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Am I Overweight For My Height

am I overweight for my height

How many times have you thought, ” Am I Overweight for My Height”? We are going to try our best to answer this question many of us wonder about all the time, before we go any further, thank you for visiting my website.

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The chart above is compliments from the Cancer Organization website, and for your convenience, you can click on the chart to go to the blog post to learn more about your height and weight.

Healthy Weight Signs

Body mass index is a calculation of height and weight that is used to screen people for obesity and overweight. Remember the charts used to determine your correct weight are only a guideline, below are some signs that you are at a healthy weight despite what the chart might indicate.

My advice is to consult with your physician if you have any doubts about your weight vs your height, they can tell you more than any chart that you find online. Remember the BMI charts are only a guide, let us now learn some healthy weight habits to add to our lifestyle.

Foods That Cause Weight Gain

Healthy Weight Habits

By knowing the healthy weight habits in this paragraph, you can adjust your lifestyle to be healthier. People who live a healthy lifestyle most of the time stay at the right weight naturally.

I know these sound to be so simple but ask yourself are you doing them regularly most days or not? Every extra step you can get into your day is a bonus, so instead of taking the easy way, sometimes take a few extra steps.

Why Processed Foods Are Unhealthy

Workout Alternatives

Many of us lack the motivation to work out the traditional way, what I have for you here are some alternatives that are fun activities that don’t feel like exercise. You don’t need to pump iron or run to manage your weight, now let us see some fun ideas that I have shared below.

Just ask yourself what is fun for you, and choose any activity that involves you moving. The majority of people lack the motivation to work out regularly, so using an alternative that you love to do is the best alternative.

 Best Weight Loss Home Workout

Best Weight Management Workouts

For those of you with the motivation to work out, I have included just for you some of the best ones. Everyone must find what works the best for them, if you tread your workout, you are going to not stick with it long.

30-second workouts are effective if you push yourself to do as many as you can within that limited time. You can even do them more than once per day, go for pushups, squats, and lunges to get started. Even the busiest person can spare 30-second workouts, and these can be done pretty much anywhere and anytime.

Best Belly-Fat Exercises

Let us face it most of us experience excess belly fat, we are going to learn the better choices of exercises according to professional trainers to overcome this. When you want good information and resources, Gizmo is the man to see.

According to personal trainers here are your best exercises for belly fat, with so many to choose from why not give them a try? Maybe some of these are brand new to you as they are to me, below is a link to learn more about each of them.

Belly Fat Exercise Help

Shopping Tips

Meal replacement shakes are our shopping tip for the day, what you are about to learn to be your best choices are recommended by Women’s Health Magazine. Just so you know where this information came from, and that old Gizmo is not making them up.

Women’s Health Magazine provided this list for us all to learn from, we must be extra careful who we trust when shopping for any of our health products. Some just might not be as healthy for us as others, and we are now ready to move on to what is coming up next.

According To Dieticians

For anyone who prefers protein bars instead of shakes for weight management, we are going to gain access to what the dieticians recommend. If we can’t trust medical professionals who can we trust, remember before adding any nutritional products to your diet consult your doctor first?

According to dieticians, these are our best choices to go with, instead of just one shopping tip, you have been provided two as a special bonus for reading “Am I Overweight For My Height”.


Gizmos resources are a very important part of this website, you will find providing you with them is a priority. You might want to save them to your browser favorites as I do, this is just a friendly idea to help you gain quick access to the ones you find the most useful.

Flowers n Houseplants is a brand new website just published, and gardening is another activity to help you to manage your weight. This is an extremely popular hobby among seniors, now let us go to my next paragraph.

Best Deals Online

Everyone wants and needs to save money, I have included the best places online to find the best deals. Another shopping tip from Gizmo, this is just my way of thanking you for reading “Am I Overweight For My Height”. The best deal resources online are waiting for you, below I have listed them for your convenience.

Here you have the best places online to shop for the best deals, you can browse these whenever you have free time. If you have found this guide interesting enough to share, Gizmo would really appreciate you doing this as a favor to him.

Women’s Web Exclusives

Nutrition Therapy For Weight Loss

Many times we overeat and experience cravings from the lack of nutrients, that is where nutrition therapy can help people. Let us see who should consider looking into this type of therapy, if you are someone who could benefit please talk with your doctor to find a nutrition specialist near you.

What You Can Learn

This concludes “Am I Overweight For My Height”, if you happen to have anything to share that has helped you manage your own weight, please share them in my comments section for us all to read.

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