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Our moods are a red flag of our emotional health, this Free Mood Tracker App is just one available online.

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This guide is going to focus on our moods and how they can help us manage our emotional health, this will be beneficial to us all that we learn.

free mood tracker app

Free Mood Tracker Apps

There is no mistake in the heading of my first paragraph, instead of providing you with just one app, you have access to several that will cost you nothing to download.

  • Mood Tracker Self-Care Balance
  • Symptoms and Mood  Tracker
  • How Are You Today? Tell Touchi About Your Day
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • CBT Thought Diary
  • Mood and Mental Health
  • MindDoc Your Companion
  • MyTherapy Pill Reminder
  • Mood Diary Tracker
  • The Simplest Way to Record a Day
  • The Bipolar UK Mood Tracker
  • Journal, Diary, and Mood
  • All-In-One Health Management
  • Mindfulness Journal With an Inspiring Audio Guide
  • How Do You Feel Now
  • Mind Tracker Mood Journal
  • Track Anything and Discover How It Affects Your Life
  • Journal, Diary, Mood Tracker, Self-Care App
  • Your Self-Care Journal
  • Social Mood Tracker
  • Depression, Bipolar, and Body App
  • Keep Your Stress Under Control
  • Well-Being Plan and Journal
  • Moody Month Cycle Tracker
  • Mood Log App
  • Find Your Way to Happy
  • Anxiety Therapy Chatbox
  • Answers Diary and Mood Tracker

free mood tracker app

  • Mental Health Fitness App
  • Daily Journal and Mood Tracker
  • Color My Day
  • Diary Mood and Anxiety
  • Feel Better with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • My Possible Self
  • Daily Diary Journal with Lock
  • Mood Patterns
  • Mood and Journal Goals
  • Self-Care Widget Pet
  • Mood Tracker and Journal with a Slick Design
  • The Five-Minute Journal
  • A Picture Diary that Comforts the Heart
  • Keep Track of Your Precious Hour
  • My Stress Diary, Manage Your Daily Stress
  • The Daily Self-Care Tracker
  • Create a Wonderful Lifestyle for You
  • Simple Mood Tracker and Diary
  • Travel Journal App
  • Social Distancing Wellness Tracker
  • Memories and Thoughts
  • Habit Tracker
  • Venting Mental Health Journal
  • Live Your Life Goals
  • Daily Mental Well-Being and Self-Care App
  • Anxiety Tracker, Log and Analyze
  • Bullet and Planner
  • Diary Mental Practice
  • 365 Gratitude Journal
  • Your Personal Mood Tracker
  • Day One Journal
  • Capture Beautiful Memories with Journey
  • Relationship Mood App
  • My First Complete Journal
  • My Social Diary
  • Daily Mood Your Everyday Mood Tracker
  • Simple Techniques and Guided Courses for Better Well-Being
  • Private Diary to Organize your Moods and Activities
  • Learn and Functional Journaling with a Modern Twist
  • Motivation, Better Sleep, Habit Tracker, Mediation, and Healthy Living
  • Track your Mood Swings
  • Quick Mood Journal

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  • Track, Analyze, and Share your Diet and Symptoms
  • Anxiety and Panic Relief
  • A Gratitude Journal
  • Thoughtful Journaling for Busy Lives
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Self-Care and Meditation
  • Welcome to your Safe Place
  • Mood Tools
  • Voice Diary App
  • Mood Log Tracker with Analysis
  • Habit Building Made Easy
  • Therapy and Psychology App
  • Dream Journal and Lucid Tool
  • Sleep Monitor Tracker
  • Daily Routine Planner
  • Mental Health and Support App
  • Find Out if You Have a Mental Health Condition
  • Custom Text and MMS
  • Self-Harm and Anxiety Tracker
  • My Chat Diary
  • Teen Wellness with Teens in Mind
  • CBT Mental Health Assistant
  • Face Mood Tracker
  • Browse and Explore Free Mood Tracker Apps

Surprises there are so many freebies just in free apps available to choose from, I must admit this is something even I didn’t expect to find. There is something here for everyone no matter your emotional health status, now we are going to learn about our moods in the following paragraphs.

free mood tracker app

Mood Disorders

When we are experiencing high stress our moods are going to be negative, now did you ever experience when this happens that everything seems to go wrong that is possible? On the other hand, when our mood is positive, we find that life just seems to go so much smoother. Below I have listed mood disorders provided in a blog post by The Mayo Clinic Organization, let us see what some of these are.

  • Major Depressive Disorder
  • Bipolar
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Cyclothymic disorder
  • Premenstrual dysphoric disorder
  • Persistent depressive disorder (dysthymia)
  • Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder
  • Depression related to medical illness
  • Depression induced by substance use or medication

Consult your physician if you are feeling you may be experiencing a mood disorder, many of us can live better with treatment. Let us move on to what else I have for you on this topic, know helping you is my main priority of this website.

free mood tracker app

Natural Mood Disorder Treatment

Gizmo never recommends medications in any of the guides, that is the job of a medical professional. Going with natural treatment is never a bad idea, and by working with your doctor you can come up with a good plan. Mind Organization provided a very basic strategy to get us started, let us see what they have recommended.

  • Journaling has helped many of us manage our mental health more effectively, I must admit that this was how I got on the right track years ago myself.
  • Writing your moods daily can help you find your triggers, so be sure to include what was happening when your mood became negative.
  • Many of us with these disorders have our ups and downs, what helped me was to go to my journal every time I suddenly experienced one of my low spells.
  • Another benefit this alone can relieve your anxiety which in turn can improve your mood, from my own experience this was one of my best strategies to use.
  • Finding yourself a support system of positive people is the next suggestion, being my family was not supportive of me, I fully understand how this can sabotage our managing our feelings and thoughts.
  • Many mental health clinics provide peer support programs, therapy groups, and even counseling. This would be a good place to find out your options, and seeking help is not anything to be embarrassed about.
  • Many men will fight asking for support, I was one of them years ago. For men, it does not feel natural to ask for help, but even macho guys suffering emotionally really need to take this first step.
  • Sleep is one of the keys to my recovering from my negative feelings and thinking of the past, but even now at times sleep does not come easy for me.
  • Developing a sleep routine and sticking to it is your first step, many of us with emotional disorders find relaxing almost impossible. This in turn causes insomnia as just one example, I have found natural high-quality essential oils to work the best for me.
  • Changing my diet has dramatically improved my health over the years, cutting back on processed foods and adding more natural food choices was the key for me.
  • Gluten now is known to be a trigger for many of us with disorders, especially if you are suffering from digestive issues. These are now known to increase anxiety and chronic pain in some people, so this is never a bad idea to consider.
  • Being more physically active is another recommendation from this blog post, and you would be surprised how just taking a daily walk might improve your mood.

Journaling, Support system, sleep improvement, diet changes, and exercise is what the Mind Organization suggests as good natural mood disorder strategies. Next, we will find out what natural mood enhancers doctors recommend to boost our moods.

free mood tracker app

Mood Enhancers Guide

Natural mood enhancers are another option before prescription drugs you can try. Gizmo isn’t totally against medications, from my own experience going natural has been more productive for me. Many of the meds gave me terrible side effects, and some even increased my symptoms instead of the other way around.

Web provided this information, now ask yourself do you trust this website? That is something we must always consider before anything else, Gizmo is just a messenger providing you with what these resources are recommending.

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Where To Shop?

Since this is such an important topic, as well as way too common today. Google has recommended from my search some of the best places for you to shop, now if you trust this search engine this could be valuable information.

It is impossible for me to share all the results, you are free to do your own search if the ones in the list above are not of interest to you. This will give you a good start to begin comparing prices, and that is for your convenience for visiting my website.

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Mental Health Guides

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Browse all my self-help guides on Pinterest as my guest, another thank you for reading Free Mood Tracker App. Feedback is always more than welcome, you can leave them in my comments section at the end of this publication. Any requests for solutions to your health-related problems, leave them also in my comments if you desire to.













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