing and listening to audiobooks all the time.

    • A Mindful Pregnancy
    • Expecting Better
    • The Shit No One Tells You About Pregnancy
    • From Dude to Dad
    • Pregnancy-The Ultimate Guide
    • Healthy Pregnancy
    • The Healthy Pregnancy Month by Month
    • Pregnancy Meditation Yoga
    • Be Prepared for Pregnancy-2 for 1 Bundle
    • Your No Guilt Pregnancy Plan
    • The Modern Midwife’s Guide
    • Pregnancy Nassau Management Plan
    • Blissful Pregnancy
    • Browse and Explore eBooks and Audiobooks 

    Google Play is not affiliated with Gizmos Self Help Guides in any way, no matter, if you purchase or pass them up, is totally up to you. Knowing these exist is my intention by including them in this guide, no financial gain to this website will happen by any purchases that you might make.

    safe pregnancy ab workouts

    Maternity Clothing Shopping

    My shopping tip today is where to shop for maternity clothing, and this comes from several website recommendations. We want to get the best information possible, so by researching on more than one site we are accomplishing that.

    • HATCH Collection
    • PinkBlush Maternity
    • Beyond Yoga
    • A Pea in the Pod
    • ASOS
    • H & M
    • Seraphine
    • Nordstrom
    • Motherhood Maternity
    • Storq
    • Old Navy Maternity
    • Rachel Paley
    • Isabella Oliver
    • Rent the Runway
    • Stitch Fix
    • Thred Up
    • Target
    • Tiffany Rose

    Maybe you are wondering why Amazon and Walmart are not included in this list, maybe those two stores just are not on the top of the list for maternity clothing? It all depends on your taste and your budget, so don’t count these two out if they are two of your favorites.

    safe pregnancy ab workouts

    Expecting Mother Support Groups

    Never think you have to go through your first pregnancy alone, there are groups and forums online that provide great support. The majority of the members are expecting moms just like you, and some might be experienced to help you get through your first time.

    • Natural Parent Helpline
    • Motherly
    • Blossoming Mothers Online Support Group
    • Baby Center
    • Hand to Hold NICU Family Support Groups
    • Working Moms Support Group
    • Mommies of Miracles
    • The Motherhood Center
    • Facebook Groups
    • Google Groups
    • Forums

    With the groups and forums listed above, you should be inspired, now you have some support online whenever you are in need.  Women just like you are members of groups and forums, so don’t be shy you are among new friends.

    safe pregnancy ab workouts

    YouTube Pregnancy Videos

    Whenever I am searching for delicate information, YouTube is one of my favorite resources to use. Many times watching videos are way more useful than reading guides and articles online, so I try to include videos for those of you who learn the best by watching instead of reading.

    • Doctor Answers Exercise During Pregnancy
    • Exercise Do’s and Don’ts
    • Cleveland Clinic Exercise During Pregnancy
    • What Are the Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy
    • Nine Safe Pregnancy Exercises
    • Strength Training During Pregnancy
    • Five Best Pregnancy Lower Back Exercises
    • How Not to Gain Weight During Pregnancy
    • Five Minute Pregnancy Workout
    • Watch Videos on YouTube

    Feel free to use the link provided to visit YouTube, this will save you the time searching for them on your own. You can’t go wrong by spending your free time watching videos, and these can make it easier for you to manage your pregnancy.

    safe pregnancy ab workouts

    Pregnant Teenage Girls

    With teenage pregnancy increasing instead of declining, we need to be sure they understand where they can get help. There are organizations and programs for teenagers, and that is what I have included in this article below.

    • Kids Health Organization
    • Center for Young Women’s Health
    • Planned Parenthood
    • Birthright International
    • Child Welfare Information Gateway
    • Adoption.com
    • Medicaid
    • TANF
    • WIC
    • Healthfinder.gov
    • YWCA
    • STAYteen.org
    • PennFoster.edu
    • GED Testing Service
    • American Pregnancy Organization
    • Child Welfare.gov
    • Healthy Children Organization

    Here are some places for getting started to get help, we must not abandon our teenagers for making this huge mistake. Remember they are still extremely young, and many think they will never become pregnant. Consider talking to your daughter before that happens to her and if she is going to be sexually active consult her physician about what her options are to avoid pregnancy.

    safe pregnancy ab workouts

    Pregnant Women Resources

    Safe Pregnancy Ab Workouts is an important issue for women, and this guide provided you with much more than just exercise during your pregnancy. There are many good sources in this article for more information, and you will find they are budget-friendly or even freebies.

    That completes what I have for you at this time, feel free to leave me a comment in my comments section if you wish to share with my other readers. I also have a free auto-notifications form, you will be notified whenever a new guide is published. If you know anyone pregnant, feel free to share this with them. You are my best resource for more people to learn about Gizmos Self-Help Guides and thank you for visiting my website.


















  • Homemade Indoor Plant Bug Spray

    Homemade Indoor Plant Bug Spray

    Homemade Indoor Plant Bug Spray is my secret recipe today, we must stop using so many chemical-loaded products. Many of you might not realize how these can add up to triggering autoimmune diseases, and even possibly be a factor with so many of us experiencing cancer.

    Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link.

    Before we get started with the recipes and freebies, Gizmo does put you before earning from these guides. Anything you purchase that is an affiliate link provides this website with an extremely small commission, but they can add up to help me cut down the cost of the expense of keeping this resource online for you.

    homemade indoor plant bug spray

    Three Ingredient Plant Spray Recipe

    We are going, to begin with, this easy and simple recipe provided by Well + Good. Gizmo always gives credit where it is deserved, so you could always visit the websites where I get the information in my self-help guides.

    What We Need

    • 1/4 cup of vegetable oil
    • 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap with no bleach, I suggest you consider the brand Dawn. Even though Gizmo does not promote specific brands, this is the only brand that I use myself.

    How to Use

    You just need 1/4 cup vegetable oil, 1 Tbsp liquid dish soap (one that doesn’t contain bleach, degreaser, synthetic dyes, or fragrances), and water.  After putting the vegetable oil and dish soap into a spray bottle, fill it to the top with warm water and shake up all the ingredients. Then, you can spray the mix right onto your plants weekly until you are pest-free.

    homemade indoor plant bug spray

    Best Indoor Houseplants Guide

    Another sure way to repel those nasty pests that sneak into your apartment or home is with special plants, you see some houseplants naturally repel insects naturally. Over the years, I have found the ones below that are great additions that bugs just don’t seem to care for.

    Now you have received your first freebie from Gizmo, now by adding a few of these those pain in the butt house pests is not going to drive you crazy. A bonus recipe for pet fleas and ticks instead of those nasty chemical products is another free tip, and all you do is add 20 drops of lavender oil and water into a 16-ounce spray bottle. No more fleas or ticks will bother your pets from now on, and this works on insects as well.

    homemade indoor plant bug spray

    Neem Essential Oil Insect Spray Recipe

    Ready for another easy recipe to rid your houseplants from those pests, This easy-to-do essential oil solution was found on Mother Living Earth, I am big on using these before store-bought products, and not only do these work naturally they are budget-friendly as well.

    What We Need

    How to Prepare

    Add the three ingredients in a clean spray bottle, you can find these at your local dollar stores. Now just spray your precious houseplants once per week, and this simple concoction will do the job without using harmful chemicals.

    homemade indoor plant bug spray

    Homemade Bug Spray Guide

    One of my favorite resources with tons of information and freebies is Pinterest, and for any of you who are interested, I have listed a few of them below for your convenience. Another bonus is my guide on preparing essential oil perfume, feel free to read this one if you have the time.

    • Homemade Bug Spray for Houseplants
    • 28 Ways to Use Dawn Dish Soap
    • 10 Amazing Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide for Plants and Gardens
    • How to Make All Natural Bug Spray
    • Eco-Friendly Bug Spray
    • How to Get Rid Of Gnats in Plants
    • 11 Amazing Remedies for Gnats
    • 7 Homemade Bug Sprays for Indoor Plants
    • Natural Bug Repellent Spray for Plants
    • How to Get Rid of Ants with Something Already in Your Kitchen
    • How to Get Rid of Whiteflies on Indoor Plants
    • Browse Pinterest  

    Feel free to use the link provided that will take you directly to the Pinterest page, this is something I enjoy providing for my readers just like you. You also can signup for my auto-notifications on my popup form, I promise no SPAM mail will ever arrive in your mailbox from this website.

    homemade indoor plant bug spray

    Insect Repellant Essential Oils

    Since essential oils are such a major part of caring for my own indoor plants, I want to share some of them with you in this paragraph. Knowing this information is like money in the bank, so let us start learning which of these you can use for your own plant care.

    • Witch Hazel
    • Rosemary
    • Thyme
    • Mints
    • Cedar
    • Citronella
    • Tea Tree
    • Lemongrass
    Fill an 8-oz spray bottle halfway with distilled water, and fill the rest of the way up with witch hazel, leaving a ½ head space. Add in your mixture of essential oils about 25-50 drops approximately, what I suggest is to start with 20 drops to be safe. I have found this amount is plenty for my own houseplants, and often less can be better than more.homemade indoor plant bug spray

    Simple Green Insect Control Recipe

    Hawaii Horticulture wrote a blog post with a recipe using the product Simple Green, this is a general insect control that they highly recommend. You must admit you are getting quite an education from this guide, and so many good resources have been used to provide you with the best information.

    This is really an easy way to protect your indoor plants, now you simply add the two ingredients and you are ready to spray your plants. All the recipes in this guide are extremely affordable and easy to use, even if you are on a busy schedule these will not take much of your time at all.

    homemade indoor plant bug spray

    Shopping For Essential Oil Guide

    Maybe you are new to essential oils, and since these are the secret ingredient in many of the recipes. Gizmo is going to provide you with shopping tips on where you can get these online. I did a search for you on Google, so these are not my own recommendations but from this highly respected search engine.

    • Vitacost
    • Thrive Market
    • Plant Therapy
    • Walmart
    • HSN
    • The Healthy Place
    • Amazon
    • My OTC Store
    • eBay
    • Swanson Health Products

    What Google has suggested gives us a good variety of stores to choose from, and no matter what your budget might be one of these is sure to be a perfect fit.  Some of these might be your favorite places to shop, and some might be new for you to explore. Learning from my guides is my main purpose in writing them, now let us move on to my next paragraph.

    homemade indoor plant bug spray

    The Most Pest Resistant Tropical Plants

    Possibly you are into tropical plants, they are the most popular for indoor gardening everywhere. My Tasteful Space has five that are our best choices, so these would be the ones that are the best for beginner indoor gardeners.

    • Snake Plant
    • Jade Plant
    • Cast Iron Palm
    • Dragon Tree
    • Chinese Evergreen

    Amazing to me that I only have one out of the list of plants above, someone gave me the snake plant which I am not crazy about. I must admit it seems to need very little care, but for me, it just isn’t interesting enough to be one of my favorites.

    homemade indoor plant bug spray

    Eight Facebook Groups Recommended

    Thursd.com recommends the following Facebook groups listed below, they state these are the best for anyone who is a plant lover. If you are into groups on this social media website, here are the ones you might want to explore.

    • The Houseplant Enthusiasts
    • Houseplant Addicts
    • Philodendron Monstera Aroid and Other Tropical Plants Worldwide
    • Houseplant Hoarders
    • Plant Begonia
    • Houseplant Growers
    • Calathea Lovers
    • Variegated Monstera

    If you have an account on Facebook, you can just type any of these into the group search to read about them. If you don’t have an account, you can create one at no cost to you. This is another freebie provided by this website, even though most of you reading this more likely already are familiar with this social media website.

    homemade indoor plant bug spray

    Natural Store Bought Insect Sprays

    If you prefer to purchase natural insect sprays in stores instead of making your own, I have decided to include a paragraph with these as well. This will be from another search from the top search engine online, being honest with you is very important to me where the information comes from.

    • Wondercide
    • Ecosmart
    • Neem Max
    • Spectrum
    • Hello Bello
    • Mighty Mint
    • Repel
    • Garden Safe
    • Browse and Explore 

    We have a nice variety of natural insect sprays you can shop for in stores, you will find these brands listed above are all available on Amazon. I am sure Walmart more likely is another budget-friendly source to check out, and there also is eBay that will save you money as well.

    homemade indoor plant bug spray

    Tropical Houseplant Care Videos

    In this paragraph, we are going to have access to tropical houseplant care videos. Sharing these is one of my favorite parts of writing these guides, watching them can teach you so much in such a short time. Of course, they are totally free on YouTube.

    • Tropical Plant Care Made Easy
    • How to Seal Terracotta Saucers
    • Repotting the Thanksgiving Cactus
    • How to Care for Indoor Plants
    • Bring Your Houseplants Back to Life
    • Surviving Your First Winter with Houseplants
    • Ohio Tropics Houseplant Care
    • Healthy Houseplant Tips and Basics
    • Tropical Plants Made Easy
    • Croton Plant Care
    • Five Tips for Indoor Palm Care
    • Watch Videos on YouTube

    Gizmo loves to help you in any way that he can, you can help him by leaving comments in the comment section. What do you like and dislike about the guides, how can we change them to help you even more?

    homemade indoor plant bug spray


    It is time for my free resources once again, you might find videos, blog posts, articles, social media pages, and almost anything that you can imagine. This is probably the most difficult part of my entire article, and that is because I take more time trying to find you the best resources that are online.

    There are some good ones for you to learn from in the list above, I try to share a variety of topics related to my guide. There is so much we can learn online costing us absolutely nothing, but many of you lack the time so that is why I am doing this for you.



















  • Puppy Shot Record Template

    Puppy Shot Record Template

    Puppy Shot Record Template is your answer to keeping track of your pups’ healthcare, you will find all kinds of freebies in this guide for raising a healthy dog.

    Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link.

    You always come first whenever I am writing each and every one of my articles, which is very important for me to make clear. This is a website that is to be known one day as a great place for information, and now with that said let us get to helping you.

    puppy shot record template

    Free Puppy Shot Templates

    Freebies are always a huge part of my self-help guides, and every article includes as many of these as I can find to share. Tiffany Ferguson receives the credit for providing you with the following below, now let us see exactly what you will find Tiffany is giving away.

    Tiffany provides puppy training-related content, now if you have or are thinking about getting a puppy this is a free place for information. Right below Tiffany’s, you can have access to more like the ones in the next paragraph below.

    puppy shot record template

    More Puppy Goodies Right Here

    The following below are extremely similar to what Tiffany provides her followers, so I thought why not share these with you as well to give you, even more, to choose from.  Use the link above to browse these and other useful sources of information, consider this a bonus for visiting Tiffany from Gizmo.

    • Pumpkin Cake Dog Recipe
    • Common Dog Behavior Problems and How to Solve Them
    • Interpreting Your Dogs Tail Wags
    • How to Train Any Emotional Support Dog
    • Summer Fruits Dogs Love
    • What You Must Do During the First 48 Hours with Your New Puppy
    • Peanut Butter and Carrot Dog Birthday Cake

    We must admit these are extremely helpful for new puppy owners, and also for those of you with older dogs can benefit from reading these as well. If this is your first time here, by now you are getting an idea of what to expect in all my guides.

    puppy shot record template

    Puppy Owners Shot Guide

    Maybe this is your first puppy ever, and you have no idea what is involved in the vaccination of your new best friend. That is what is coming up next, and this we owe to the website The American Kennel Club, no matter if your pup is a pure breed or a mixed breed, this is one of my favorite resources for researching the care of my own dog.

    • Kennel Cough
    • Canine Distemper
    • Hepatitis
    • Parainfluenza
    • Canine Coronavirus
    • Heart Worm
    • Leptospirosis
    • Lyme Disease
    • Parvovirus
    • Rabies

    Don’t allow this list to overwhelm you, what you want to do is to find a good veterinarian that will ease all of your anxiety. He or She will take extremely good care of your fur baby, and this will be the best for you and your puppy.

    puppy shot record template

    Veterinarian Guide

    Now we are going to learn how to find our new addition a personal physician of their very own, think of this as your fur baby’s primary physician. We all need one when we are babies, and it is no different for your puppy. This information was provided by My Pet, and below is just a little about them.

    • Find a Veterinarian Near You
    • Just Enter Your Zipcode in the Search Box
    • Rewards
    • Reminders
    • Vet Finder
    • New Pet Owner
    • Basic Care
    • Nutrition
    • Healthcare
    • Resources

    My Pet is more than a place to search for a doctor for your pup, as you can see above they provide pet owners with many more benefits. Guess what, you have just found yourself another hidden resource to care for your new best friend.

    puppy shot record template

    Puppy Shopping Guide

    Shopping tips are another benefit Gizmo is high on providing, and today we are going to find better places to shop for our new puppy. The first step is going to adopt or purchase from a breeder, both have advantages and disadvantages to consider.

    • Adopt a Pet
    • American Kennel Club
    • Next Day Pets
    • Pet Finder
    • ASPCA
    • Rescue Me
    • The Shelter Pet Project
    • Puppy Find

    Awesome, now we have the information about the best places to begin shopping. This is extremely important today to be sure you are receiving a healthy pup, be aware of buying from people online. Puppy mills are way too common, so I highly suggest you stick with one of these.

    puppy shot record template

    Adopting Advantages

    Shelters are full of puppies and dogs just waiting for someone to love them, so why should we consider one of these instead of buying from a breeder? Below is what the ASPCA shared in a blog post, and now I am going to share this information with you.

    • You are saving lives, whenever you adopt a shelter animal you are making room for another one that is in need of help.
    • Many people hesitate about pups and dogs in shelters, I am as guilty as anyone for this over the years. What we must do is not rush into anything, we want to visit several of the shelters on the list above, and spend some time with the ones that you are the most interested in.
    • Would you not want a second chance at love if your first time didn’t work out, well it is the very same for these canines.
    • Need the motivation to lose those extra pounds, no one motivates us more than our new best friend.  Weight loss is so much easier with a pet to accompany us, and they will not allow you to become lazy and skip your daily exercise.
    • Many single folks get so much enjoyment from buying for their pet, and just the love in their eyes and the wagging tail is such a reward we could never find any place else.
    • You are doing your part by not financing puppy mills, and many people don’t realize many of them are not healthy since interbreeding is very common.
    • The best medication for anxiety and stress relief I have ever experienced, you will never realize the health benefits until you adopt your first puppy or dog.

    Shelter pups and dogs are way less of a financial expense than purchasing from breeders, now if you have your heart on a specific breed, a breeder is the answer to your dreams. Consider those recommended by The American Kennel Club, if you want to go this route, why not be sure you are getting a healthy purebred.

    puppy shot record template

    Puppy Breeder Guide

    I want to warn you just because you purchase from a breeder does not mean you are receiving the perfect pup, just over three years a breeder contacted me about a Miniature Australian Shepherd he had. This is one breed extremely difficult to pass up a good deal on, and even though I love this little guy with all my heart. He did come with quite a lot of issues, this pup from day one was scared to death of almost everything. Many people would have given him back, put him in a shelter, or given him away.

    • How many years has the breeder been doing this, no matter what breed experience means a whole lot when it comes to bringing an animal into your home.
    • Reputable breeders often will give you at least a one-year guarantee, so if once you fork out the money and bring them home there is no guarantee this could be a red flag to consider.
    • Have they had them tested for any health issues by a qualified veterinarian, many do provide paperwork if they are legitimate and honest people.
    • Many require screenings or interviews before ever selling you one of their puppies, today this is done mainly online instead of in person since COVID.
    • Official contracts should be a part of your purchasing process as well, no matter what you might think reputable breeders really do care about who takes their puppies home.
    • Money is not the priority with them, no matter how much you are willing to pay, they want to be sure you are going to provide a good home and take very good care of them.

    The American Kennel Club wrote the blog post that this information came from, and I highly recommend you visit their website if you are shopping for a breeder before buying off of some stranger online.

    puppy shot record template

    Puppy Training Groups

    Joining online groups can be a hit or a miss, so to give you a good start I am going to provide you with a list of ones that you might want to check out first. Always take your time before becoming a member of any group, since our time is limited, you only want to spend your free time on the best ones.

    • Dog Training and Advice
    • Dog Training 101 Community Forum
    • Paw and Order Dog Training
    • Modern Dog Training and Behavior
    • Do No Harm Dog Training
    • Sit Happens Dog Training
    • Free Dog Training Workshop
    • Best Behavior Dog Training
    • Browse and Explore Facebook Groups

    If you do a search on Google these are on the first page, so these are not in any way associated with Gizmo. I make it a priority to use this search engine to supply you with the best sources of information, now if you trust this search engine, you can have faith these are your best groups to consider first.

    puppy shot record template

    The Best Training Apps

    Since apps are very popular since smartphones came into our lives, many of you might be interested in what are the best ones to train canines. This was found in a blog post written and published by Rover, now when you are ready here is what they recommend.

    • Good Pup
    • Pup to Date
    • Pupford
    • Dogo
    • iTrainer
    • Puppy Dog Training

    If you are into apps these are what Rover recommends, being I am not big into technology, you will have to research these on your own.  I must admit basic phones are more to my liking than smartphones, so I suppose you could say Gizmo is old fashion.

    puppy shot record template

    Naming Your New Puppy

    One thing I do love about the internet is there are so many cool things that I can share with you, another thing that can be important to new puppy owners is coming up with the perfect name.  My Dogs Name just might be the answer if you are struggling, below we are going to learn more to help you decide if this is right for you.

    • Dog Name Generator
    • Simple to Use
    • Choose the Gender of Your Puppy or Dog
    • Name Style or Styles
    1. Friendly
    2. Cute
    3. Tough
    4. International
    5. Elegant
    6. Classic
    7. Funny
    8. General
    9. Sporty

    We are now ready to see our results, whenever you are ready just click the blue button Find a Name. This is an awesome tool to give you some inspiration, and also I thought this might be something fun for you to try if you are not in a big hurry.

    puppy shot record template

    Puppy Videos

    Most of the time, I will try to include some videos in my guides as well. They might be funny, and they might be educational, they are worth watching if you are into them, and have the time.

    • Cutest Moments of the Animals
    • Funniest and Cutest Lab Puppies
    • 10 Dog Breeds with the Cutest Puppies
    • Retrievers Make It Better
    • Best Funny Dog Videos
    • 30 Minutes of Funny Dog Videos
    • 40 Biggest and the Most Unique Pets
    • Grumpy Dogs
    • Browse and Explore YouTube


    At the end of all my guides, you will find my freebie section. Some are articles, and others might be free stuff you can find online. Courses and classes are sometimes included, you just never know what will be in my freebie list below.

    Let me know how I did with the Puppy Shot Record Template guide, we all would love to hear from you in my comments section at the end of this paragraph. Interested in auto-notifications of my next guide, it only takes a minute to sign up on my pop-up form. This is an easy way to not miss any of my articles that might interest you, and there are no hidden strings attached, this is not a newsletter.














  • Overweight Dog Diet Plan

    Overweight Dog Diet Plan

    The overweight Dog Diet Plan is for helping to keep our fur babies healthier, even today you will notice our pets are carrying extra weight.

    Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link.

    overweight dog diet plan

    Pet Calorie Calculator

    Vet.OSU.Ed is a great place for us to start, no matter if you live with a fat dog or fat cat this calculator is a good online tool. What are some things that this website considers in calculating your pet’s calorie intake, that is what my first paragraph is going to educate you about?

    • Neutered Adult
    • Intact Adult
    • Activity Level
    • Weight Loss
    • Weight Gain
    • Active Dogs
    • Puppy
    • Estimated Protein Requirements

    Self-Help Guides are highly effective at gaining the information we need, and another one of my favorites is Step-by-Step Guides as well. Both of these are recommended by Gizmo, now when you are researching anything consider these two learning types of content before any other.

    overweight dog diet plan

    Dog Food Brands

    Dog Food Advisor published this blog post, especially on this topic, and knowing which brands are better is our next step to taking better care of our best friend. With the resources in this guide, we all can educate ourselves in providing the best weight management meals for our puppies and dogs.

    • Blue Buffalo is what Gizmo feeds his dogs
    • Victor Purpose recommended for older canines
    • Orijen
    • Hill’s Science Diet
    • Merrick Grain-Free
    • Natural Balance

    Ask yourself are you feeding your best friend any of the brands on the list above, and if not, maybe you should give them a try?  To help you, even more, we are going to find out what Google suggests as our best places to shop next.

    overweight dog diet plan

    Weight Management Shopping Guide

    If you are on a fixed income as I am, you will value me providing this information in this guide, shopping tips are another source that is often shared to help you save money. Let me warn you these brands are not the least expensive on the market, but ask yourself isn’t my fur baby worth the sacrifice?

    • Chewy
    • Amazon
    • Walmart
    • eBay
    • Target

    Tractor Supply is where I do my shopping for my Miniature Australian Shepherd, here I can purchase the larger bags which saves me money and time. That does not mean you should do the same, but I thought it was worth mentioning in case you were curious about where I find the best deals. No shipping costs really are important today, so consider this tip no matter where you decide to shop.

    overweight dog diet plan

    Best Kitty Food Brands

    Gizmo has not forgotten cat owners, so here is where Google suggests your best choices for weight management for felines. now let us compare them to the dog brands listed above.

    • Blue Buffalo
    • Natural Balance
    • Diamond Care
    • Wellness Core
    • Hills Science Diet
    • Purina Pro Plan

    We are seeing some familiar brands, and as well some possibly new brands new to you. Blue Buffalo once again is at the top of the list for cats as well as dogs, even though I am keen on this brand, I want to be sure you know that Gizmo never attempts to influence you which brands and companies intentionally.

    overweight dog diet plan

    Kitty Food Shopping Guide

    Now let us just see what Google recommends for where cat owners can get the best prices, and by using this search engine this guide is providing you with the best information that can be found.

    • Amazon
    • Chewy
    • Tractor Supply
    • Pet Meds
    • Pet Flow
    • Walmart
    • Petco

    Since I have never owned a feline, I can only share what information I have found from my resources. Feel more than welcome to leave us a comment if you have anything to share, by us communicating with one another we all can benefit. Don’t be shy about commenting, that is why that section is a part of this website.

    overweight dog diet plan

    Weight Loss Plan Guide

    VCA Hospitals is my next resource that is highly respected, let me remind you by mentioning my sources, I am also providing you with even more websites that you should visit on your own. These are hidden freebies that you should be aware of, so I just wanted to mention this to give you a heads up.

    • Avoid using a pet self-feeder to control their portions
    • If this product is something you really feel you need, VCA recommends purchasing one with a timer.
    • Distracting your dog when they bug you for food and treats is the key, and one way is to play with them or take them outdoors for a walk.
    • Providing them with smaller meals throughout the day often works wonders.
    • If they just will not leave you alone, add just a handful of their favorite dog food to their feeding bowl.
    • I find myself often giving mine water instead of food works well, so why not try giving them water instead before giving into food and treats.
    • Substitute treats with vegetables are an awesome alternative, and my dog seems to love his veggies just as much as store-bought treats.

    Just like people, pets need to be on a weight management lifestyle. We never want to put either ourselves or our pets on a short-term diet, but instead, change their eating routine with a healthy lifestyle instead.

    overweight dog diet plan

    Overweight Pet Disorders

    There are many red flags that your best friend’s weight is affecting them negatively, and just like people changing their lifestyle can actually improve disorders that they might be experiencing. VCA Hospital has provided us with some of these that are possible results from overweight dogs and cats, I have listed them below for your convenience.

    • Type 2 diabetes
    • Heart disease
    • Arthritis
    • Frequent joint issues
    • High blood pressure
    • Possible types of cancer

    Our dogs and cats are not any different than us, now this might even open your eyes to your pets are not the only ones that might need to get on a weight management plan. As addicting as high-calorie foods are for people, you will find it is the same for animals as well. Maybe if you need to lose a few extra pounds as well, some of the tips in this guide could be applied to your own diet plan.

    overweight dog diet plan

    Overweight Pet Facebook Groups

    How many of you spend quite a bit of your time on Facebook, and if so how are you spending your time? Why not do some research on the groups that are rated as some of the best for overweight pets, you can read posts and ask questions to learn from other pet owners just like you.

    • Obese Dogs
    • Slimline Canine
    • Diamond Care Pet Group
    • The Fat Puppy People
    • S. J. Hales Veterinary Group
    • Paragon Veterinary Group
    • Cromwell Veterinary Group
    • Browse and Explore Facebook Groups

    By joining groups you can gain so much free information, and the ones included on the list above are ones that you should browse and explore first. Take your time before becoming a member of any group, with your time being limited you want to spend your time on the ones that are going to help your pet and you the most.

    overweight dog diet plan

    The Best Pet Owner Forums

    Feedspot is another awesome place to find forums, blogs, and websites worth visiting. As a bonus, I am going to list a few that they recommend worth your time checking out when you have the time.

    • Pet Forums UK
    • Pet Forums
    • Maddie’s Pet Forum
    • Wamiz Pet Forum
    • Pet Keepers Guide Forum
    • Your Pet Forum
    • Reddit Pets
    • Trip Advisor Forum-Traveling with Pets
    • Dog Forums
    • Paw Talk Forums
    • Browse and Explore Pet Forums on Feedspot

    Feedspot is another one worth adding to your favorites, you might be noticing how informational this guide is beside the links inserted? Paying attention as you read this to who I mention is a great source of information alone, but when you consider everything else included how can you not learn from reading my guides?

    overweight dog diet plan

    Safe People Food For Dogs

    I just didn’t feel right leaving you without sharing safe people treats for dogs, if you gave your dog anything that might harm him, I would feel that it could be partly my fault. This comes from Caesar Way, if you are not familiar with him he is considered one of the best canine experts. Another site that I trust with the information it provides us, so let us see what we can feed our dogs and be safe.

    • Cooked chicken
    • Baby carrots
    • Yogurt
    • Salmon
    • Pumpkin
    • Eggs
    • Green beans
    • Apple chunks
    • Oatmeal

    These are not only safe but at the same time, healthier alternatives to store-bought treats. My dog looks forward to these with a passion, and they are healthy for them as well as awesome choices for managing their weight.

    overweight dog diet plan

    Why My Dog Is Hungry All The Time?

    How many of you experience your buddy seems to never be able to get filled up, I noticed my Miniature Australian Shepherd can eat and eat without ever getting sick. Of all the canines I have owned over the years, he is the worse that I have ever experienced for being addicted to eating to such an extreme. Let us see what Ceasar has to say about this, and since I am curious about this for my own dog, I thought why not share it with you as well.

    • Aging
    • Bacterial overgrowth in the intestines
    • Cushing’s disease
    • Diabetes
    • Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
    • Reaction to medication

    Now, this is what Ceasar has to say about dogs who eat and eat with no end, but in my case, it is caused by extreme anxiety. Even though I added him to my home as a puppy, he has always had high anxiety and phobias. His vet says he craves food because it comforts him, and this really makes sense when you think about how many people also overeat comfort food from the same problem.

    overweight dog diet plan

    Overweight Pet Videos

    How about us watching a few overweight videos on YouTube, we all enjoy visiting this website for different reasons. Many younger people love their music videos, and business owners learn new marketing strategies. These are focusing on more humorous and entertaining than actually educational, while you are there browse and explore whatever interests you.

    • My Big Fat Pet Makeover
    • Thor God of Blubber
    • Overweight Pups That Need to Lose Weight
    • Fit Family, Fat Dog
    • Overweight Sugar Glider Weights Twice the Normal Weight
    • Obesity and Body Scoring Dogs-Vet Tips on Weight Loss
    • Obese Dachshund Loses 50 Pounds
    • How to Put Your Dog on a Diet-Educational
    • Homemade Weight Loss Dog Food Recipe-Educational
    • Browse and Explore YouTube Videos

    As you can see some are humorous and others are educational, you can pick and choose the videos that you prefer to watch. We are now ready for my freebie section that concludes Overweight Dog Diet Plan, if you prefer to receive auto-notifications feel free to sign up on my pop-up form.

    overweight dog diet plan


    Even though I love sharing ways to help you with whatever topic I am writing about each day, this really is my favorite part of every guide that I write for you. Nothing makes my day more special than giving you something that costs you nothing, and that is the reason you will find these in every one of my articles on this website.

    My freebies complete what I have for you today, you are very much appreciated coming to my website to read my guide on overweight dogs and how to help them lose weight. We all want nothing more than our pets to live a long healthy life, and being a dog owner my entire life is why I included this in my topics to write for you. Take some time today to spend with your best friend or friends, and thank you once again for visiting Gizmos Self-Help Guides.



















  • Short Learning Style Quiz

    Short Learning Style Quiz

    Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link.

    Would a Short Learning Style Quiz be useful to help your child learn, every child, especially with autism needs to find what works the best for them. Sadly many teachers don’t take the time with their students to find the answer, we are going today to find our child’s best method of learning. Self-Help Guides are a very good source of information, and that is why all my websites provide this type of content.

    short learning style quiz

    Online Learning Style Quizzes

    No matter how frustrated your child becomes in an attempt to learn, there is a right style that is right for them. We are going, to begin with, the tests and quizzes recommended by the website Kids Love to Know, this will give parents some good resources to get started.

    • VARK with 16 questions
    • Teacher Lists is a very simple 12-question survey
    • Accelerated Learning focuses on 7 different styles
    • What is My Learning Style contains more questions and three tests
    • Love to Know quiz contains only 8 questions, and focuses on four styles
    • Education Planner even gives you the option to download a printer version of your child’s results.
    • Qualls Early Learning Inventory
    • 4Mat System
    • Multiple Intelligence Theory

    The tests and quizzes above are perfect for high-functioning autistic children, you also can share this with your family and friends with children without any learning disabilities. For anyone interested read my guide on Free Autism Communication Cards for these freebies, these are proven to be very beneficial for your child’s education.

    short learning style quiz

    Autism Learning Style Guide

    My oldest son has autism, this has motivated me to focus on helping parents with autistic children. When my son was a boy there were very few resources available, now with this becoming extremely common, parents have access to more information.

    • Books
    • Videos
    • Charts
    • Pictures
    • Flash Cards
    • Visual Schedules
    • Role-Playing
    • Audio Tapes
    • Hand-On Projects
    • Playing Educational Games
    • Computer Devices

    Parents will find that many autistic children learn the easiest from less learning methods than other children, so we are going to see in the next paragraph how non-autistic kids learn.

    short learning style quiz

     The Learning Pyramid

    The Autism Now Organization provided the information we are about to discuss next,  and by providing this parents can see how other children learn with a variety of learning styles. This most often does not work for autistic children, each one develops with fewer styles than other kids.

    • Reading 10%
    • Audiovisual 20%
    • Demonstration 30%
    • Discussion 50%
    • Practice Doing 75%
    • Teach Others 90%

    My son is extremely high-functioning with an amazing memory, he also tests as above-average intelligence on IQ tests. His main obstacles are his social interaction problems, and being different he was picked on and bullied all through his school days.

    short learning style quiz

    Teaching Autistic Children Guide

    Many parents and even teachers can become frustrated in an attempt to teach autistic children, thanks to Teach for America Organization, we have some tips which might ease your anxiety.

    • Cool calming color rooms are your best choice for teaching them, by avoiding rooms with distracting walls will provide them a more relaxing atmosphere and distract them much less.
    • Providing pictures instead of verbal discussion will keep them more focused, visual teaching aids are your best friend.
    • A regular schedule and routine work are the most effective, these kids don’t adjust well to change. My son always gave us stress when unexpected changes occurred to disrupt his routine, this also will decrease the number of meltdowns your child experiences.
    • Figurative language should be avoided, this only confuses the child and increases their anxiety.
    • Teaching social skills is one of the most difficult lessons for your child to understand, consider using easy-to-understand methods such as picture books and communication cards.
    • Experimentation and flexibility until you learn what works for your child is the key to success, there is no one learning style that fits every autistic child.

    Even though this is a very basic guide, you will find by using these will prevent as much anxiety and stress for parents, teachers, and the child. What is the best education merchandise for them is coming next, knowing this is going to benefit the child the best to learn without anxiety.

    short learning style quiz

    Educational Merchandise Guide

    No matter if your child is autistic or not, every child learns the best by playing. Educational games and toys provided at an early age are what parents can do to help them to begin the learning process. Shopping tips are an important part of this guide today, so please don’t skip this paragraph it really will be worth your time.

    • Sound Activated Light Up Wall Panel
    • LED Fountain Light
    • Balance Saucer Rocket
    • Music Hand Wall
    • Weighted Disc Blanket
    • Bubble Pop Ball
    • Emotions Putty
    • Rainbow Stacker
    • Glow Putty
    • At the Beach Weighted Sand Kit
    • Discovery Putty
    • Wireless Sensory Switch Cards
    • Pencil Weights
    • Chewy Pencil Sleeves
    • Go Talk
    • Sensory Bin

    Depending on the age and the severity of your child’s learning ability, I have provided you with a list of a variety of possible choices. These are only very small examples of what is available today, but these will give you an idea of what is on the market.

    short learning style quiz

    Where To Shop Guide

    Now that you have a taste of what is available, you are more likely curious about where you can find such unique games and toys. To help you get started, I confided with our old buddy Google, and here is what Google has to say.

    • Nurture Smart
    • Creative Kids
    • Special Needs Toys
    • National Autism Resources
    • Amazon
    • Etsy
    • Autism-Products
    • eBay
    • Walmart
    • Alibaba
    • Play Learn
    • Kids n Cribs
    • Special Supplies
    • Fun and Function
    • Fat Brain Toys
    • Therapy Shoppe
    • Autism Community Store

    As you can see there are many options today compared to when my son was a boy, this list will give you a good start no matter what your budget might be. You might wish to begin with the ones you are familiar with first, and later on, and explore the others as you have the free time.

    short learning style quiz

    Autism Support Groups

    Gizmo believes support groups are a very good source of information, parents can gain feedback and insight from other parents that are members of the group. For your benefit, I have included some that you might want to consider checking out if this interests you.

    • Centre for ADHD and Autism Support
    • Autism Support Network
    • Autism Parents Support Group
    • Autism Moms Support Group
    • Autism Society
    • National Autism Society
    • Autism Support Group
    • Resources for Autism
    • Autism Speaks
    • Organization for Autism Research

    Some of these are organizations that will provide parents with important resources, and others are support groups where you can join to read posts and ask questions. All of these are good choices to consider, now let us look at some forums.

    short learning style quiz

    Autism Forums

    Forums are often forgotten by parents and caregivers of autistic children, we really should make it a point to make this part of our parenting research plan. Groups are only as good as the members who belong to them, so having these as well can be a good addition as well.

    • Aspergers and Autism Community
    • Autism Spectrum Discussions
    • Aspergers and Autism Forum
    • Wrong Planet
    • Aspergers and ASD

    Onward to our next paragraph,  we know have covered both groups and forums, what about answers to your questions that you have? Here are some of the ones parents are asking, and you can read the answers if they pertain to you.

    short learning style quiz

    Parent Questions Answered

    New parents will more likely have more questions than more experienced ones,  but no matter how long you have been parenting there are always new things for us to learn. We are going to see below what people are asking, so let us see what is going on online right now.

    • What is an autism support group?
    • How do you find autism support groups?
    • What are the benefits of attending an autism support group?
    • I have symptoms of autism, but I can’t afford a test., is it offensive to join an autism support group?
    • I am looking for advice about autism support groups for parents of autistic teens.
    • What do parents talk about at autism support groups, I wonder what my parents would say?
    • These are a few examples of what people are asking online, if you wish to visit and read more of these feel free to Click Here.

    How many of you are familiar with Google Groups, since Facebook became so popular you might have forgotten all about them. You really should add this to your favorites for late research, we are going to discuss this more next.

    short learning style quiz

    Google Groups

    To demonstrate to you how valuable this could be, I took a few minutes to sign in and did a search for you. All you need is a Gmail account to get access to all the groups and messages, now that is so easy to do there is no reason you are not taking advantage of this opportunity.

    • Parents of kids with ADHD and Autism
    • Friends for Autism
    • Agenda Autism
    • Autism in Kansas
    • Chicagoland Autism Connection
    • Voice for Autism
    • Autism Ring
    • Autism Learning Tools
    • Allies in Autism Education
    • Art for Autism
    • Technology for Autism
    • Browse More Than 1000 Autism Groups

    For those of you who are visual learners, what I have next is right up your alley. Watching videos is what is coming up now, and even I spend my time using these to educate myself online.

    short learning style quiz

    Let Us Watch Videos

    Just keep your wallet in your pocket or in your purse, none of these are going to cost you anything. YouTube is one of my favorite resources, and if you are not using it for other things than entertainment you are missing out on a whole bunch of information.

    • Helping Parents and Therapists Cope with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • Raising Children with Autism- A Lifetime of Care
    • Raising a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • Parent Training to Address Problem Behavior of Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • Autism Tips for Parents
    • How to Parent a Child with High-Functioning Autism
    • How to Parent My Autistic Child
    • How to Discipline a Child with Autism
    • Autism Ended Our Relationship
    • Watch Videos on YouTube 

    We are coming to the end of the Short Learning Style Quiz, and if you know anyone who would benefit please feel free to share this guide with them.  You are my best source for others to learn from Gizmos Self-Help Guides, now let us see what freebies I have for you today.

    short learning style quiz


    Free resources are very important for me to share with you, and by doing this I am helping many of you more than possible in my own guides. Please understand that I do my very best to find you the best ones in every article, with that said let us see what Gizmo has for you below.

    • Printable Visuals for Autism
    • Autism Diagnosis Checklist
    • Free Autism Resources
    • Free Webinar from The Autism Helper
    • Free Autism Printables
    • How to Deal with Autistic Children’s Meltdowns
    • How to Help Autistic Children to Socialize
    • Autism Magazin Free Issue
    • Parenting Tips and Strategies for Parents of Autistic Children
    • Sensory Sleep Solutions

    That is all I have for you today, and I really appreciate you visiting my website more than words can express. Just a reminder that I do have an auto-notification sign-up form. This in no way will benefit me other than being able to send you new posts as they are published, so this way you are able to come to my website whenever I write a guide that interests you. A great time-saver for you, so that is all that you will receive by signing up.












  • Picky Eater Lunch Ideas

    Picky Eater Lunch Ideas

    Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link.

    Picky Eater Lunch Ideas are for parents with children who refuse to eat healthy meals, why this topic was chosen because many of these kids are living with autism. Since my oldest son has this disorder, that has me determined to help parents with this guide.

    picky eater lunch ideas

    Autism Eating Problems

    Usually, we go right to the topic of my guides, instead today I want to educate any new parents on this common challenge. When my son was born he was our first child, so being young new parents we had no idea what was going on with our child. Today autism is becoming so common parents have much more information, let us just see what Marcus Autism Center has to say about this.

    • 5 times more likely to develop eating disorders
    • Many children will tell their parents they are not hungry at meal times
    • Extremely picky eating
    • Refuse to even try new food is common
    • Extremely specific food preferences
    • Happy to be eating their favorites meal after meal
    • Children with autism most often experience chronic eating disorders

    Does your child fall into this category when it comes to time to eat, and secondly has your child been diagnosed with autism? When you put these two factors together, this can form the connection to why your child is experiencing eating problems.

    picky eater lunch ideas

    Family Stress

    Anxiety and stress from concerned parents are very common, when my son was a baby we were taking him from doctor to doctor with the same advice. Don’t worry they will eat when they are hungry, and they will grow out of it when they are older. This didn’t ease the stress in our family, and it might not make new parents feel any better even today.

    • Bone health development problems
    • Chronic constipation
    • Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals
    • Being underweight for their age
    • Easily catch colds and the flu

    The most common deficiencies found through studies according to the Marcus Autism Center are low levels of calcium and protein, both of these are believed to possibly contribute to the symptoms above.

    What Can New Parents Do

    Even though this is focusing on new parents, any family with a child born with this disorder can benefit from the information. Why I chose new parents is because they have less experience with raising children, so in turn, this can really cause them some major relationship problems.

    • Stay on a strict eating schedule eating at specific times for every meal regularly every single day, even on the weekends.
    • Provide them with healthy snacks twice per day between meals
    • Encourage them to drink more water by going out of your way to offer them water despite they don’t ask for it.
    • Sneak into their meals the foods they refuse to eat sometimes works with some children in tiny amounts
    • Stick to a strict routine, and never give in to giving them more than two snack times per day.

    I am so impressed with the Marcus Autism Center, for anyone interested here is a link to their feeding program, especially for children with autism. Even if your child is a picky eater without being diagnosed with this disorder, parents might find this guide worth reading for some ideas.

    picky eater lunch ideas

    Portion Control Containers

    How life would have been much easier when my son was a boy if these were available, you can use these to be sure you are providing your child with all the food groups their body requires. Even a few bites from the section you sneak the health foods they refuse to eat is a huge accomplishment, so if you are ready to learn more about these here is what On My Kids Plate has to say.

    • Often encourages your child to at least get a variety of food groups with everything on one plate.
    • Combining their favorites with the family meals is easy to do without the child realizing what you are up to.
    • Reduces family stress at meals by not needing to fight with your child to eat healthier
    • Starting by providing the majority of their favorite foods and gradually sneaking into new foods is your best strategy
    • Portion Control Container Ideas

    We are now ready for the Picky Eater Lunch Ideas, I really felt this information first would benefit many of you reading this article. Our health is becoming worse and worse as time goes by, and also there are more of our children with this disorder than ever before.

    picky eater lunch ideas

    Autism Dietician Lunch Ideas

    When Gizmo is researching for you, I go to the websites that are experts in the topic. Giving you the most effective information is extremely important to me, Autism Dietician is a resource that I highly recommend. Since they specialize in food options for this disorder, why not add them to your favorites list.

    • Turkey Avocado Wrap with carrots and an apple
    • Mini Pancakes with sun butter and berries
    • Hummus with Gluten-Free Crackers, cucumbers, and trail mix
    • Plain Dairy-Free Yogurt with gluten-free granola, nut butter, and blueberries
    • Chicken Meatballs marinara dipping, sauce, and grapes
    • Peanut Butter Sandwich on gluten-free bread
    • Tortilla Chips with ground beef, guacamole, and salsa
    • Bean Burrito- gluten-free tortilla filled with refried beans, served with avocado and salsa
    • Gluten-Free Pasta Salad
    • Gluten-Free Pancakes

    Many children with this disorder are intolerant to dairy and gluten, and so this just might be a possible reason they refuse to eat. To be safe, you should have your child tested for intolerance to both of these. Another option is to just eliminate them from your child’s diet, you will find within a few weeks if this is the reason. Food intolerance is highly common in these children, so they are making them feel sick.

    picky eater lunch ideas

    Let Us Go Shopping

    Shopping Tips especially for children with autism can make a huge difference in family stress at mealtime, what you are going to find in this paragraph are what foods to avoid buying on your grocery list for your child. Why am I including this might be on your mind, there are specific foods that are triggers for your child’s symptoms to worsen.

    • Anything which contains Milk can be a trigger for some children
    • Dairy products are commonly on the worse food list for intolerance for many people but are especially high for anyone with autism
    • Gluten such as wheat, barley, and rye are another intolerance according to studies, you will find these in many of your processed foods
    • Foods and snacks which contain high sugar contents should be avoided or at the least provided in moderation
    • Even though many processed foods are triggers, one of the most common is your processed meats

    Every child is not the same of course, you should consider these as possible trigger foods when shopping. Many families find it easier to substitute them on their grocery lits, being intolerant to most of these myself, I can tell you many families just might not be able to afford to eliminate these for the entire family.

    picky eater lunch ideas

    Recommended Autism Diet Plans

    Obviously, by now, you are noticing a pattern that these kids just don’t like healthier foods, that got me thinking about what diet plans might be available.  This really could be a stress reliever for many families to know this information, so I took the time to research this just for you.

    • Autism MEAL Plan
    • Gluten-free  and casein-free diet
    • Modified ketogenic diet

    Many children do better on these three diet plans, even with these many kids often will experience vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I would suggest you consult your primary physician or a dietician before going on any of these diets, also regular blood tests to monitor their deficiencies are a good idea.

    picky eater lunch ideas

    Highly Recommended Autism Organizations

    To provide you with even more help than I can give you in one guide, I did a Google search for the best autism organizations. These are highly recommended according to this search engine, and the more you can learn the more effective you can manage your child’s symptoms. Love for you to do me a little favor, and that is if you found this helpful just share it with your family and your friends.

    • Autism Society of America
    • National Autism Association
    • Autism Self Advocacy Network
    • Autism-Aspergers Network
    • Autism Science Foundation
    • Autism Research Insitute

    Out of the ones Google suggests, these are the organizations I would start with if I was you.  Why give you a huge list that is only going to confuse you, now you have some good organizations to begin your research.

    picky eater lunch ideas

    Autism Online Groups

    Groups can be very beneficial for parents, you will find the majority of the members are parents just like you. By sharing with one another, you can be each other’s best resource. Let us take a look at some of them that are available, now please don’t go join every group you find, but instead, research the best couple that will be the most useful for your own situation.

    • Autism Support Network
    • Autism Mom’s
    • Autism Up Parent Online Discussion Group
    • National Autism Society
    • Spectrum Support
    • Autism Society
    • Pine Grove Treatment
    • National Autism Association

    You now have some support groups to consider if any of them are right for you, I suggest you take your time reading their posts before joining any of them. This should be a great asset for many of you in need of information, and the right groups can be the answer to many of your problems without costing you anything.

    picky eater lunch ideas

    Autism Forums

    Another support option is forums, many people have forgotten about these since Facebook came online. For anyone interested in these, I have some that are highly recommended.

    • Scope Autism and Aspergers
    • Aspergers and Autism Forum
    • Wrong Planet Autism Community
    • Autism Support Network
    • Autism Independent
    • National Autistic Society Forum
    • What to Expect From Autism

    Just a handful to get you on your way if this is something you wish to explore, once again these are free to participate in. Asking questions is optional, you can learn so much just by reading what others are asking and reading what people have replied from their own experience.

    picky eater lunch ideas

    Autism Support Videos

    Watching videos might be preferred more than what already has been shared, maybe even an additional option to get more information. Whatever the case might be, I am very high on videos for educating ourselves.

    • Tips for Picky Eating and Children with Autism
    • Five Common Causes of Picky Eating in Children with Autism
    • Picky Eating isn’t About the Food
    • What Foods Can Help Your Autistic Child
    • Why are Autism People Picky Eaters
    • Autism and Food Issues
    • Watch Videos On YouTube 

    The reason all my lists are short with the best ones is to provide you with as much help as possible in one self-help guide. I could write an article on each of these separately, why do that when I can give you access to them all in one place.

    picky eater lunch ideas

    Autism Resources

    Even with as many resources already shared with you, I always end my guides with a list of more options for you to consider. The more places you can find help the better I have done my job, and this website is very serious about helping people just like you and your families.

    Don’t overlook your favorite social media websites as good sources for information as well, I did include my four favorites in the list of resources above for you. Maybe you have noticed some that you were not aware of before now, and if so that means that this guide has done what it intended to do for you. Just a reminder, I do have an auto-notification pop-up on my website for your convenience. This is in no way going to benefit me financially, but it could help more of you visit Gizmos Self-Help Guides knowing about my most recent publication.

















  • Free Printable Kettlebell Workout Chart

    Free Printable Kettlebell Workout Chart

    Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link.

    This guide is for those of you with low energy and a few extra pounds to lose, Free Printable Kettlebell Workout Chart is full of information on both of these. We need both a good diet plan with regular exercise to maintain our preferred weight, you will be happy once you add what you learn here to your new lifestyle.

    free printable kettlebell workout chart

    Free Kettlebell Workout Charts

    Gizmos Self-Help Guides believes in providing you with the information that you came here for, even though you will find more than you expect starting with why you are here is my priority.

    Now that we have some free charts, we are ready to move on to the remainder of this guide. Lots of awesome freebies waiting for you ahead, plus some very good websites for good sources of information.

    free printable kettlebell workout chart

    Kettlebell Workout Benefits

    Possibly some of you would want to know the benefits before investing in kettlebells, and that is something we all should know before starting any type of exercise program. Let us just see what we can expect, you should always research before taking that first step.

    • Increase your strength
    • More endurance
    • Become more flexible
    • One exercise equipment investment for a complete workout
    • Effective tummy toning
    • Improved balance and coordination
    • Complete range of motion
    • Highly recommended for weight management
    • Awesome cardio and strength workout in one
    • Effective for stubborn belly fat
    • Cardiovascular
    • A wide variety of workouts to avoid getting bored
    • Experience improved range of motion
    • Stronger joints and ligaments
    • Develop the lean muscle you crave
    • Testerone boosting benefits
    • Great for a nice butt
    • Better posture
    • Develops stronger hand grip
    • Muscle weakness improvement
    • Safer than traditional weights
    • Much lower spine stress
    • Helps some people with chronic inflammation
    • Affordable investment
    • One lightweight kettlebell is all you need to get started

    Imagine how these benefits from using just one kettlebell, remember to start out with extremely lightweight if you have not exercised for a while regularly. You might think this is way too light for me, but you must remember you are going to be doing a series of exercises in your workouts. The lower weight is better than the heavier weight for beginners, so maybe starting out with the lightest possible kettlebell would be the smartest thing to do.

    free printable kettlebell workout chart

    Are Kettlebells Right For You?

    This paragraph might be the most important one that you read, way too many people get all excited about exercising without really considering are they healthy enough. The very first thing is to consult your physician before jumping into any type of exercise, and this is even true for those with chronic health issues.

    • Kettlebell workouts done properly are considered extremely safe, but if done improperly there is a risk you could cause harm to your body.
    • Avoid this if you are a woman expecting a baby, and also if you are living with chronic pain.
    • Older folks with arthritis can start working out with kettlebells, you will need to use extremely lightweight when getting started and perform them properly.
    • What Gizmo recommends strongly is everyone consult their physician to be safe, and another good choice would sign up with a certified trainer.
    • YMCAs are a good place to talk to a trainer, they can ease you into this and be sure you are using the proper form which is extremely important.

    Depending on your age and any health conditions are the most important factors to consider, again consulting your physician is really not an option but the first step to knowing if this is something safe for you to add to your lifestyle.

    free printable kettlebell workout chart

    Beginners Kettlebell Guide

    If your physician gives you to okay to start using these to get into better shape, we have some things you will need to know if you are a complete beginner. This might even be useful for people just starting out in better physical condition, but mainly this guide is to educate those of you new to this type of exercise. Knowledge is the key to success no matter what we are working to accomplish, and providing this is extremely important to prevent you from any injuries.

    • Start out with very light weights approximately between 13 to18 pounds
    • Those of you with experience working out might prefer just a little heavier weight between 26 to 35 pounds
    • One thing to remember the majority of people think they are in better physical condition than they actually are, so I highly recommend going with the lighter weight just to be safe.
    • You are going to be performing 10 reps of a variety of exercises, so with a lighter weight towards the end of your workout, you should be feeling it to be more of a challenge.
    • Unless you have been already lifting weights, I strongly suggest going with the lighter weight. As you become stronger, you can always upgrade to the heavier kettlebells later on.

    The most important factor for anyone is gradually increasing the weight, you never want to be straining to the point you have completely wiped out yourself for the remainder of your day.

    free printable kettlebell workout chart

    Kettlebell Workout Guide

    Let us understand a basic workout to avoid you doing too much too soon, I really feel you will love what you are going to learn from this simple guide. The majority of us burn ourselves out when first beginning to workout, so that is the reason I feel this is extremely important for me to share with you.

    • 20-30 minutes workouts are all that you need to do
    • Twice per week is plenty to give your body the time it requires to recover
    • Gradually lose those unwanted pounds and get yourself into better physical shape, and what you might not realize will improve your mental health as well.
    • Be consistent yet flexible until you find what works for you
    • Twice per week even only 20-minute workouts every week will prevent you from physically burning yourself out, we are not training to be an athlete, we just are aiming to lose weight and improve our physical condition at the same time.

    What about if I share with you a few exercises to get you on the right track, remember you can even split your workouts into shorter periods twice per day if that works better for you. Start your day for example with a 10-15 minute workout, and later in the day do another 10-15 minutes to get your total 20-30 minutes in twice per week.

    free printable kettlebell workout chart

    Let Us Get Started Exercising

    In this paragraph, I am going to provide you with a few exercises you can start off with. Remember the option of training with a certified trainer to learn proper form, and once you have that perfected you can do these in the privacy of your own home instead.

    You might be thinking only three exercises are all I need to get started, as you see the total time for these equals a 20-minute workout.  What I would do is get yourself a timer, and do each one until the timer tells you it is time to go to the next exercise.

    free printable kettlebell workout chart

    More Kettlebell Exercises

    Some of you go-getters are not going to be satisfied with the three starter workouts above, so for you, I am going to provide some of the best exercises that you can also consider using as well.

    • Double Hand Swing
    • Double Handed Squats
    • Alternating Swings
    • Double Lunge
    • One Hand Swing
    • Jump Squats
    • Squat and Press
    • Reverse Lunge Overhead
    • Jumping Lunges
    • Sit and Press
    • Snatch
    • Single-Leg Deadlift
    • Walking Lunge
    • Windmill
    • Squat and Hold
    • Reverse Turkish Get-Up
    • Side Lunge

    Enough for those of you who are in need of more than the basic three exercises, now you have a nice variety to choose from. Never be bored while doing your kettlebell workout routine again, we must move on our time is limited.

    free printable kettlebell workout chart

    Kettlebell Shopping Guide

    Are you ready for some shopping tips on where to shop, we are going to do a Google search to see what our old friend recommends. By using this search engine, I am providing you with the best choices available online. What I always do myself is compare prices from the best stores, and this way I am able to save money for whatever I am shopping for.

    • Kettlebell Kings
    • CSM Fitness USA
    • Amazon
    • Top Fitness Store
    • Torgue Fitness
    • Walmart
    • Rogue Fitness
    • Target
    • Titan Fitness
    • Dicks Sporting Goods
    • Groupon
    • We Got Weights
    • Tru Grit Fitness
    • Jack Game Room
    • Bells of Steel USA
    • TRX Training
    • Best Buy
    • Onnit
    • Ali Express

    You can’t say Gizmo does not provide you a good source of stores to compare for the best deals, I usually check Amazon and Walmart before any other others on the list, It all depends on who you trust for the best merchandise prices.

    free printable kettlebell workout chart

    Kettlebell Groups

    If you are really serious about this, you might want to join a group or two. When you are a member you can learn so much from other members, plus many informational posts are found using these.

    Here are some groups and pages that you can perfect your workouts with, these are awesome freebies to join to learn from. We must keep moving before our time runs out, now see what Gizmo has for you in the next paragraph.

    free printable kettlebell workout charts

    Kettlebell Forums

    Another good source for information is forums, you can ask questions and even read posts on all sorts of interesting things on this particular workout. Many of us forget about these, so I wanted to share a few with you in Free Printable Kettlebell Workout Charts today.

    • Strong First
    • Kettlebells Strength and Conditioning Forum
    • Kettlebell on Reddit
    • Rokslide Forum
    • Bodybuilding Forums
    • Joe Rogan
    • Kettlebell Training Thread
    • Video Fitness Forum
    • Single Track World

    Forums now can be a part of your research plan, and this is just a small group of them that was found on Google’s first page. We all know the highest-ranked are on the first page, so you can be sure these all are rated high by this search engine.

    free printable kettlebell workout chart

    Kettlebell Resources

    Resources are very valuable assets no matter what you are trying to find out, and that is the reason every guide includes them. Please consider visiting these when you have free time, Gizmo provides these for your convenience because he wants to help you as much as he possibly can.

    Even though I didn’t link all the resources, this gives you an idea of what to search for on your own. You do have access to the two best ones on the list, there are way more freebies online than many people realize. If you are liking this website, please consider signing up for my auto-notifications from my pop-up. This will only alert you that Gizmo published a new post and what it is about, this is my way of helping you avoid missing any of my guides that might be important to you.