• When Is It Time To Repot A Plant

    When Is It Time To Repot A Plant

    Your houseplant is growing like a weed, so when is it time to repot a plant might be on your mind. We are going to tackle this subject that very well could help many of you with this question, this one is dedicated to my grandparents who got me started in gardening at the age of four.

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    When It Is Time To Repot A Houseplant

    Let us get right to what to look for when your houseplant is ready for a new home, many of us might transplant them too early or too late, so knowing the signs is important for every gardener to know.

    • Visible roots are a  sure sign it is time to transplant your plant baby to a larger home.
    • The dropping of many of its leaves is another red flag that it may be root bound, if the plant has been living in its pot for some time this might be a sign to check it out more carefully.
    • Your houseplant suddenly stops growing new leaves or growth for quite a while, every plant goes into a rest period but if that occurs during the peak growing season something is definitely wrong.
    • Are you experiencing drooping leaves with proper watering, if you know for a fact they are watered properly, and appearing thirsty this most often is the lack of water to the root system.
    • Yellow leaves can be another confusing sign for gardeners, when a plant is overwatered or underwatered this also occurs, If you know for a fact the amount of water is correct, transplanting them into one pot larger could save your houseplant.
    • The plant just is way too large for the container it is planted in, if the houseplant is two to three times larger than the pot it is a must to transplant as soon as possible.

    By knowing what to watch out for you are prepared to transplant whenever the time arrives, you can learn from an expert how to do this by watching the video at the beginning of this guide.

    Are Mushrooms Harmful To My Plant

    Houseplant Pest Problems

    It can be frustrating to invest in a beautiful houseplant only to watch it die, one common problem-solver in this guide is knowing more about the pests that can cause us to lose our precious plants.

    Aphids Tiny green, brown, or black insects, located on the undersides of leaves Feeding damage causes: stunted plant growth and curled or distorted foliage
    Mealybugs Scale insect with a white cottony appearance on stems, undersides of foliage (leaves), and on nodes (where the leaf or bud attaches to the plant’s stems) Feeding damage causes stunted plant growth
    Mites Tiny, light-colored arachnids (not insects) Produce webbing on foliage and stems. Feeding produces distorted yellowish foliage.
    Scale Oval or round, brown insects, Located on stems and leaves Suck plant juices resulting in poor or stunted plant growth
    Thrips Extremely tiny insects. Adults are light tan to dark brown; appear white when young Feed on foliage and flowers, causing them to become distorted and discolored
    Whitefly Small, white, gnat-like insect Adults and young feed on leaves, causing the leaves to turn pale yellow or white

    This chart was found on the website “Extension.PSU.edu”, I am positive this will be extremely interesting and helpful for any gardeners reading “When is it Time to Repot a Plant”. You might want to jot this website down or add it to your browser favorites, I highly recommend this as a resource that you will refer back to time after time.

    Is Your Plant Suffering From Root Rot?

    Believe it or not, many people lose the majority of their houseplants not to the pests on the chart above. Instead, what is the reason more often overwatering causes the roots to begin rotting? I lost many of my favorites when first starting indoor gardening, so from my own experience, I can tell you this is super easy to do.

    • The first signs are the yellowing of the leaves, and this usually happens with the lower leaves. You might begin to panic and overwatering thinking, it requires more water, and by doing this we are causing more damage.
    • Wilting and beginning to fall over is often your next clue, again many of us take this as needing to water the houseplant.
    • A stinky aroma is also a good sign you are experiencing root rot, so now is there anything we can do?

    Let Us Check for Root Rot

    Whenever I check my plant, I do this on my apartment balcony to avoid a mess. If you have no choice but to do this indoors, I highly recommend putting down newspapers or a plastic garbage bag. This will be well worth your time, so seriously consider this before checking for root rot.

    • Gently remove your plant from its nursery pot
    • Look at the roots, healthy roots will be white.
    • Rotten roots will be very brown or black.
    • If the roots are mushy, root rot is to blame.

    You now know how to check for root rot with these very simple steps, if this tip has been helpful please share it with your family and your friends. The more people who know about this, the better for the success of indoor gardeners.

    Indoor Plant Deals

    Can You Save Your Houseplant?

    I have been lucky enough to save some of my plants with root rot, so I wanted to include this in this guide to help you. We can only save them if we catch the problem early enough, but what do we have to lose by trying the steps provided below?

    1. Remove the plant from the pot and break off the soil from the root ball. Wash the plant roots under running water.

    2. Trim away rotting roots.

    3.  Trim back the foliage at about the same rate as you had to remove roots,

    4. Dispose of the remaining soil.

    5. Wash the container with bleach water to kill any fungus or bacteria.

    6. Dip the roots in a fungicide solution.

    7. Transplant with new potting soil.

    The steps above are your best chances of salvaging from root rot, you must realize this only works when you catch the problem in its early stages. Just like cancer, the earlier you treat it the better your chances of recovery.

    Houseplant Diseases

    We are now going to learn about houseplant diseases in this paragraph, you often do everything within your power to take care of them and still might lose them to disease. Including some of the diseases is important to me, below I have listed ones that you might be interested in knowing about.

    • Crown and Stem Rot
    • Grey Mold
    • White Mold
    • Nutrient Deficiency
    • Powdery Mildew
    • Rust
    • Scooty Mold
    • Viruses

    Now you are aware of the most common diseases indoor plants can experience, I am sure you are wondering if there is anything you can do. You are in luck, Gizmo is going to provide just that information in the remainder of this article.

    Mold Prevention and Treatment

    Crown and Stem Rot

    Black or discolored rotten patches at the base of the plant are what you will notice usually first from this disease,  succulents and cacti are most at risk. We now are going to learn what treatment we can try, thank you once again for reading “When is it Time to Repot a Plant.”

    What Can You Do?

    Cutting out the rot and dust with an anti-fungicide such as sulfur is the only option you can try,  taking cuttings from the healthy parts and trying to propagate is what I would recommend you do.

    Grey Mold

    Grey mold disease occurs when the plant is weak and the environment is humid and cool. If the plant is relatively healthy, this usually isn’t a major problem. White or pale brown spots on flower petals are sure signs of this problem, what can you do is listed below.

    What Can You Do?

    Remove the infected parts of the plant. Going forward improve the ventilation or find ways to reduce the humidity. If the Mold has got out of hand you may have to throw it away completely.

    White Mold

    White mold is another fungus that quickly occurs on the soil surface when conditions are moist and humid. The surface of the soil is coated in a white fluffy substance that looks like cotton wool, this is very common during the winter months in northern parts of the United States.

    What Can You Do?

    Simply cleaning up the white-covered potting soil is all you will need to do, this most often does not do any permanent damage to your plant.

    Nutrient Deficiency

    Poor growth is one of the most common signs when lacking nutrients, another thing to watch for is extremely small leaves. The color of the leaves will be dull and even might appear to be somewhat transparent in some areas.

    What Can You Do?

    Simply applying an all-purpose fertilizer is the only treatment plan that you will need, another option is to transplant it in a new pot with fresh potting mix with fertilizer already added.

    Powdery Mildew

    This one is more of an eye-sore than anything else, you will notice a white dusting on the leaves. With time it may spread over your entire plant, so let us see what we can do about this one.

    What Can You Do?

    Removing the leaves is your first step in treating this, then spray with a product containing Myclobutanil.


    Roses, Chrysanthemums, Pelargoniums, and Fushias are mainly affected by rust. You will notice brown rings or spots on the leaves, which most often will be found underneath the leaves.

    What Can You Do?

    Carefully remove the infected leaves and try not to shake the rust spores any more than you absolutely need to, a natural method is to use neem oil if you are into using essential oils to treat this problem.

    Scooty Mold

    Black or green spots on the leaves are what you will notice, this also is not a pretty sight for gardeners. Central heating during the winter months is often the time of the year this fungus will be seen, let us see what we can do about this.

    What Can You Do?

    Not usually harmful to the life of the houseplant, but it really is quite an ugly sight that none of us are going to be happy with. You can remove it by wiping over the leaves with a damp cloth, and after you do this rinse the leaves with clean water.


    Aphids are usually what spreads viruses to our indoor plants, there is no known cure for viruses that attack houseplants. Stunted growth is one sign most gardeners notice, also yellow spots are very common.

    What Can You Do?

    As I mentioned there is no known cure, but if the appearance doesn’t bother you the plant usually survives. If you just can’t stand the sight, you might as well dispose of this one as hard as it might be if it is one of your favorites.

    Houseplant Seed Deals

    Indoor Gardening Resources

    Resources are always an important part of this website, I am proud to include them in every article. Feel free to browse all my self-help guides by clicking here, this is a great time-saver that I am happy to provide.

    Thank you for taking the time to read “When is it Time to Repot a Plant”, and if you found the content worthy please leave me a comment in my comment section. Do you have any of your own indoor gardening tips to share, we all would love to hear from you if you wish to share them.











  • What Causes Newborn Constipation

    What Causes Newborn Constipation

    What causes newborn constipation is focusing on helping new mothers and expecting women, even if you are a grandmother this might interest you to read and learn from good old Gizmo.

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    What Causes Newborn Constipation

    This can be a concern, especially for new mothers with their first bundle of joy. Many times physicians share that infants often have not developed a regular bowel movement right away. Switching from breast milk to formula can contribute to this problem,  there have been rare cases the cause has been from the nerves to the intestines not working properly.

    Is Your Baby Constipated?

    • Fewer bowel movements than normal for them
    • Straining more than normal to poop
    • Small, hard pebbles
    •  Bloated hard belly
    • Crying all the time for no other apparent reason

    What Can Mothers Do?

    •  A few ounces of 100% fruit juice once a day, apples, cherries, and pears are good choices.
    • Pureed pears, peaches, or prunes instead of giving them juice is even better if they are old enough to eat food.
    • Oatmeal cereal is a much better choice for breakfast than rice cereal, some babies become constipated from rice.
    • Trying to give them a warm bath is another option to consider.
    • After giving these a try without success, you should consult your physician for testing of their intestine nerve functioning.

    Never give your baby laxatives, baby mineral oil, or enemas without first talking to your doctor. This basic guide was provided by the Nationwide Children’s Organization, we are now ready to move on to learn more about newborns in the following paragraphs.

    Hirschsprung’s Disease

    This disease is the missing nerve cells in the muscles of the baby’s colon, what will happen is their poop can back up causing a bowel blockage.  Surgery is required to solve this problem, if you have any thoughts this could be happening consult your physician immediately for testing.

    What to Watch For in Newborns

    • Swollen belly
    • Vomit the color of green or brown
    • Constipation
    • Excess gas
    • Diarrhea
    • Delay of your newborn’s first bowel movement

    According to the Mayo Clinic Organization, there is no known cause at this time. What happens is the infant’s nerve cells in the colon don’t form completely. This is a very good resource to add to your favorites, now let us learn more.

    Is Your Baby at Risk?

    • Any family history of this disease
    • Male babies experience this more than female babies
    •  Down syndrome and congenital heart disease infants experience this more often as well.

    Now that we know more about this disease, mothers can get their newborns tested earlier. This will be a great asset in caring for them, so even if this is not the case ask your physician about testing them if you are worried.

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    Expecting Mother Tools

    This paragraph is dedicated to all you expecting women, what you are going to get access to are some tools. The internet is an awesome resource for anything that you are dealing with, and that is what this website is all about. Finding them and sharing them with you is a priority, you will find this is not your ordinary self-help guide pushing merchandise for you to purchase.

    • Due Date Calculator
    • Ovulation Calculator
    • Baby Feeder Tracker
    • Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator
    • Track Your Pregnancy Week by Week

    Where can you get access to these tools might be on your mind, and that is what I am going to help you with. All of them are located on one website, not just any site but one that is highly recommended for what to expect during pregnancy. The name is What to Expect, and Heidi Murkoff is a nice lady devoted to helping you.

    What to Expect

    Since I shared the tools and a little about this resource, it feels only right to tell you a little more about what you will find by visiting Ms. Heidi. If you would like to know her even better, you can read more about her by clicking here.

    • Getting Pregnant
    • Pregnancy
    • First Year
    • Toddler
    • Family
    • Baby Products
    • Registry Builder
    • Registry
    • Community
    • News

    Gizmo has no association with Ms. Heidi, so by sharing her website I am doing it only to help you. There is no financial gain by my promoting this lady and her blog, this is a very good resource for women expecting.

    Visit What to Expect

    Healthy Pregnancy Guide

    Children are so precious, we need to be more careful during our pregnancy to bring them into our lives healthy. Below there are some basic suggestions on how to accomplish that goal, I want to thank you for reading “What Causes Newborn Constipation”.

    • Stay as active as you possibly can, one good habit to start is to take a walk every single day. Even a short nature walk will work wonders for your baby and for you, even if exercise is not your thing try walking instead.
    • Being sure to be eating healthy meals and snacks, cutting back on processed foods, and adding more fruits and vegetables is a good strategy.
    • Pay especially attention to your unborn newborn’s movements during your pregnancy, this can be extremely important to detect any possible problems.
    • After your third semester, it is recommended to start sleeping on your side. This is recommended for the safety of your unborn infant, it is believed this may protect them from stillbirth.
    • Pay particular attention to your feelings at this time, with hormonal changes anxiety and depression during pregnancy is quite common.
    • Postpone any traveling after 37 weeks of your pregnancy, this can put extra stress on your body and your baby.
    • Of course, you want to avoid unhealthy substances such as alcoholic beverages, and smoking as much as possible. Any drugs should be consulted with your physician before taking them, this even includes over-the-counter medications.

    Alcohol and smoking addiction during your pregnancy can be a stressful time, if you just are not able to avoid them completely, do your best to cut back as much as you possibly are able to.

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    Shopping Tips

    Another important feature I include in my guides is shopping tips, maybe not in every single guide will you find them.  Gizmo does try to provide them for you whenever the opportunity arises, but they are not always appropriate for all of my self-help guide topics.

    • Bassinet, cradle, or crib
    • Rocking chair or glider
    • Fitted crib sheets
    • Baby monitor
    • Nightlight or lamp
    • Dresser or chest
    • Receiving blankets
    • Changing table
    • Clothes basket or hamper
    • Humidifier

    Expecting mothers might not think of everything if they are without guidance, every woman does not have a mother or grandmother to aid them in preparing for what they and their baby will need. This list will get you started on the right path for being prepared, think of this as a bonus for reading “What Causes Newborn Constipation”

    Where To Shop

    As an extra bonus, here are some stores online that you might want to consider browsing. These are just a few that you could find the best deals, Gizmo also tries to save you money as well as information and resources.

    • JC Penney
    • Macy’s
    • Walmart
    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • Carter’s
    • BuyBuy Baby
    • My Kids USA
    • The Children’s Place
    • Boscov’s
    • Target
    • Old Navy
    • Honest Baby Clothing

    Now you have some stores to start shopping, many of them might already be on your favorites list. Some could be brand new to you as well, no matter what I am more than happy to provide them in this article.

    Baby Clothing Deals

    What About New Moms

    We have been focusing more on what your new addition will need, I would like to include in this section what new mothers might need. Often women will spend quite a bit on their unborn child, but they don’t think about what they are going to need until after their newborn is home.

    1. Postpartum recovery kit
    2. Comfortable clothing and bras
    3. Bedside rolling cart
    4. Postnatal vitamins
    5. Relaxation activities
    6. Prepared meals
    7. Helping hands
    8. Healthy boundaries
    9. Household support
    10. Handpicked resources
    11. Postpartum therapist
    12. Lactation consultant
    13. Pelvic floor specialist
    14. Sleep plan
    15. Community support

    If this guide has been helpful, please consider sharing it with your family and friends. Even better sharing on social media can reach more people, and Gizmo really does appreciate any assistance from his readers.

    Christian Pregnancy Podcast

    Pregnancy can be a scary time for first-time mothers, since I just stumbled upon this Christian Pregnancy Podcast, I thought that this was something to share. Below you can view some of the examples available, and if they interest you, please let me know in my comments section if you have the time.

    • Pregnancy and Motherhood Prayer
    • Partnering with God Through Motherhood
    • How Men and Husbands Can Help and Support During Active Labor
    • How to Deal with Difficult Family Members as a Pregnant Mom
    • How to Have a Christian Labor and Delivery Experience
    • Exercising and Working Out During Pregnancy
    • Pregnancy Insomnia as a Mom or Mom-to-be
    • Browse and Explore Christian Pregnancy Podcasts 

    Being a Christian myself, I know the value of resources that are Christian-related. This is included for anyone interested, you don’t need to be a Christian to benefit from this awesome resource. Next on my list is the best budget-friendly gift ideas for new moms, if this was inspirational please let me know.

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    Best Gifts For New Moms

    Maybe you know a new mom who you are shopping for a gift, and you have hit the jackpot today. Gizmo is going to provide you with the best-selling gifts that will cost you under $25.00, who says we need to spend a lot for nice gifts for new moms?

    • Soothing Nursing Pillows
    • Silicone Breast Pump
    • Natural Baby Bottle with Natural Nipple Response
    • Swaddle Blankets
    • Gift Cards
    • Ice Roller
    • Nasal and Ear Cleaner
    • Gift Sets
    • Space Saving Drying Rack

    I am positive if you start browsing some of the online stores, you will find even more budget-friendly gift ideas. Remember it is not how much you spend that matters, but instead how thoughtful of a gift that you give. Some of the most inexpensive keepsakes can be the most treasured by moms, now we are ready for my resource paragraph.


    Every guide includes resources to conclude whatever topic I am writing about, this has really become an important part of my website for me. It is another way for me to thank you for reading “What Causes Newborn Constipation” today.

    Another self-help guide to aid you to solve a problem, and by the way, this is my first article in my new category of “Children’s s Health”.  That means more will be coming very soon focusing on the health of your little boys and your little girls, I am dedicating this to helping new parents.


















  • Why Is My Period Late

    Why Is My Period Late

    Do you ever ask yourself why is my period late, I am sure the majority of women have asked themselves this from time to time. That is what we are going to address for the ladies, so if this has been a mystery to you, let us get started with some answers.

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    Why is My Period Late

    Without wasting any time, let us find out right off the bat what might be causing your periods to be late. It is possible for ladies to even miss their period altogether for the reasons listed below.

    • Pregnancy
    • Stress
    • Sudden weight loss
    •  Overweight
    • Over-exercising
    • Contraceptive pills
    • Menopause
    • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

    Many times this could just be a hormone imbalance as well, so usually, this is not something to become anxious about unless it is happening frequently. If this is the case, consult your physician or gynecologist for testing.

    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    Since the majority of the reasons listed are well-known by women, we are going to focus on polycystic ovary syndrome. This might be brand new to you, so by providing you with information, I am providing you with useful content instead of the same old stuff in most other guides.

    •  For example, you might have fewer than nine periods a year. And you may have trouble getting pregnant.
    • High levels of the hormone androgen may result in excess facial and body hair. This is called hirsutism.
    •  Your ovaries might be bigger, and the ovaries might not work the way they are supposed to.
    • Symptoms are typically more severe in people with obesity.

    What Might Be Causing This

    • Insulin Resistance symptoms are dark, velvety patches of skin on the lower part of the neck, armpits, groin, or under the breasts.
    • Low-grade inflammation research shows that people with PCOS have a type of long-term, low-grade inflammation that leads polycystic ovaries to produce androgens.
    •  Research suggests that certain genes might be linked to PCOS. If this is common in your family, you are at a higher risk of experiencing this syndrome.
    • Your ovaries may produce high levels of androgen.,this means that eggs don’t develop on a regular basis.

    More You Need to Know

    • Infertility
    • Gestational diabetes or pregnancy
    • Miscarriage
    • Premature birth
    • A severe liver inflammation caused by fat buildup in the liver
    •  A cluster of conditions including high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and unhealthy cholesterol or triglyceride levels that significantly increase your risk of heart and blood vessel  disease
    • Type 2 diabetes or prediabetes
    • Sleep apnea
    • Depression, anxiety, and eating disorders
    • Cancer of the uterine lining


    • Pelvic exam.
    • Blood tests.
    • Ultrasound.
    • This information was found on the Mayo Clinic website, you can read the entire blog post by clicking here.

    The Mayo Clinic is a resource I have used for many years to manage my own health problems, with my positive experience with them, I highly recommend you consider them when researching your own health issues as well.

    Deals n Steals

     Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Deals

    Some people prefer to shop for books to learn more about their health problems, we are going to see what are some of the best-sellers that people are purchasing on the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. If you are not into shopping for books that is fine, you can just move on to my next paragraph.

    • PCOS The Hidden Epidemic
    • The PCOS Plan
    • A Balanced Appoach to PCOS
    • The PCOS Fix
    • A Patients Guide to PCOS
    • PCOS Cookbook
    • The PCOS Diet Plan

    With the examples of the best-selling books people are buying, you can get an idea what you will find. Whenever I am shopping for anything, I go right to the products that are the best sellers first. If others are purchasing them regularly, this to me is a clue they are helping others with the same problem.

    What About Birth Control Pills

    Gizmo is extremely concerned about birth control pills, we are going to look deeper into these to see if they could be another contributor to your menstrual cycle problem. Many women’s first response when asking themselves “Why is My Period Late” is am I pregnant.  Could birth control pills be causing this problem is something I am concerned about, so let us see what the experts tell us next.

    • Headaches
    • Nausea
    • Sore breasts
    • Changes in your period could be early, late, or stopping altogether while on birth control pills.
    • Spotting  with bleeding between periods or brown discharge is another side-effect to be aware of.

    According to this information it is possible that your birth control pill could be the reason, you will be happy to hear that for most ladies this only happens the first few months after going on the pill.

    Browse The Flower n Houseplant Shop

    Birth Control Side-Effects

    Even though the majority of ladies take birth control pills without any serious complications, that does not mean it is right for every woman. There are some who have experienced terrible side-effects, and that is what is listed below.

    • Sudden back pain along with nausea, sweating, or trouble breathing
    • Chest pain or discomfort
    • Achy soreness in your leg
    • Trouble breathing
    • Severe pain in your stomach
    • Sudden, extremely bad headaches
    • Headaches that are different, worse, or happen more often than usual
    • Seeing flashing, zigzag lines
    • Yellowing of your skin or eyes

    If you are experiencing any of these side-effects that really are affecting your life, please don’t hesitate to contact your physcian right away. There are more options than you might realize to prevent getting pregnant, now we are going to learn about them in the next paragraph.

    Find an Ob-Gyn

    Birth Control Options

    Since we know that birth control pills can affect your periods, maybe another option would be a better choice. My neice had nothing but problems with taking the pill, so she talked to her doctor about other options instead. She missed periods regularly which only made things worse by her worrying, no sense stressing out every month when there is other things you can try instead.

    •  Barrier methods block sperm from getting into your uterus. You use a barrier method each time you have sex.
    • Hormonal medication and devices that require daily use
    •  Surgery to permanently prevent pregnancy is another option that many women who don’t want to have any more babies use very often.
    •  Fertility awareness uses natural methods to prevent pregnancy.
    •  Emergency contraception provides protection against pregnancy if your birth control fails.
    •  Refraining from sexual intercourse of course is the safest and the most effective option available, but being realistic, how many women wants to totally give up making love to prevent pregnancy.

    Why I included birth control methiods in this self-help guide is because of my own neice’s experience with missing her periods. I am sure she is not the only young woman that has had this experience, so by sharing this I am helping anyone who reads “Why is My Period Late”.

    Natural Birth Control

    If you are interested in natural birth control that is what I have for you now, you might be surprised when using this properly it is 99% effective. This is referred to as natural family planning, so let us learn more about this option.


    • No side effects.
    • Acceptable to all faiths and cultures.
    • Most women can use natural family planning, as long as they’re properly trained by a fertility awareness teacher.
    • Once you’ve learned the techniques, there should be no further need for other birth control methods.
    • You can use this to to avoid pregnancy or to become pregnant.
    • It does not involve chemicals or physical products.
    • It can help you recognize possible infection.
    • It involves your partner in the process, which creates a stronger bond between couples.


    • Natural family planning does not protect against STIs such as chlamydia or HIV.
    • You’ll need to avoid sex, or use contraception such as condoms, during the time you might get pregnant.
    • There can sometimes be up to 16 days during which you cannot have sex.
    • It can be much less effective than other methods of contraception if the methods are not followed accurately.
    • It will not work without continued commitment and practice.
    • It can take several menstrual cycles before you become confident in identifying your fertile time.
    • You’ll need to keep a daily record of your fertility signs.
    • It’s not right for every woman.
    • Stress, illness, travel, lifestyle and hormonal treatments can disrupt your fertility signs.
    • If you use the emergency contraceptive pill, you’ll need to wait for 2 complete cycles before relying on natural family planning again.

    We now have the pros and the cons of using the natural birth control method, you will have to consider if this is right for you. Many young single ladies with careers might find this not really convenient, but for mature married couples this could be a problem-solver for missing your periods.

    Natural Family Planning

    Women’s Health Resources

    My section with a few resources in every guide is a bonus for visiting my website, you can browse them and decide which ones are the most useful for you and your family. This is an important part of this site, so every guide will include them just for you.

    Did you find this helpful, and if so please feel free to share it with your family and your friends. If you are on social media, I would appreciate you sharing it there as well. Together we can reach more people than me doing it on my own, thank you once again for reading “Why is My Period Late”.











  • Why Is My Poop Green

    Why Is My Poop Green

    Why is my poop green, could this be a sign of a health problem or not? Should we be more concerned about the color of our stool is the topic, let us see what Gizmo has found out about this.

    Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link.

    Stool Color Guide

    It is quite normal according to physicians most of the time a change in your stool color, thanks to the Mayo Clinic we are going to learn more about this to understand it more clearly.

    • Green Poop can indicate that your food may be going through your intestines too slowly.
    • White or Clay could possibly be a sign you have a bile problem.
    • The yellow stinky stool is often common in people with Celiac Disease.
    • Black color is the color we should be the most concerned about, you could have intestinal bleeding. Another reason might be from iron supplements as well, so Consult your Physician before you panic.
    • Bright red should be a concern and make an appointment with your doctor immediately, this could be a sign of rectum bleeding.

    Before you go into a panic, there are other issues such as your diet that can also cause your stool to change color. Why is my poop green isn’t usually a health problem, but it is always best to make an appointment with your doctor to be safe?

    Colon Cancer Signs

    Since colon cancer affects men regularly, we should know the signs you might need to consult a physician. The reason I am talking about this today is to help you get treatment as soon as possible, many men with digestive diseases and disorders are a high risk for this type of cancer.

    • Bloody stool
    • Extremely dark stool
    • Rectal bleeding
    • Constipation
    • Anemia
    • Tummy pain
    • Loss of appetite
    • Weight loss
    • Diarrhea
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting

    Many times these symptoms are not taken seriously by men, they more than women tell themselves it is nothing to worry about. Guys are well-known for putting off going to a doctor until they have no choice, and by that time it often is too late when it comes to any type of cancer.

    Men’s Health Deals

    Lower Your Colon Cancer Risks

    Men are known to not take their health as seriously as women, we are going to look at some ways guys could lower their colon cancer risks. You are never too young to start making lifestyle changes to stay healthy, remember cancer cares very little about your age or even your gender.

    • The American Cancer Society recommends testing starting at age 45 for people at average risk.
    • Veggies, fruit, and whole grains are your best friends.
    • Staying active is another lifestyle change to make, remember you need not exercise to stay active. Finding fun activities that keep you moving and that you enjoy is your best strategy.
    • Managing your weight is a very important factor we all should be more concerned about.
    • Kick the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol excessively.

    Sure making these lifestyle changes are not a piece of cake for most of us, but at the same time, why shorten your life by abusing your body and risking being a cancer victim, if you possibly can lower your risks?

    Inflammatory Foods

    Physicians are now realizing our diets are the best medicine to remain healthy, and the worse types of foods to put into our bodies are those that cause inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of the majority of our health problems, this also can contribute to cancer.

    • High-sugar beverages are high on the list that we consume way too often, so simply by eliminating or cutting back, we can improve our health dramatically.
    • Fried foods that we love such as french fries cooked in cooking oils are high on our list as well, avoid eating as many foods prepared in these oils is another simple way to reduce your inflammation.
    • We all are hearing how bad trans-fats are for us, so remember to read the ingredients when grocery shopping for food choices without trans-fats.
    • Why do you think so many of us are allergic to milk, this naturally causes our bodies to create inflammation. Watching your intake of dairy products can work wonders, and this is much easier today with so many non-dairy products on the market.
    • Red meat especially is a highly inflammatory food that we abuse in consumption, go for poultry instead or grass-fed beef if you can’t give up your red meat.
    • Processed foods especially our meat and snacks are overconsumed causing digestive problems in our society today.
    • How many of you realize alcohol causes an inflammatory response from our immune systems?
    • Avoiding refined grains is another food we should give up or cut back on.
    • Artificial ingredients such as preservatives don’t work naturally with our body chemistry.

    Everyone should do an elimination diet to find their food triggers, we all are not affected by all the possibilities on the list above. Going with more natural whole-food choices is the key strategy, and eating the ones that cause inflammation in moderation will make a dramatic difference in your health.

    Am I Overweight For My Height

    Foods That Fight Inflammation

    Harvard Health wrote a blog post on foods that fight inflammation, below are what they recommend as your best choices to combat this issue and become healthier. By the way, this is another one of my favorite resources.

    • Tomatoes as long as they don’t bother you, more people with autoimmune diseases and disorders find them to be a trigger food.
    • Strawberries
    • Blueberries
    • Oranges
    • Cherries
    • Almonds
    • Walnuts
    • Olive Oil
    • Spinach
    • Kale
    • Collard Greens
    • Salmon
    • Mackerel
    • Tuna
    • Sardines

    Foods to Avoid

    • Fried Foods
    • Soda Pop
    • Refined Carbs
    • Lard
    • Processed Meats

    Gizmo really puts you first in every guide that he writes, you will find information and resources that make up the majority of the links included in every guide. The only affiliate links are ones that I truly believe will benefit you, this is really an important part of this website.

     Self-Help Guides

    Best Weight Management Plans

    No matter if you need to lose a few extra pounds or just want to manage your weight, we are going to find out what are your best choices of plans available online. Even though you might not need assistance, maybe some of you do. For anyone who does need a helping hand, these are the ones recommended as the best.

    •  WW (Weight Watchers)
    •  Sunbasket
    •  Factor
    • The Flexitarian Diet
    • The Paleo Diet
    •  The South Beach Diet
    • Jenny Craig
    •  Noom

    Even though these are rated the best plans for men, they also are good choices for ladies as well. Did you learn anything new by reading “Why is My Poop Green” if so, I would love to hear from you in my comments section?

    Are You Healthy

    We often might wonder if we are really as healthy as we think, and in this paragraph, you are going to learn the signs that indicate that you actually are a healthy man. Just being assured that everything is alright can boost your self-esteem, plus also improve your mental health.

    • Your diet mainly consists of fruits, veggies, and whole grains with processed foods in moderation.
    • Moderation is not a problem for you, and you rarely if ever go on a junk food binge.
    • The color of your poop is brown consistently, and you move your bowels regularly without any problems.
    • Your energy levels are high which keeps you physically active regularly, this could be with fun activities not necessarily working out at the gym.
    • Clear urine with a steady flow is another healthy sign to be proud of, we really should pay more attention to our stool and urine functioning.
    • Rarely do you have any problems going and staying asleep, sleep is another major health problem many unhealthy people experience regularly?
    • Seldom do you catch a cold or the flu?
    • Emotionally you have plenty of self-esteem and confidence with little anxiety and depression the majority of the time.

    Did you pass the men’s health test, if you have, Gizmo is extremely proud of you. Do you enjoy reading Men’s Health books and magazines, if so we are going to find out the best books for men next?

    Men’s Health Book Deals

    Best Mens Health Books Guide

    To help you with the better books to buy, this section will be focusing on providing you with this shopping tip. Saving money also is a priority of this website, people come before profit here.

    • The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises
    • The Complete Book of Men’s Health
    • Home Remedies for Men
    • The Mid-Life Guide for Men
    • Over 50’s Men’s Health Check
    • Healthy Choices for Men
    • The Most Complete Guide to Bodybuilding

    With the following above you have an idea of what to check out on your next shopping trip, when it comes to your health, books are a very inexpensive tool to take advantage of.  Our next paragraph will be about apps for men, so if these interest you keep reading to learn more.

    Apps For Men

    Smartphones and apps are great technology tools we can use each and every day, such an easy way to keep track of our health by using these. Gizmo is not really into apps himself, but I do have a few that I downloaded to monitor my own health.

    • Workouts for Men
    • Lose Weight App for Men
    • Muscle Man Personal Trainer
    • Dr. Kegel for Men’s Health
    • Home Workout for Men
    • Home Workout No Equipment

    With the examples shared above you know what is available, there are many more as well. I just wanted to give you an idea with some examples, by using the link below you can browse the apps for men compliments of Gizmo.

    Apps For Men


    It is time for my resources, this is one of my favorite parts of my self-help guides. If you found “Why is My Poop Green” worth sharing, I would really appreciate you posting it on your social media pages for me.

    You now have access to my resources of the day, every guide that I write includes some of these that might be brand new to you. It is an important part of being a self-help website, thank you for all of your support and for reading my guides.









  • Am I Overweight For My Height

    Am I Overweight For My Height

    How many times have you thought, ” Am I Overweight for My Height”? We are going to try our best to answer this question many of us wonder about all the time, before we go any further, thank you for visiting my website.

    Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link.

    chart that helps you determine your BMI based on your height and weight

    The chart above is compliments from the Cancer Organization website, and for your convenience, you can click on the chart to go to the blog post to learn more about your height and weight.

    Healthy Weight Signs

    Body mass index is a calculation of height and weight that is used to screen people for obesity and overweight. Remember the charts used to determine your correct weight are only a guideline, below are some signs that you are at a healthy weight despite what the chart might indicate.

    • Your waist measurements are less than 35-40 inches
    • Are your extra pounds in your hips and not in your belly?
    • Many times muscular people will not be within the healthy BMI on weight and height charts
    • Are your metabolic tests normal?
    • Do you experience plenty of energy and are physically active?
    • Taking your age into consideration, many older folks are healthy despite their BMI.
    • Did you know people of color often are naturally higher in BMI sometimes than white people?

    My advice is to consult with your physician if you have any doubts about your weight vs your height, they can tell you more than any chart that you find online. Remember the BMI charts are only a guide, let us now learn some healthy weight habits to add to our lifestyle.

    Foods That Cause Weight Gain

    Healthy Weight Habits

    By knowing the healthy weight habits in this paragraph, you can adjust your lifestyle to be healthier. People who live a healthy lifestyle most of the time stay at the right weight naturally.

    • Maintain healthy meal portions and avoid overeating foods high in sugar and sodium. One easy method is to purchase inexpensive portion control containers.
    • Staying as physically active as you possibly can is another important habit, you might be surprised by taking a short walk every day can keep you at a healthy weight.
    • I live in an apartment building and instead of taking the elevator all the time, I take the stairs several times per day.
    • Eat your favorite snack foods high in sugar and sodium in moderation.
    • Cut back on processed foods for healthier alternatives.
    • Instead of soda pop, why not replace them with nutritional beverages and water?
    • Avoid pushing yourself physically more than your body can stand, this can lead to cravings for junk food from low energy.
    • If you happen to fall off your routine, just get back on track instead of beating yourself up.
    • Many people find a food diary helps them stay on track, you can purchase an inexpensive notebook from a dollar store, instead of spending more on fancy diaries.

    I know these sound to be so simple but ask yourself are you doing them regularly most days or not? Every extra step you can get into your day is a bonus, so instead of taking the easy way, sometimes take a few extra steps.

    Why Processed Foods Are Unhealthy

    Workout Alternatives

    Many of us lack the motivation to work out the traditional way, what I have for you here are some alternatives that are fun activities that don’t feel like exercise. You don’t need to pump iron or run to manage your weight, now let us see some fun ideas that I have shared below.

    • Swimming
    • Spend some time at the beach
    • Riding a bicycle
    • Basketball
    • Horseback Riding
    • Frisbee at your local park
    • Soccer
    • Start Golfing
    • Hiking
    • Skating
    • Kayaking
    • Water Skiing
    • Tennis
    • Softball
    • Beach Volleyball
    • Nature Walks
    • Bowling

    Just ask yourself what is fun for you, and choose any activity that involves you moving. The majority of people lack the motivation to work out regularly, so using an alternative that you love to do is the best alternative.

     Best Weight Loss Home Workout

    Best Weight Management Workouts

    For those of you with the motivation to work out, I have included just for you some of the best ones. Everyone must find what works the best for them, if you tread your workout, you are going to not stick with it long.

    • Waking is the safest and highly recommended for older folks.
    • Jumping Rope
    • Planks
    • Push-Ups
    • Pull-Ups
    • Squats
    • Lunges
    • Yoga
    • Running
    • Jogging
    • Stationary Bicycle
    • Weight Lifting
    • HIIT Workouts are rated as the number one to burn belly fat.
    • Dance Workouts

    30-second workouts are effective if you push yourself to do as many as you can within that limited time. You can even do them more than once per day, go for pushups, squats, and lunges to get started. Even the busiest person can spare 30-second workouts, and these can be done pretty much anywhere and anytime.

    Best Belly-Fat Exercises

    Let us face it most of us experience excess belly fat, we are going to learn the better choices of exercises according to professional trainers to overcome this. When you want good information and resources, Gizmo is the man to see.

    • Burpees are number one according to professional trainers.
    • Mountain Cimber
    • Turkish Get-Up
    • Medicine Ball Burpees
    • Sprawls
    • Medicine Ball Slams
    • Russian Twists
    • BOSU Ball Planks
    • Incline Running
    • Rowing Machine
    • HIIT
    • Weight Lifting
    • Walking
    • Yoga

    According to personal trainers here are your best exercises for belly fat, with so many to choose from why not give them a try? Maybe some of these are brand new to you as they are to me, below is a link to learn more about each of them.

    Belly Fat Exercise Help

    Shopping Tips

    Meal replacement shakes are our shopping tip for the day, what you are about to learn to be your best choices are recommended by Women’s Health Magazine. Just so you know where this information came from, and that old Gizmo is not making them up.

    • Evolve Plant-Based Shake is rated as the best
    • Orgain Clean Shake
    • Iconic Protein
    • OWYN especially for vegans
    • Slimfast
    • Ensure Max Protein
    • Soylent
    • Ripple Nutrition is another vegan-friendly recommendation
    • Powerful Foods
    • Pirq
    • Aloha
    • Happy Viking Super Food

    Women’s Health Magazine provided this list for us all to learn from, we must be extra careful who we trust when shopping for any of our health products. Some just might not be as healthy for us as others, and we are now ready to move on to what is coming up next.

    According To Dieticians

    For anyone who prefers protein bars instead of shakes for weight management, we are going to gain access to what the dieticians recommend. If we can’t trust medical professionals who can we trust, remember before adding any nutritional products to your diet consult your doctor first?

    • Kind is at the top of the list by dieticians.
    • Ratio Keto
    • RX BAR
    • Built Bar
    • G2G Bar
    • Healthy Eating on the Go
    • Good Measure Bar
    • Perfect Bar
    • Zing Bar
    • Clif Protein Bar

    According to dieticians, these are our best choices to go with, instead of just one shopping tip, you have been provided two as a special bonus for reading “Am I Overweight For My Height”.


    Gizmos resources are a very important part of this website, you will find providing you with them is a priority. You might want to save them to your browser favorites as I do, this is just a friendly idea to help you gain quick access to the ones you find the most useful.

    Flowers n Houseplants is a brand new website just published, and gardening is another activity to help you to manage your weight. This is an extremely popular hobby among seniors, now let us go to my next paragraph.

    Best Deals Online

    Everyone wants and needs to save money, I have included the best places online to find the best deals. Another shopping tip from Gizmo, this is just my way of thanking you for reading “Am I Overweight For My Height”. The best deal resources online are waiting for you, below I have listed them for your convenience.

    • Deal News
    • Daily Steals
    • Deal Catcher
    • The Inventory
    • 1 Sale
    • Ben’s Bargains
    • Brad’s Deals
    • Wirecutter

    Here you have the best places online to shop for the best deals, you can browse these whenever you have free time. If you have found this guide interesting enough to share, Gizmo would really appreciate you doing this as a favor to him.

    Women’s Web Exclusives

    Nutrition Therapy For Weight Loss

    Many times we overeat and experience cravings from the lack of nutrients, that is where nutrition therapy can help people. Let us see who should consider looking into this type of therapy, if you are someone who could benefit please talk with your doctor to find a nutrition specialist near you.

    • Diabetes
    • Arthritis
    • High Blood Pressure
    • Stroke
    • Sleep Apnea
    • Infertility
    • Liver Disease
    • Lung Disease
    • Cancers
    • Mental Health Problems

    What You Can Learn

    • Read food labels
    • Understand how much nutrients you need in your diet
    • Eat the right number of calories
    • Eat enough protein and fiber.
    • Eat the right variety of foods
    • Eat enough fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
    • Eat leaner cuts of meat and lower-fat dairy products
    • Limit your intake of fried foods and other foods high in fat
    • Watch your portion sizes
    • Drink water instead of other beverages that are high in calories. These include non-diet sodas and most juices.
    • Increase your activity level

    This concludes “Am I Overweight For My Height”, if you happen to have anything to share that has helped you manage your own weight, please share them in my comments section for us all to read.

    Free Doctor Finder Tool


















  • Online Blog Writing Jobs

    Online Blog Writing Jobs

    My new category just added is how-to guides, what we are going to do is educate ourselves on online blog writing jobs. This will be a variety of topics within one category, so this is my educational and training free for you to learn from Gizmo.

    Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link.

    Experienced Writing Opportunities

    We will begin by providing you with where you can earn money online, I am sure that is why the majority of you are reading this article. Gizmo has quite a bit of experience writing and blogging for over ten years, I am going to allow you to pick my brain by reading what I have to share.

    • B.Michelle Pippin
    • Copy Hackers
    • Desert USA
    • Doctor of Credit
    • Earth Island Journal
    • Freedom With Writing
    • Freshbooks Blog
    • Go Daddy Blog
    • Guideposts
    • Income Diary
    • International Living
    • Make a Living Writing
    • Rooted in Rights
    • SitePoint
    • Smashing Magazine
    • Transitions Abroad
    • Truity
    • Upworthy
    • Writers Weekly

    Gizmo recommends that only experienced bloggers apply for writing jobs with the resources above, you will find these are extremely choosey on who they approve to join their programs. For those of you with experience, you can earn $50.00 and more for each article published.

    Start Learning Free

    Free Online Tools For Beginners

    Never fear if you are not an experienced writer, if Gizmo could become a successful writer anyone can. There are free tools to assist you with grammar and spelling, with these you have no excuse if being a writer is your dream.

    • Hemmingway Writer
    • Grammarly
    • Power Thesaurus
    • Sharethrough Headline Analyzer
    • Edu Birdie
    • Wordcounter
    • Canva
    • BibMe
    • Trello

    I started out with Grammarly and Canva, and even today I am using these tools regularly. Since these are so valuable for beginners and advanced writers, I provided you with links to learn more about them.

    Start Making Money Blogging

    Beginner Blog Jobs

    Online blog writing jobs are not only for experienced bloggers, even as a beginner there are opportunities available. Everyone has to start somewhere, here are some of the better places to get started with your new work from home career.

    • Pro Blogger
    • Blogging Pro
    • Linkedin
    • Flex Jobs
    • Freelance Writing Gigs
    • Indeed
    • Simply Hired
    • Freelance Writers Den

    The list above are good resources to get started for beginners, now if you are seriously interested in giving this a try, any of the ones above are good places to get your feet wet. Starting your own blog is another option if you are adventurous, but many lack the confidence, so starting here interests most beginners.

    Using Twitter Effectively

    Many people lack the knowledge how to use Twitter effectively, we are going to get you started with just a few tips below. This might be something you never thought of on your own, so if you learned something new feel free to tell us in my comments section at the end of this article.

    • Present yourself as a freelance blogger seeking writing jobs. share your niche(s), mention sites you’ve previously written for, and add a link to your website or writer profile.
    • Enter phrases like “writer wanted,”” “blogging job,” . into the search box to find opportunities
    • Follow your favorite freelance writers, keep your eyes peeled for any tweets related to writing jobs.
    •  Hashtags like #bloggingjobs, and #writerswanted, can connect you with possible opportunities.
    • Gizmo is on Twitter Too

    Besides using Twitter effectively another source very productive for Gizmo is Pinterest, never overlook either of these websites as free tools to lead you to writing jobs no matter your experience. My last tip for beginners is using Google regularly, and don’t forget about other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

    Budget-Friendly Web Hosting For Beginners

    Even though much of this article is focusing on beginners, many experienced bloggers just might find valuable information as well. Love to hear from you how this guide has helped you, and if you have any resources to share leave them in my comments section for us all to learn from you.

    • MochaHost: Best overall
    • HostGator: Best for Existing Sites
    • MilesWeb: Best for Simple Websites
    • GreenGeeks:Best for Peace of Mind
    • Namecheap:Best for Hosting Multiple Sites
    • DreamHost:Best for WordPress Beginners
    • Bluehost:Best for WordPress Hosting
    • StableHost:Best for New Businesses
    • Interserver:Best for Unlimited Email Accounts
    • IONOS:Best Introductory Pricing
    • Hostinger:Best Easy-To-Use Website Builder

    Beginners and experienced bloggers alike can get the most for their money with these hosting companies, now maybe you prefer a self hosting opportunity such as WordPress. com. That is what this website is using that you are on right now, and my other site “Gizmos Deals n Steals” is using WordPress.org.

    Affordable Domain Registars

    No matter what platform you decide to use, you will want to have your own professional name. This separates you from the others with your own unique URL, even though some bloggers don’t realize this it is very important, and quite a low investment.

    • Name Cheap
    • Go Daddy
    • Google Domains
    • Domain.com
    • Buy Domanins
    • Hover
    • Host Gator
    • Blue Host

    I highly recommend even with a self-hosted website such as WordPress.com invest in a domain name, and I always search for the best one with the extrension dot com. You can go with other extensions if you have your heart set on a specific name, but I have had the most success with dot com than any other extension.

    Browse Gizmos Guides 

    Free Website Builders

    You don’t have to use WordPress if you don’t want to, I am going to share with you some others that might interest you. Providing you with resources is important to me, and if I can save you money that is even better. Let us now take a look at other options that we have, before you do thank you very much for visiting my website today.

    1. HubSpot
    2. Wix
    3. WordPress.com
    4. Elementor
    5. Webnode
    6. Jimdo
    7. Mozello
    8. Yola
    9. Weebly
    10. Webflow
    11. Ucraft
    12. SITE123
    13. Strikingly
    14. GoDaddy
    15. Appy Pie Website

    As you can see you are not limited to WordPress, with so many others that will cost you nothing to build your dream blog the sky is the limit. Hubspot is really popular among beginners and experienced bloggers alike, so that is the reason you find it on the top of the list provided.

    Display Advertising

    Display advertising is defined as a mode of online advertising where marketers use banner ads along with other visual ad formats to advertise their product on websites, apps, or social media. Many bloggers with steady traffic can earn a nice income with this strategy, you can focus entirely on your content instead of pushing merchandise to your website visitors.


    • Eye catching ads get your audience’s attention.
    • You can build brand awareness
    • Targeting options that aren’t available through search marketing.
    • You can also reach specific demographics such as gender and age.


    • Lower click-through rate
    • Lower conversions
    •  Ad blocking tools can also stop users seeing your ads.

    There is no right or wrong decision when deciding if this is right for you, it really is a personal marketing preference strategy. One thing if you go this route wait until you have steady traffic, the more people visiting your blog, the more income you can generate when using display advertisement.

    Best Email Providers For Bloggers

    If you choose to allow your readers to contact you through email, you really will want to consider a professional email provider. Below are the better choices I recommend you consider, being professional is important to build trust with your readers.

    • Google Workspace: Best business email provider overall.
    • Bluehost: Best for small businesses.
    • Microsoft 365: Top choice for those wanting advanced business email
    • IONOS:Cheapest business email with a free domain
    • Zoho Mail: Best email provider for small teams
    • DreamHost: Best for businesses wanting unlimited email addresses and a free domain with web hosting
    • IceWarp: Best business email provider for those wanting cheap business email hosting with team chat and video conferencing

    Now you are prepared to add a business email if you choose to, above are the better ones that are recommended by bloggers and small business owners. As you can see this website focuses on resources and information, you do have the option to sign up for my mini-self-help guide publication at no cost to you without any marketing promotions.

    Free Courses For Bloggers

    Interested in some education to get you started, that is what Gizmo has in store for you in this paragraph. You can’t beat freebies, and this website always tries to find some to share with you in every guide. Here are the courses that will cost you nothing below, if you know of any others please share them for us all to know.

    • Digital Marketing
    • WordPress Training
    • Blogging Strategies
    • Writing Course
    • Inbound Marketing
    • Content Markting
    • Inbound Certification
    • Browse and Explore Free Courses

    Education is the key to success sooner than later, I spent many years just to get where I am today. Gizmo wants you to experience success sooner than him, and these freebies will give you an awesome start to learning.

    Explore Facebook Groups

    Blogging Resources

    This paragraph will conclude what I have for you, but here you will find even more resources that I could not include in my content. If this was helpful please share with your family and your friends, and if you feel it is worthy, maybe share on your favorite social media sites as well.

    • Site Ground
    • Studio Press
    • Pic Monkey
    • 99 Designs
    • Convert Kit
    • Sumo Me
    • Optin Monster
    • Lead Pages
    • AgoraPulse
    • CoSchedule
    • Edgar
    • Sprout Social
    • Buzz Sumo
    • Easy Digital Downloads
    • Zoom
    • ScreenFlow
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Adwords
    • Google Trends
    • Sovrn Platform

    Your homework is to do some research on your own, and Gizmo has provided you a nice varity of resources for you to take advantage of. This has been a very enjoyable guide for me to write to help you, remember you learned all of this simpy by reading online blog writing jobs.

  • Are Graham Crackers Good For You

    Are Graham Crackers Good For You

    Are graham crackers good for you is my discussion today, since I have been eating them regularly lately this is important to me. Researching about them for my own benefit is what I am doing, so why not share what I learn with you?

    Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link.

    Graham Cracker Nutritional Facts

    We are going to begin by researching the nutritional facts on graham crackers, while living with health problems in my senior years this is extremely important to me. I do find them less salty than regular saltines which I like about them but are they providing me with a healthy snack is what is bugging me.

    • 130 calories
    • 2 g protein
    • 3 g fat
    • 0.5 g saturated fat
    • 0 mg cholesterol
    • 23g carbohydrates
    • 1 g fiber
    • 7 g sugar
    • 155 mg sodium
    • 23 mg calcium
    • 1 mg iron

    Elizabeth Shaw, M.S. RDN, CPT, a nutrition expert, author, and owner of ShawSimpleSwaps.com. Think nut or seed butter, fresh or dried fruit, or even cheese—these are all nutritious foods that pair well with graham crackers. As you can see this information is from a reliable source, who knows better than a nutritional expert.

    Homemade Graham Cracker Recipe

    For all of you that love baking, we have a homemade graham cracker recipe that actually is healthy. Anything you make yourself is usually healthier than store-bought, so let us get baking some healthy graham crackers with cinnamon.

    What You Need:

    • 1 cup (120g) white whole wheat flour or gluten-free* flour
    • 1 ½ tsp ground cinnamon
    • ¼ tsp salt
    • 3 tbsp (45mL) pure maple syrup at room temperature
    • 1 tbsp + 2 ½ tsp water at room temperature
    • 1 tsp melted coconut oil

    Let’s Get Baking

    • Preheat the oven to 350°F.
    • In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, cinnamon, and salt. Make a well in the center. Pour in the maple syrup, water, and coconut oil (in that order!). Stir until all of the ingredients are fully incorporated. (It will take some extra effort at the end!)
    • Transfer the dough to a silicone baking mat and roll it to be 1/16” thick with a silicone rolling pin. Slice the dough into 1” squares using a pizza cutter or sharp knife. Prick the center of each square with a fork. Carefully separate the squares and arrange them so they aren’t touching each other
    • Bake the crackers at 350°F for 13-15 minutes or until crunchy. Cool completely to room temperature on the baking sheet before transferring it to an airtight container.

    Are you surprised by just how easy preparing your own graham crackers really is, thanks to Amy’s Healthy Baking we have access to this amazingly easy recipe? For your convenience, I have included a link to her blog for anyone interested.

    Visit Gizmos Recipes Here

    Graham Cracker Facts

    We are going to find out what else I found out from researching this type of cracker, you are going to learn the positives and the negatives from store-bought graham crackers. This is extremely important to me, so if you feel the same, keep reading to find out what Gizmo has found out.


    • Low in calories
    • Healthy snack
    • Aids in weight loss
    • Low-saturated fat content
    • Made with ingredients familiar to you.
    • Many ways to use them in your homemade recipes


    • Store-bought can have additives.
    • Some brands also use artificial flavoring.
    • Highly processed.
    • Lower nutrients than homemade
    • High carb content
    • Way too much sugar added
    • Contains gluten

    When you consider the store-bought graham cracker facts, they really are not as healthy for you as we might have thought. There is an easy solution, so why not make our own homemade healthier ones instead?

    Browse Gizmos Deals

    Homemade Gluten-Free Recipe

    Finding this gluten-free graham cracker recipe is the answer to my own problem, now I don’t have to give up my favorite snack. Being extremely focused on eating healthy is important to me, and if you are the same, this recipe is your own answer not to have to give up this snack.

    What You Need

    • All-Purpose gluten-free flour
    • Non-GMO cornstarch
    • Brown sugar
    • Baking powder
    • Cinnamon
    •  Himalayan pink salt optional
    • Vegan butter
    • Maple syrup
    • Vanilla
    • Water

    Let’s Get Baking

    • Preheat oven to 325 degrees
    • In a large bowl mix all the dry ingredients.
    • Add vegan butter
    • Add maple syrup, water, and vanilla, and form into a dough ball.
    • Roll the dough out on a baking sheet lined.
    •  Use a pizza cutter for a rectangular shape
    • Bake in preheated oven for 20 minutes or until edges are turning golden brown.
    • Cut the prescore lines with a knife.
    • Cool for 5 minutes then carefully break along the scored lines
    • Allow them to completely cool

    Healthier Steps provided us with this easy gluten-free recipe, since I am not an expert in cooking and baking, I use reliable sources that we both can trust. This is another good resource to jot down or save to your browser favorites, onward to our next paragraph.

    Wholesale Shopping

    Healthy Essentials

    Why pay more when you can pay less for your healthy essentials, everything is priced wholesale. Saving money is an important solution to staying healthier, so instead of spending more on your products full of chemicals, why not read about this opportunity?

    • One Tree is planted for every order.
    • Extremely budget-friendly pricing.
    • Premium health products
    • Healthy ingredients
    • Access to healthy and high-quality sustainable goods, at wholesale prices.
    • Personal care
    • Household
    • Food
    • Beverage
    • Pets

    For more information just use the Wholesale Shopping link provided, no obligation to browse and explore to learn more. This is an opportunity that very well could improve your life in more ways than just by saving money, now it is totally up to you to take a peek or pass this by.

    Healthiest Graham Crackers Guide

    Maybe baking just is not your cup of tea, and possibly your career takes way too much of your time to spend preparing your own homemade snacks. For those of you dealing with this problem, we have the healthiest graham crackers store-bought.

    • Teddy Grahams Nabisco
    • Fresh Stacks Honey Maid
    • Teddy Graham Honey Teddy Grahams
    • Teddy Graham Chocolate Teddy Grahams
    • Goldfish Grahams Pepperidge Farms
    • Goldfish Baked Grahams S’mores Pepperidge Farms
    • Cinnamon Graham Crackers Benton’s Cookies Grocery

    What brand or brands is in your cupboard the most, I mainly purchase the Honey Maid brand myself. Whenever I happen to be in Aldi’s this is not an option, so next time I am there, I am going to read the ingredients before buying them again.

    Dietician Safe For Diabetics

    Being diabetic this snack might be a good or bad snack idea, we found out the answer to this from a real dietician. If you are curious about the answer to this question, read what she shared.

    • The contents of honey and sugar in graham crackers are not a danger to people who are diabetics.
    • In most brands, these two ingredients are not high enough to cause problems for people with diabetes according to this dietician.
    • Eating three graham crackers equals eating one slice of bread.
    • It is recommended to reduce your starch intake when snacking on graham crackers with diabetes.

    The dietician this information came from is highly referred to as a reliable source, she has her own website “Dietician.com”.  Not only a good source of valuable information but also another good resource to consider when researching on your own.

    Buying Online Shopping Guide

    Nutritional Resources

    Providing you with resources in every guide is a priority, today we have some highly recommended ones dealing with nutrition. What we put into our bodies indicates our health and our lives, so knowing where to get the information online is an awesome asset that I love to provide.

    • Nutrition.Gov
    • Food Nutrition Information Center
    • Dietary Guidelines
    • Healthy Eating Index
    • FANRP
    • Human Nutrition Research

    Feel free to share this article with your friends and families, and if you are on social media this is another good place to share. I really appreciate any support that you can provide this website, together we can help this grow to be one of the better informational resources online one day.

    Grocery Shopping USA

    Shopping for groceries is an important decision, we all want to receive the most for our money. Even more important is the quality of the food that we are buying, so I have included this guide with the best stores in the United States.

    • The Fresh Market
    • Hy-Vee
    • Aldi
    • Lidl
    • Stew Leonard’s
    • Market Basket
    • Publix
    • Wegman’s Food Markets
    • Trader Joe’s
    • PCC Community Markets

    Ask yourself am I shopping at any of these stores, if not ask yourself why not? Possibly you are like me, and many of them are not located near you. Lucky Alid’s is not far from where I live, so this just happens to be where I do the majority of my grocery shopping.

    Browse All My Self-Help Guides

    Graham Cracker Bar Recipe

    Snacking is one of the pleasures we all enjoy in our lives, since this is focusing on graham crackers, I have another recipe that you might enjoy. This one is from one of my favorite websites, ” All Recipes.com “. Now let us find out how to create this special treat to spoil ourselves and our loved ones, possibly even grandma will be bugging you for this recipe.

    What You Need

    • 2 cups of graham cracker crumbs
    • 2 cups of flaked coconut
    • ¼ cup of margarine, melted
    • 1 (14-ounce) can of sweetened condensed milk
    • 4 (1.55 ounce) bars of milk chocolate candy

    Let’s Get Baking

    • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). Grease an 8×8-inch baking dish.

    • In a medium bowl, stir together graham cracker crumbs and coconut. Pour in condensed milk and melted margarine, and mix until well blended. Press the mixture evenly into the prepared pan.

    • Bake for 10 to 12 minutes in the preheated oven. Remove and let cool. Melt chocolate bars in a microwave or over a double boiler, stirring occasionally until smooth. Spread over cooled bars, chill and cut into squares.

    What I like about this source is how simple the recipes are to make, they provide you with simple instructions that are easy to follow. Even someone like me can prepare the recipes from this source,  anyone can enjoy this tasty graham cracker bar.

    Best Rated Cookbook

    When shopping with so many choices, we can become overwhelmed. That is why I am including the best-rated cookbook of all time. It can be confusing to consumers when going on a website with so many cookbooks available, so I did a little searching for you to find the one that is recommended as one of the better choices.

    Better Homes & Gardens New Cookbook

    • More than 1200 recipes
    • America’s favorite cookbook for years
    • Loaded for the healthy person in mind
    • Busy person menu planning guide
    • Low-fat cooking tips
    • Basic cooking for beginners
    • Canning and freezing
    • Bread and cakes
    • Healthy tasty deserts
    • Soups and stews
    • Even a grilling section included
    • Nutritional information for every recipe
    • Revised and updated

    Many of you might remember grandma having an early edition of this best-seller, and since then many new editions have been revised and updated for your generation. If you are shopping for a cookbook, why not take a look at this one before any others?

    Browse Home n Garden Cookbooks

    Where To Shop

    The link above will take you to the Walmart shopping website, and there you will find all of their Home n Garden New Cookbook editions. Just in case this is not one of your favorite stores, I have included some other options for your convenience.

    • Amazon
    • Barnes & Noble
    • Abe Books
    • eBay
    • Etsy
    • Bonanza
    • Better World Books
    • Thrift Books
    • Discover Books

    There you have some of the better stores recommended by Google himself, now if this traditional cookbook of generations interests you, compare the prices to get the best deal. Now we are ready for my last paragraph to complete what I have for you today, and thank you very much for reading ” Are Graham Crackers Good for You “.

    Cookbook For Kids

    In my last paragraph, I would like to remind you about cookbooks for kids. If it was not for my grandmother and mother teaching me how to cook as a child, I might not be able to survive today living alone in my senior years. This really is an important skill to go out of your way to help them learn, you will be able to watch the video below with the best ones recommended.













  • Are Terrariums Easy To Care For

    Are Terrariums Easy To Care For

    Are terrariums easy to care for might have been on your mind, and you will be happy to know these types of gardens are awesome for beginners and experienced gardeners? If you are interested in learning more about this, we are going to discuss them to help you get started.

    Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link.

    Closed Terrarium Care Guide

    Let us begin with a closed terrarium, and then in the next paragraph, we will learn about an open terrarium. This will really help you decide which type is the best one for you, now read below for my tips on this type.

    • Light is our first concern to get started on the right foot, I recommend purchasing a fish aquarium kit that will include the perfect lighting system.
    • Water only when needed is another important key to success, what I use is a moisture meter that is extremely budget-friendly.
    • When I need to add water using distilled water is recommended, but instead, you can fill a jug up with water from your faucet and allow it to sit for at least 24 hours to let all the chemicals evaporate.
    • Foggy glass is something to warn you there is way too much moisture in your terrarium, what you want to do is remove the lid to allow the moisture to evaporate.
    • Droplets on the glass are what you want to aim for, this is a good sign everything is working as it should.
    • Moist soil indicates a healthy terrarium environment, be very careful not to allow the soil to become soggy or root rot more likely will kill your precious plants.
    • Wilted plants or slightly yellow means they need a drink of water.
    • Moderate light without over-watering will naturally create the perfect humidity for your plants.
    • Misting can be used if desired to keep the proper humidity without overwatering.
    • Keep the glass clean with a 50%-50% mix of water and white vinegar, this will assure you of getting more light.
    • Indirect moderate light works best to avoid overheating, by doing this just allow your room temperature to indicate the proper temperature.
    • Opening for several hours every few weeks provides the proper ventilation needed.

    Don’t allow this guide to overwhelm you, I promise you if you take this one step at a time success is right around the corner. Taking care of this type is not time-consuming at all, and it is extremely easy to care for once you understand the simple process.

    Aquarium Kits

    Closed Terrarium Plants

    If you follow Gizmo and go with an aquarium kit, once you get it set up you are ready to add your plants. The ones I have listed below are the better choices for beginners, they are easy to grow and care for in this type of environment.

    • Nerve Plant
    • Lemon Button Fern
    • Irish Moss
    • Baby Tears
    • African Violets
    • Aluminum Plant
    • Pothos
    • Maidenhair Fern
    • Miniature Orchids
    • Peperomia
    • Polka Dot Plant
    • Bonsai

    With the selection above, you are on your way to success. These are extremely easy to grow in a closed terrarium, and taking care of them is simple to do as well. Let us now learn about open terrariums, understanding both will help you choose the best type for your new indoor garden.

    Mushrooms in Your Houseplants Guide

    Open Terrarium Care Guide

    Possibly an open terrarium might be even more to your liking, we are going to educate ourselves with this self-help guide. If you have ever seen plants growing in jars, you have at least an idea of what an open terrarium is.

    • Keep your open terrarium in a bright spot with filtered / indirect light
      • Water every 2 days in summer and every 5 days in winter as a general guide.
      • Never let your terrarium totally dry out
      • If you do get water marks, try a tiny bit of vinegar on a clean cloth
      •Moist but not soggy is what you want to aim for.
      • Misting with a spray bottle makes terrarium watering super easy.
      • Avoid fertilizing, you want your plants to grow slowly.

    I know what you are thinking, this is a much better choice for beginners. That is true, this type is really beginner-friendly. Now to get you started, we are going to provide you with some of the better choices for plants.

    Open Terrarium Plants

    Just like the closed terrarium choosing the best plants is important, I want to help you experience success by providing you with the better ones for beginners. By adding the ones that you like the most from the list below, we know you are going to experience a beautiful easy-to-care-for indoor garden.

    • Air Plants
    • Succulents
    • Cacti
    • Jade Plant
    • Strawberry Begonia
    • Miniature English Ivy
    • Bonsai
    • Spider Plant
    • Venus Flytrap
    • Golden Pothos
    • Croton
    • Prayer Plant

    Gizmo would love to know which type of terrarium you decide on, and if you feel like sharing in my comments section, we all would enjoy hearing from you. Think of this website as more than a resource, together we all can experience more success by treating this as a community.

    Open Terrarium Kits

    What You Need

    For any of you who are into do-it-yourself projects, we are going to understand what you will need to make your own homemade terrarium. Even though I prefer going with a kit that provides everything, for you, I am including this, especially for your benefit.

    • Glass Container – You’ll need some sort of transparent glass vessel as your first step.
    •  Small stones or pebbles will be used as water drainage to prevent root rot.
    • A  thin layer of activated charcoal keeps water fresh and bacteria-free.
    • There are special potting mixes available if you’re planting cacti or succulents which are your better choices.
    • Air plants, succulents, and mini-cacti are all good plants for beginners to start with.
    • Special small tools are available to make the job much easier to do.

    It really is as simple as it sounds, now you can decide if purchasing all that you need separately is worth the extra cost or not. There is no doubt you are going to save money and time shopping for kits instead, but some of you might not mind spending a little more and taking more time going this route.

    Plant Terrarium Indoor Gardens

    How I came to design my two indoor garden terrariums were for decorating my apartment, they really do give your place an interesting home decor your guests will notice. Everyone who visits me raves about my two indoor gardens, so if you are into creating unique home decor in your apartment or your home, this might be something that will interest you.

    Terrarium Garden Advantages:

    • They help grow plants that would be difficult to grow in dry air.
    • They provide a confined space for a mini garden.
    • You can use artificial light, such as LED or fluorescent.
    • Terrariums don’t need to be watered often.
    • Unique home decor idea for garden lovers

    There is even more to come that might interest you to know, so don’t leave quite yet and miss what goodies are waiting in the remainder of “Are Terrariums Easy to Care For”.

    Home n Garden Guides

    Gizmos Deals n Steals

    Gizmos Deals n Steals is my new online bargain hunters shop, many of the products are priced under $35.00. To make this super easy and convenient, I am sharing what you will find if you decide to browse.

    • Native American
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    • Bathroom
    • Travel
    • Houseplants
    • Home n Garden
    • Jewelry Lovers
    • Plus Fashion
    • How-To Books

    Really there is a nice variety of budget-friendly priced merchandise, I am extremely happy with this new addition. If bargain shopping is your thing, browsing my shop is possibly something you want to take the time to do. Gizmo does receive a very small commission from any purchases, being honest and earning your trust is very important to me.

    Browse Gizmos Deals n Steals 

    Plant Care Guides

    What you have access to here is a nice variety of plant care guides, consider this a bonus for visiting my website. Anyone who reads or at least skims my entire article will find my goodies are my way of rewarding you, now here are the guides that are available that I am happy to be able to share with you.

    Gizmo loves to share resources that are going to help you, and this one is one of my favorites in this self-help guide. Gardeners will find awesome information by visiting this website, as an extra bonus you can read “What are the Advantages of Buying Online”, this is my very first shopping guide on my new online shop.

    Hang Out With Gizmo

    Just in case any of you want to hang out with me online, there are only two places where you will find me hanging out from time to time. Even if you don’t wish to follow me that is fine, but you can read my pins and my tweets anytime.

    With my hangouts out of the way, we are going to move on to what is coming up next, If you are curious, keep reading to see what I have in store for you in the following paragraphs.

    Terrarium Soil Guide

    Another thing that might interest you are the best types of soils to consider, we really have covered quite a bit in this one article. Remember to share this with your family and your friends who are into gardening, if you are into social media that would be another good place to share. That really would help my website reach more people, and I really would appreciate you helping me.

    •  The easiest, cheapest soil for your terrarium is regular houseplant potting soil.
    • The Cornell University Extension recommends using African Violet soil for your terrarium.
    • Create your own soil mix using peat moss, vermiculite, or perlite, and sterilized soil.
    •  Succulents and cacti soil drains much quicker than any other type, and this really is your better choice when growing these two plant types.

    By knowing more about the types of soil, we can make better decisions on choosing the better plants as well. When you take both of these into consideration, you are going to be able to take care of your terrarium with less work.

    Terrarium Kits For Kids

    To complete “Are Terrariums Easy to Care For”, we are going to do some shopping for kits for children. What a neater way to get your child into gardening, this could even be a family time activity for the entire family to join in. What better way to bond than share your passion for growing plants indoors, here are the kits for kids that I have found.

    • Grow and Glow
    • Sparkle and Glow
    • Light Up Terrarium
    • Magic Unicorn Kit
    • Mermaid Terrarium
    • Unicorn Fairy Garden
    • Venus Flytrap
    • Dragon Lover Kit

    Plenty more to consider for the little boy or girl you have in mind, nice idea for a birthday gift that will get them started in gardening. Where I found these were on the Walmart website, if this is not one of your favorites there are more possibilities in my closing paragraph.

    Where To Shop

    Since I really want to provide you with the best information, we are going to see what other online stores you can shop for terrarium kits for kids. That only seems the right thing for me to do, now by doing a Google Search this is what was recommended.

    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • Hobby Lobby
    • Hirt’s Gardens
    • Macy’s
    • Etsy

    Just to give you some ideas of the results provided is a list above, for anyone interested in gaining access to Google Search feel free to click on the link provided. We are going to say goodbye, for now, before we do there is a free publication with mini-self-help guides available to sign up for if you desire to. Another bonus for being a reader of Gizmos Self Help Guides, remember you can leave me comments in my comment section at any time.















  • Do Lizards Make Good Pets

    Do Lizards Make Good Pets

    Do lizards make good pets might be on your mind, but many of us never consider this type of pet. We are going to research them to help you make the best decision, the more you know the better you can decide if this is the right choice for you.

    Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link.

    Interested in mini-guides delivered to your email box, I just recently added this as a thank-you for reading my self-help guides. What you can expect is short to the point information on a variety of topics, Feel free to click on the link below to sign up if you are really interested.

    Mini Guides Publication

    Todays Deals

    Before we get into researching the topic of the day, I have once again taken the time to search out some deals to share with you.  another way of thanking you for visiting my website, now feel free to browse them or go straight to learning about lizards as pets.

    You can browse the deals and bargains above or pass them by, this is just a convenience for you to get what you need to get started and save money at the same time. Maybe you prefer to read about lizards before adding one to your apartment or home, that is what you can find out more about by reading do lizards make good pets.

    Browse My Pet Guides 

    Lizard Types

    Adding one of the types of reptiles listed below does take some consideration, do you have the extra space for a terrarium should be your first concern. Secondly, are you able to put in the time to take care of one? If both of these questions are Yes, now you are ready to take a look at the ones that make the best pets.

    • Bearded Dragon
    • Chameleon
    • Crested Gecko
    • Green Anole
    • Iguana

    We now has some types to research in the remainder of this article, with the information on each one you should be able to make the best decision if this is the right pet choice for you.

    Bearded Dragon

    Bearded Dragons are super easy pets to care for, they are known to be a great choice for beginners. One thing you must be aware of is they can live as long as 10-15 years, so this is a long-term committment.

    • A 120cm long x 60cm high x 60 cm wide terrarium will be needed for a full-grown bearded dragon.
    • You will need to be sure to provide them with a well-ventilated terrarium made from solid material that’s easy to clean.
    • Be sure to use reptile safe sand
    • Rocks and branches to climb on will keep them happy and healthy.
    • Providing hiding places is extremely important to this type of lizard.
    •  Hotter (38 to 42°C), to a cooler (22 to 26°C) is the perfect climate.
    •  A 10 to 12 percent fluorescent UV tube at the hot end is a must to protect them from metabolic bone disease.
    • Keeping humidity low by using a hygrometer to measure the cool end is important.
    • Live insects and vegetables are what you want to feed them.
    • Providing them with supplements is also needed to keep them healthy.

    For more information on how to care for the bearded dragon, I have provided you a video you can watch compliments of YouTube. Just click on the link below to watch the video, and please let me know if this was helpful by leaving me a comment in my comment section if you have the time.

    Bearded Dragon Video

    Chameleon Pet Care

    Knowing some facts caring for the chameleon is what we are going to talk about next, there are several methods to taking care of this type of pet. We are going to learn just one method in this paragraph, but for your benefit, you can read about the other methods in the link provided.

    •  2 feet wide by 3 feet deep by 3 feet in height will accomondate a full-grown chameleon.
    • Chameleons are solitary reptiles, so each one will require their own terrarium if you ever decide to buy more than one.
    • Similar to the bearded dragon, you will need plants, and rocks for them to climb on.
    • 72 °  during the day and 50 °  during the night is the preferred temperature for veiled chameleons, you will be needing to purchase a heat lamp for your terrarium.
    • If you choose another type, you can refer to the article with the link below for the proper temperatures, there are several species to choose from.
    • Be sure to add a pet-safe thermometer  inside of your pets terrarium.
    • Laser thermometer is an option to check from outside of the terrarium.
    • Chameleons like it colder at night, so the heat lamp can be on a timer that turns it off at night.
    • Purchase a good-quality UV-B light will also be required.
    • Humidity between 50 and 70 percent will what you must provide, you will find a variety of moisture systems for every budget.
    •  Newspaper and paper towels are a less expensive option than purchasing terrarium liners.

    Chameleon Pet Care Guide

    Crested Gecko Care

    Next on our agenda is the crested gecko lizard, this lizard is another great choice for beginners. you will for sure find this one extremely interesting to know more about, It is a little unique from all the others we have talked about so far.

    • Diet of insects and fruit
    • The average size when fully grown is approximately 8 inches long.
    • Amazingly lives up to 20 years, so plan taking care of this one for a very long time.
    • Crickets are their favorite treat that they can’t resist.
    • Front opening plastic enclosures are preferred.
    • 18- to 24-inch height containers and larger are recommended.
    • Again you will want to add plants and rocks for them to climb on as the other lizards we have learned about.
    • You will be happy to know no additional lighting is required to purchase.
    • Low-watt fluorescent lighting can be used to brighten the terrarium.
    • Temperatures between about 68- and 80-degrees is the preferred temeratures, for most apartments and homes this is the normal temperature for the majority of people.
    • Crested Geckos are good pets for anyone wanting to add a lizard into their home.

    Crested Geckos make very good pets because they are extremely hardy, easy to keep, and handle and come in many different beautiful colors and patterns. They are nocturnal and will spend most of the day sleeping

    Gizmo on Pinterest

    Green Anole Pet Care

    The Green Anole is brand new to me, how many of you have ever heard of this lizard? If anyone has any personal experience with caring for these, we all would love for you to share your experience.

    • Average lifespan between 4- 8 years, but the majority live closer to four years old most of the time.
    • Shorter lifespan than the others we have researched so far, so this pet will be a shorter comittment.
    • Five to six inches in length are the average size.
    • Recommended for beginners
    • Love to climb so plenty of plants and rocks should be included in the terrarium.
    • Gradient heating, special lighting, a basking area, and a healthy diet is the key to taking proper care of them.
    • Ten-gallon terrariums are perfect for one or two green anole lizards.
    • Larger terrariums are even better if you have the space in your apartment or home.
    • Placing them in high areas will prevent them from extreme stress, they don’t do as well in low heights in most homes.
    •  Ivy, orchids, bromeliads and snake plants are recommended plants that this type of reptile loves.
    • A anole’s environment needs to be between 75 and 80 degrees.
    • The basking area between 85 and 90 degrees.
    • Under-the-tank heaters, heating pads, and a ceramic light for the nighttime are good options.
    • Lighting should be 12 hours on, 12 hours off.
    • UVA/UVB light helps to prevent metabolic bone disease.
    • The humidity level in your reptile tank at 60 to 70 percent is one of the most important parts of proper green anole care,and misting twice per day usually works for most people.
    •   By purchasing a hygrometer you can be at least sure you are providing the correct humidity
    •  Crickets, mealworms, waxworms, and  maggots are good food choices.

    This really is a low-maintenance pet choice, so we have several options to choose from, we have one more to research before you leave. Did you learn anything new today, if so please consider sharing your experience in my comments section.

    What Green Anoles Look Like

    Iguana Pet Care

    The iguana is no stranger to many of you, even I have heard of this one. Being not into reptiles myself, writing this article has been very educational for me as well. Let us see what I found for you about caring for this lizard, we all can help one another by sharing.

    • Purchase UVB light bulbs that are specifically labeled for reptiles.
    • Place a light 12 to 18 inches above the basking area.
    • The coolest area of the terrarium should be between  75 and 80 degrees.
    • The basking area should be between 95 and 100 degrees.
    • Place a thermostat in the middle and on the edge of the habitat.
    • Creating your basking area includes providing a large flat area for your iguana to lay. Direct light from a UVB light, at close proximity to a heat  source.
    • Use a cage at least 8 feet by 3 feet by 6 feet.
    • Use specially designed reptile carpet or flat or shredded newspaper lined the bottom of your terrarium.
    • As with the other lizards in this guide, you will need plants and rocks for climbing.
    • Create a safe place for hiding.

    Recommended Plants

    • Acacia
    • Aloe
    • Bamboo
    • Thistle
    • Jade plant
    • Dandelion

    Collards, mustard, dandelion, or turnip greens are good food choices to consider, broccoli, bok choy, green beans, and squash are the best vegetables to feed your iguana.

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    I always provide you with some resources to do some research on your own, this is really important to me to share these with you. This website takes helping you as my main priority, so that is the reason you will always find some resources in every article that I write.

    Decreased blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels, feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and symptoms of PTSD are just some of the health benefits owning a pet. Being a dog owner my entire life has been extremely rewarding, and with my own chronic health problems life has become much more enjoyable with a pet in my life.








  • Why Did My Parents Abuse Me

    Why Did My Parents Abuse Me

    Many children ask this question, why did my parents abuse me? We are going to see what we can find out to help anyone who experienced child abuse, providing you answers to your questions also is important to Gizmo.

    Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link. 

    Bargains n Deals

    Today we will be addressing a much too common issue, which is child abuse. Before we get started here are some bargains and deals, feel free to browse them or go to my next paragraph.

    No matter if you are interested in my bargains and deals or wish to pass them by, what matters is you are here to address child abuse in families. My next paragraph will begin by providing you with what you came here for, thank you for visiting my website.

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    Abusive Parenting Signs

    The first thing we are going to address is the signs a child might be abused, you never know there might be a family right next door which is guilty of this terrible crime. Knowing what to look for can save a child’s life, so that is what we are going to learn in my very first paragraph.

    • Lacking their basic needs
    • Sexually being used by a family member
    • Making one child do without to provide more for another one
    • Mentally teasing or picking on a little boy or girl
    • The child lacks any type of private time
    • Physically threatening them even if no physical abuse ever occurs
    • All the children in the home are not treated equally
    • Starving for affection and love
    • Using God in a negative way to control your child
    • Children are regularly left at home to fend for themselves
    • Sometimes parents will use their child to get even with the other parent during conflicts
    • Stresses they are not good enough
    • Constantly telling them they are worthless
    • Accusing your child of your problems
    • Making them earn money only to take it from them

    If you or a loved one is affected by domestic violence or emotional abuse and need help, call The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. Even if you are not positive abuse is taking place, for the child’s sake report your suspicions to the authorities.

    Free Autism Communication Cards

    Child Abuse Facts

    Let us get some facts and statistics just so you understand how serious this really is, you might be surprised once you read what I have found for you below. Child abuse is more common than many of us realize, so now read the facts to learn more.

    • According to the American Society for the Positive Care of Children, child abuse reports in 2020 involved 7.1 million children.
    • 90.6% of these victims were maltreated by one or both parents.
      It is estimated that 1,750 children died from abuse and neglect.

    Why Parents Abuse Their Children

    • Mental health illness
    • Stress
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Substance Abuse
    • Personality Disorders
    • Lacks Positive Parenting Skills
    • Possibly Experienced Child Abuse Themselves

    Why did my parents abuse me is something I have asked myself many times, it was my father who was the abusive one in my own family. My mother took many beatings protecting my brothers and me, did you ever ask yourself are men more abusive than women?

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    Why My Father Was Abusive

    When I was just a little boy, you would find me most nights crying myself to sleep. I was terrified my father was going to come into my bedroom and physically beat me, this happened quite often growing up in my childhood years.

    • Took out his anger and frustrations on his family
    • Stressful times were triggers.
    • High anxiety was normal for my father most of the time
    • Gave him a sense of control
    • Poor relationship between my father and my mother
    • How he was raised as a boy himself
    • Believed physical discipline was his job and duty as my father
    • Poor  coping skills

    Now, this is just my own father, everyone is different in why they might be abusive. My dad never showed any affection or love towards his family, and we never were good enough for him, no matter how hard we tried.

    State Child Abuse Contact Information

    Border Personality & Abuse

    This disorder is known to cause many people with it to become abusive, some are completely unaware that they are even abusing their family. We are going to learn a little more about this for you to understand it better, I have listed some facts that might interest you.

    • Some are totally oblivious to their behavior.
    • Some see their behavior as a means to an end and take little to no responsibility for it or any of its consequences.
    • Others understand that they have acted poorly again, pissed someone off, and once again made real the threat of and/or fear abandonment and loss, but they do not understand why they’ve done it.
    • Similarly, they have no clue how to stop it.
    • Others project it out onto the non-borderline and think that everything that has come from them was actually done to them by the non-borderline.

    The Mental Health Center provided the information that you just read, this is a reliable source that you can trust. Below there is a link to the blog post, so if you want to learn more about this disorder and abuse just click on the link.

    The Mental Health Center

    Child Abuse Help Resources

    Resources are a very important part of my website, so we are going to get access to the ones that I have found for you. There is a very good chance you are reading this for a reason, and knowing about these websites will be valuable for you to get help.

    With these resources, you can get help for any child being abused. Many family members are so terrified of the abuser that they hesitate to ask for help, but if you don’t take the first step that child might not survive. We must stand up to protect our children, even if it means taking the risk of angering the abuser.

    How Child Abuse Affects Children

    It took me much of my life to overcome the abuse that I grew up with, how it affected me was extremely high anxiety. In school, I rarely spoke a word, and when my teachers confronted my parents they used the excuse I was just extremely shy. Really my mother has no idea this was from my father’s abuse, until many years later as an adult I finally explained it to her.

    • Fear to say the wrong thing, so avoid speaking as much as possible
    • Impaired academic achievement in school
    • Chronic health problems
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Substance abuse
    • Obesity
    • Smoking
    • Emotional development
    • Mental health disorders
    • Eating disorders
    • Public speaking phobia
    • Digestive disorders
    • Bladder and bowel issues
    • Migraine headaches
    • Toxic relationships

    Everyone will not experience all of these from child abuse, I struggled most of my life with anxiety issues which prevented me from being happy and as productive as I might have been. Digestive issues and eating disorders also are a part of my life even today, really this kind of experience can ruin a child’s entire life.

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    Child Abuse Treatment

    Remember neglectful parents are also abusive, whenever a child is not provided what they need that is still abuse on the parent’s part. I went through many years of therapy and medications to overcome my own childhood experience, now medication is no longer required, so using them while you are healing is not a bad thing.

    • Developmental therapyThis type of therapy deals with the way a child grows and the way that growth has been changed or blocked by abuse.
    • Intrapersonal therapyThis type of therapy deals with the way the child’s relationships have been influenced by the abuse.
    • Cognitive and behavioral therapy. This type of therapy deals with the way the abused child’s feelings and thoughts have changed their behavior.
    • Helping parents and children create stronger bonds
    • Informing parents about good parenting techniques
    • Teaching parents to be emotionally tough
    • Creating stronger social and community connections
    • Supporting parents who are struggling

    Today, there is much more assistance than when I was a boy. In my day, you never told anyone about what was going on at home. We are much more open to talking now than at that time, so never be afraid to reach out for help.

    Dealing With Abusive Parents

    Protecting Your Child From Your Abusive Partner

    Many times both parents are not abusive, but the other parent might be afraid to do anything about it. in this paragraph, we are going to get some advice on how to handle this situation, and often the parents are divorced and living separately with visiting privileges.

    • Refer the matter to the appropriate child protection agency
    • Order the abusive parent to attend counseling or parenting classes before resuming any visitation with the children
    • Require any contact between the parent and the children to be supervised
    • Appointing an attorney to speak to the children and advocate for them in any custody or visitation proceeding
    • Appointing a Guardian Aid to investigate the entire situation and make recommendations to the Court regarding what outcome is in the best interests of the children.

    The information above is what you can do legally, many times that is what you must do to solve this problem. You must do whatever it takes to protect your child from the abusive parent, now taking the legal steps will provide you with the best protection for your child and for yourself.

    Child Abuse Guide

    To complete this article, we are going to end it with the different types. Maybe you are already aware of them, but for anyone that is not this is very valuable information I feel you need to know.

    • Physical
    • Sexual
    • Emotional
    • Psychological
    • Spiritual
    • Verbal
    • Neglect

    Any of these alone can cause permanent damage for the rest of their lives, I was lucky enough to find a good counselor after years of working with bad ones. If you start counseling and it is not working for you, never give up just search for another one until you find the right person that can help you overcome the damage that you have experienced.

    Free Counseling Services